Half Diamond Horseshoe

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Half Diamond Horseshoe - Price Reduced

Encampment, Wyoming

Located near Encampment, this 300± hundred pair cattle ranch on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains contains 4,300± total acres, with 2,600± acres deeded.  Numerous small tributaries feed a productive 600± acres of irrigation with good water rights.  Anchoring the ranch is a spectacular executive home overlooking the meadows and upland drainages.  There is also a nice practical set of improvements, including a second home, that take care of the working-end of the operation. The ranch represents an ideal balance of mountain scenery, recreation and production. The mountainous terrain supports elk, mule deer and antelope, as well as grouse.


The Half Diamond Horseshoe lies both north and west of Encampment with access to the improvements off Silver Spur Road, Carbon County 303. The most easterly portion of the ranch is accessed off State HWY 230 just north of Encampment. The heart of the ranch is located along West Cottonwood Creek, a tributary of the famed Encampment River. The ranch is well-situated at the beginning of ranch country beyond the residential development associated with Encampment. It lies in an area mostly surrounded by mountains, with sweeping views of the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range Mountains. Encampment provides a small town atmosphere with fun dining and lodging both in town and along the river. Saratoga is just 20 miles north of the ranch and provides basic amenities and fine dining as well. Saratoga also boasts an airport capable of handling private aircraft of any size. 


The ranch is situated just outside Encampment, essentially bordering the town on the north and west sides. It lies at the beginning of large ranch country. The Half Diamond Horseshoe is strategically located with most of the neighboring ranches in strong hands. 

The immediate area of Encampment and Saratoga to the north is considered by many to be one of the most desirable spots in Wyoming. Exceptional summertime living and recreation with a variety of amenities and activities for the enjoyment of the entire family. Encampment has plenty of recreational opportunities available in and around this scenic western town. In the summer, camping, ATVing, canoeing, fishing, rafting, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and kayaking are among the favorite outdoor activities of the locals. In the autumn, hunting is the activity of choice. Winter provides recreational opportunities like cross country skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

This area of Carbon County is known for some of the best river fishing in Wyoming. The Encampment River flows into the North Platte River between Encampment and Saratoga. Both rivers are famed for remarkable freestone trout fishing. 

Just 30 minutes away from the ranch is the Old Baldy Club. Old Baldy provides members and guests the unique experience of superb golf on a championship golf course designed by Henry Hughes. The club also offers members exquisite dining and a multitude of activities. For more information see: http://oldbaldyclub.com/ 

General Description: 

The Half Diamond Horseshoe lies both north and west of Encampment. The main residence is a left turn to the west off Silver Spur Road up a private driveway. This spectacular executive home faces east overlooking the heart of the ranch and across the valley of the Encampment River. Just immediately south of the home is West Cottonwood Creek and a developed fishing pond filled with trout. 

The working end of the ranch is immediately to the right off Silver Spur Road making it easily accessible for daily ranch activity. This was the original headquarters of the ranch and the original house is well-suited for a guest home or ranch manager’s residence. This headquarters also includes barns, corrals, shops, and all the needed improvements to run a viable cattle operation. Below the main residence and surrounding the ranch headquarter are approximately 600 irrigated acres with aspen filled draws and West Cottonwood Creek flowing through. 

The mountainous portion of the ranch is contiguous and lies southwest of Encampment on both sides of State HWY 70. Continuing up the highway towards Colorado, the ranch features a combination of mountainous sagebrush slopes and dense groves of aspens with most containing flowing springs. Further up the mountain, the ranch has lodgepole and spruce pine forests that border BLM and US Forest Service land. 


4,300± total acres (2,600± deeded, 1,100 BLM and 600 state)

Acreage Breakdown: 
  • 3,700± acres native range, riparian, mountain slope and building sites
  • 600± acres flood irrigated
  • 4,300± acres total
  • 600± acres State lease
  • 1,100± acres BLM lease
  • 2,600±  acres deeded
  • 4,300±  acres total

The ranch improvements are complete and in generally excellent condition. Half Diamond Horseshoe is distinguished by an exceptional owner’s residence estimated at over 5,200 square feet on essentially two levels. This custom-designed wood, stone and Corten steel-sided house was built in 1981 with no expense spared. The main floor features an open living room with fireplace, dining room, and modern kitchen. The east side of the home offers large glass windows providing big dramatic views, a master bedroom and bathroom, as well as 4 other bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The west side of the house opens to a beautiful stone terraced back yard for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors.

