Field Report

Here’s Why You Should Visit West Texas

October 21, 2019 Tyler Jacobs

Planning your next trip? Here's why you should visit West Texas. There's something alluring about West Texas. The wide open spaces, the scenic stretches of highway, the crystal clear night sky glittered with's guaranteed to instill a sense of awe and wonder.

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Wall Street Journal House of the Week- Featuring Salmon Prairie Ranch

October 17, 2019 Bill McDavid

The Wall Street Journal has selected Salmon Prairie Ranch as the House of the Week. The main home has four bedrooms and four full baths on two stories with a walkout basement below, as well as a large deck perched over the bank to allow for a grand view of the river. This home is built to minimize maintenance obligations so you can shut the door, travel, and not worry about a thing.

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Editorial and Opinion

Fly Fishing Gaining Traction Among Millennials

October 16, 2019 Hall and Hall

For those who can afford the leisure time and some rudimentary equipment, fly fishing offers a reason to be outdoors, a closer connection to nature, an avenue for environmentalism, built-in community, opportunity for creative expression, and a lifetime’s worth of niche expertise.

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Elk Island Ranch Featured on Open Fences Cover

October 11, 2019 Hall and Hall

Elk Island Ranch is featured on the cover of the fall issue of Open Fences magazine. Highlighted by a stunning mountain landscape and truly exceptional improvements, Elk Island Ranch is one of Colorado’s finest sporting ranches.

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