Regional Stories


February 8, 2023 Hall and Hall

With the “Montana” level range and the lessons learned from Butte, certain conversations are expected but with Randy we get the unexpected, “When you lose a loved one take the quiet time of reflection to write a eulogy for that loved one, it’s the path to enlightenment and healing." Bare knuckles and family values are always on tap with Randy and that’s just what you need to take on Montana and Wyoming.

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Land of Opportunity

February 6, 2023 Hall and Hall

We want to continue to be a resource to you and your operation, bringing additional value to your decision-making.  Being a full-service firm, we have multiple avenues that we can utilize when assisting with finance, management, auction, and brokerage services should the need arise.

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Options and Flexibility Fuel Auction Success

February 1, 2023 Hall and Hall

Evolving market conditions drove the need for deeper understanding and more creative solutions to meet buyer and seller expectations.   Approaches were focused on creating more options and flexibility for both sides, allowing buyers to bid on specific areas of interest and sellers to surpass pre-auction sales estimates. 

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Inside Hall and Hall

2022 Recap and Serving You in 2023

January 30, 2023 Hall and Hall

We welcome this more “normal” environment where our investments in relationships, experience, reach, and professionalism provides the greatest value to buyers and sellers. Serving our customers at the highest level in all our business lines- sales, auctions, lending, and management- has been our focus since 1946 and our aspirations and expectations grow in that regard every year.

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When You Love Your Day Job!

October 24, 2022 Hall and Hall

One may be hard-pressed to find someone who embodies the Hall and Hall mindset and work ethic more than Tina. "I love working for this company. I always tell people that I won the lottery the day I was hired."

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