Beachfront Paradise on Oso Peninsula of Costa Rica Hits Market
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Beachfront Paradise on Oso Peninsula of Costa Rica Hits Market

August 7, 2018 | Bill McDavid

Years ago, I spent three weeks in Costa Rica exploring its interior and west coast from the Nicoya Peninsula all the way south to the Osa Peninsula right next to Panama. At the time, I was simply on a personal quest to see another land and wasn’t thinking at all about real estate. I was fascinated with and had never seen (and still haven’t) so much diversity packed into a relatively small country.

I started in a geothermal wonderland near the Arenal Volcano where I sat in a hot spring like none I have seen elsewhere. Picture a clear, mountain stream tumbling over boulders… with hot water. I traveled over the mountains through the Monteverde Cloud Forest down onto the Pacific Coast where tiny towns like Santa Teresa and Mal Pais exist because of a thriving surf culture. I made my way south towards the Osa, a place that National Geographic calls the most biologically intense place on earth.

This region quickly became one of my favorite places on earth. I boated across the bay to the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary where I met “Sweetie”, an orphaned monkey who had been raised by humans. She had recently received a nasty bite on her leg. She beckoned me with her eyes and showed me exactly how she wanted to scratch it in a most human way. I felt as if I had just encountered a talking dog. Sweetie rode around on my shoulders and introduced me to all sorts of creatures from avian to reptilian.

Now years later, my experience there has translated to an opportunity to market a piece of property that would lead most to gasp in disbelief that it is possible to even own something like this. Finca Rio Oro is a substantial holding by any measure. Not only is there a multitude of flora and fauna, there is also over a mile of frontage on the planet’s largest ocean which is teeming with life. Costa Rica is all about life… pura vida.