A Success Story

75 years ago, a success story began. Hall and Hall may have started modestly, but from the beginning we were a company rich in integrity and vision. Today, 75 years later, we celebrate that story. It’s a story of hard work, determination, and evolution…  



As landowners’ needs changed we offered additional services, expanded to new regions, and increased our portfolio of retreats and working ranches

Voices of Hall and Hall

“Together, we have built a reputation, a modest living, and a way of life that is rewarding to me. Now it is yours. Nurture it, devote your energies to expansion, diversification, and integrity.” -Henry C. Hall Sr. 1968

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Life in 1946

The year was 1946. Americans were celebrating the end of World War II and focusing their attention on creating a better future. Let's travel back in time and see what life was like in 1946 when Hall and Hall was founded...

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Henry C. Hall – A Legendary Leader

This was also a time for new adventures– and new business opportunities. Henry Hall and his son, Warren, founded Hall and Hall Mortgage Company as the exclusive correspondent for the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, a major lender to the agricultural community.

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Pop Culture in the 1950s

Pop culture in the 1950s. As Baby Boomers were approaching their teenage years they were shaking things up, and had some significant contributions to pop culture history!

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