T. Boone Pickens’s Ranch for $250 Million

August 11, 2018 Hall and Hall

Over nearly five decades, T. Boone Pickens turned a ranch in the Texas Panhandle into a retreat with its own airport, art gallery, chapel and an 11,000-square-foot kennel for hunting dogs. Now 89, the energy tycoon is putting his Mesa Vista ranch on the market for $250 million

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Ranch Management

You Bought the Ranch or Farm, Now What?

August 8, 2018 Hall and Hall

As we have evolved from a manager of a few foreclosed properties in the early 1980s to our current role as a representative of, more often than not, “non-resident” owners of ranches or farms, it has become increasingly clear that our position with landowners has evolved. Our role, providing resource management services, ranges from simple overseeing such as establishing budgets and paying bills with periodic reports to full-scale, day-to-day management of a ranch or farm.

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Five Things to Know Before Applying for a Land Loan

May 12, 2018 JT Holt

The process of buying land can be a long, difficult, and ultimately stressful road. Buying your dream property, whether it is simply recreational land, farm land, or ranch land does not have to be so overwhelming. In fact, just a little bit of research beforehand can make a huge difference. Here are five things you should know before applying for a land loan.

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