Why Choose Our Auctions?

At Hall and Hall Auctions, we’re able to bring our unique partners approach to the auction side of our business—but there are many more reasons that set our program apart:

BUILDING A TEAM – Our first step in marketing an auction property is to begin building a local team of brokers, lenders, and title company representatives to help ensure an efficient auction and smooth closing process.

DUE DILIGENCE – We prepare a complete due diligence package on the property and distribute it to prospective bidders during the marketing period. This avoids the typical post-contract due diligence work, which can slow the entire process.

FOCUSED MARKETING CAMPAIGN – During a six to eight-week period, we create a dynamic, specialized marketing strategy for the property. This campaign is designed to attract the maximum number of qualified buyers for auction day, within the limits of a tailored marketing budget.

ON SITE MANAGER – Your project will have on point a dedicated auction manager, whose job is to keep you informed about every critical step—from the success of the marketing efforts and the inquiries it generates to the qualifications of the potential bidders. The manager will be personally involved throughout the process from contract signing to closing, ensuring continuity and efficiency.

PEOPLE ON THE GROUND – Many auction companies forget the personal element of marketing a property. During the marketing period, the auction manager and various staff members will spend significant time “working the area” in order to maximize interest in the property. Hall and Hall has personal relationships with key people in almost every community across the country, thanks to our 60+ years of lending, management, and real estate sales activities.

AUCTION DAY EXPERIENCE – We offer several ‘auction alternatives’ (including the unique multi-parcel sales process), work with award-winning auctioneers, and carefully manage a professional auction staff—all to ensure a successful event for everyone involved.

FULL-TIME SUPPORT STAFF – Always available to answer questions, make prospective buyer calls, and distribute auction marketing materials to interested parties, our entire staff is dedicated to promoting your property.

And of course throughout the process, each auction benefits from Hall and Hall’s powerful sales and marketing support:

EXTENSIVE DATABASE – The Hall and Hall “rolodex” arguably represents the most extensive list of buyers for investment quality rural real estate in the world. For decades, we’ve been cultivating personal relationships—not only with private investors, but also with public pension funds, hedge fund managers, and other long term investors and operators—resulting in a track record of success that speaks for itself.

WEB PRESENCE – Our website receives thousands of ‘hits’ per week from potential buyers and sellers. We employ a professional  search engine optimization program to ensure that we appear at the top of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and also maintain linked listings on many industry-leading websites such as farmandranch.com and wsj.com.

IN-HOUSE DESIGN PROFESSIONALS – Brochures and advertisements are developed by our in-house designers, who create marketing collateral that bring the Hall and Hall brand to life. These in-house professionals work with external marketing resources to ensure consistency across all channels.

FULL-TIME PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM – Thanks to our professional PR firm, our properties have been featured in top publications including Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Financial Times, Overseas Living, and more. Our ability to reach a variety of media publications results directly in sales power.

FINANCING – In today’s economy it has become extremely important to help potential buyers explore financing options. Hall and Hall’s lending division can meet with prospective buyers to assist them with bid qualification and other finance-related questions.

Feel free to visit our Upcoming Auctions page or call Hall & Hall Auctions direct at (970) 716-2120.