Editorial and Opinion

Thanksgiving Day and Legacy Ranches

November 29, 2017 Jim Taylor

According to Merriam Webster, the operative definition of the word “legacy” is,  “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.”  I was struck by this meaning of the term as I stood to give a toast at our family Thanksgiving celebration.I looked down the table, which for the first time in my 70 plus year lifetime extended the entire length of the room, to see nearly 30 members of our family plus friends spanning 3 generations.

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Editorial and Opinion

Farm and Ranch Brokers Get Stuck

November 28, 2017 Bill McDavid

As a farm and ranch broker, it’s inevitable you’re gonna get the truck stuck on occasion. It just goes with the territory. When I first started in the business, I got five flats over the course of three weeks and since it’s been nothing but 10-ply tires for me. Our rigs take a lot of abuse showing remote properties.

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Texas Farm & Ranch Auction Totals $24+ Million

November 17, 2017 Hall and Hall

Over 150 bidders attended the 11,831 acre Texas Farm and Ranch Auction on November 14th in Athens, TX. Seven of the 45 registered bidders prevailed in a spirited competition for 16 tracts. The auction totaled $24,034,970. Negotiations are proceeding on remaining parcels.

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Ranches For Sale

Visit to Historic Encampment, Wyoming and Half Diamond Horseshoe Ranch

October 30, 2017 Mike Fraley

This summer my family rode along with me to Encampment, Wyoming on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains where the beautiful Half Diamond Horseshoe Ranch is located.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent in the Saratoga and Encampment area where we visited Saratoga’s Hot Springs, had several great meals and drove through beautiful country. 

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The 2017 Land Market

January 15, 2017 JT Holt

While declining somewhat from 2016, market activity in 2017 remained strong with the number of transactions exceeding our previous ten-year average. The sales transactions in 2016 resulted in many of the more desirable, competitively priced properties clearing the market. As a result, the supply of quality properties was somewhat limited, with many 2017 transactions involving properties never exposed to the open market.

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