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Spring Branding at Colorado Ranch For Sale

June 12, 2019 Brian Smith

Spring branding on northwest Colorado’s Motherwell Ranch is an annual tradition that represents the region’s sense of community and ranching heritage. For generations, local families have gathered here, along the banks of the Williams Fork River, to rope, brand and vaccinate the new crop of calves before they are turned out to summer pasture.

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Field Report

Texas Bass Fishing with Hall and Hall Loan Officer Adam Deakin

April 30, 2019 Adam Deakin

Through competing in National High School and Collegiate Bass Fishing Tournaments, I have been able to see some beautiful parts of the world. One place I keep finding myself returning to is deep in the heart of East Texas. East Texas is full of dense pineywood forests, easy rolling pastures, and what seems like never-ending bodies of water. It is vibrantly green, especially in the springtime. The scenery is hard to beat, and the bass fishing is even better.

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Business Updates

Hall and Hall Report from TSCRA Cattle Raisers Convention in Fort Worth, Texas

April 2, 2019 Tyler Jacobs

Hall and Hall was once again proud to participate at the TSCRA Cattle Raisers Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. The trade show was a tremendous success and well-attended by the enthusiastic members of the organization. As a first-time honor, the Partnership was also selected to present “Is Your Ranch an Investment” at the School for Successful Ranching.

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Field Report

Hall and Hall Partner Spends Christmas in Cuba

January 10, 2019 Bill McDavid

Hall and Hall Partner, Bill McDavid, inherited his love for travel from his grandmother. Recently, he spent Christmas in Cuba, touring through the country from Havana to Trinidad and Viñales. Needless to say, his camera was in tow. You can see the photos and read about this unique travel experience here.

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