Manager/Guest House

The 1,724± -square foot structure was once the main residence for the ranch and is the anchor for the ranch headquarters. 

Headquarters Complex

This complex includes two large equipment shops, barns and a complete set of working corrals.


The ranch headquarters is at 7,250 feet elevation with the altitude of the ranch ranging from approximately 7,000 feet to over 8,500 feet on the upper reaches. In general terms, the higher in elevation the ranch goes, the more snow and moisture it receives.

Climate data for Encampment shows an average temperature range in July of 78-45 degrees and an average range in January of 33-10 degrees. Annual precipitation averages approximately 14 inches with average annual snowfall of approximately 75 inches.

General Operations: 

The ranch is currently leased to a local rancher who does all the irrigating, puts up the hay, and grazes his cattle on the property. The current owner has a comfortable relationship with this hardworking local rancher and enjoys him as a tenant. The recently renewed 3-year lease has provisions for canceling with the sale of the property. We are not privy to the financial arrangement which we believe is somewhat fluid. The Half Diamond Horseshoe is a cattle ranch with an owner rated stocking capacity of 300 pair. 

Water Resources: 

West Cottonwood Creek is a small live stream traversing through the ranch. The ranch also has numerous spring fed drainages throughout. Half Diamond Horseshoe has exceptional water rights that are appropriated and irrigate approximately 600 acres. Further information is available at the offices of Hall and Hall.

Wildlife Resources: 

Half Diamond Horseshoe Ranch supports an array of wildlife species. The variety of terrain, from deep evergreen forest and high mountain deserts to riparian areas along the creeks, provides habit for a wide assortment of wild game species. Resident herds of deer, elk, and antelope are abundant. When hunting season opens, hunting pressure on nearby public lands pushes additional animals, particularly elk and mule deer, onto the ranch. Both elk and mule deer are typically found on the higher elevations of the ranch most of the year, including the early fall archery season. The high plains sagebrush portions of the ranch are ideal habitat for antelope of trophy quality. The aspen groves and mountain slopes are ideal for blue grouse, and the sagebrush contry is ideal for sage grouse, providing a variety of upland game. 

Fishery Resources: 

If you’re looking for incredible fishing, Carbon County Wyoming is a an ideal destination. Near Encampment there are a multitude of places to fish including the Encampment River, the North Platte River, and numerous alpine lakes. Rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout are numerous in the pristine rivers. Fishing on the ranch is provided by a small stocked trout pond immediately south of the main residence. 


Estimated at $4,674, based upon previous years. 

Mineral Rights: 

No mineral rights are being reserved by the sellers. A mineral search has not been completed and the seller is unsure of what interests they may own.

Additional Information: 


Many consider Wyoming to be one of the tax friendliest states to live in. Here are a few of the reasons:

No state income tax on personal or corporate income or out of state retirement income

No state inheritance or gift tax

No state capital gains tax

Dynasty trusts are permitted in Wyoming

No tax on personal property held for personal use

Property taxes in general are low and based on assessed values. 

No taxes on the sale of real estate

Please consult a tax professional for more information and assistance in evaluating Wyoming as “tax haven”. 

Broker Comments: 

An immaculate and productive ranch in a convenient and scenic part of southern Wyoming, Half Diamond Horseshoe lends itself well to an absentee owner who wants a working ranch that is comfortably leased out to a local rancher. Should the new owner wish to operate the ranch, it is a well-balanced and viable operation in its own right. The recreational attributes are outstanding with trout fishing, big game, and upland bird hunting immediately out the back door. 

The Facts: 
  • 4,300± total acres (2,600± deeded, 1,100 BLM and 600 state)
  • 600± irrigated acres
  • 5,200± square foot executive home
  • Fully functional and adequate second home and operating improvements
  • Excellent hunting
  • Spectacular scenery
  • Located in a highly coveted area of Wyoming
  • Impressive panoramic views of Sierra Madre and Snowy Range Mountains

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