Ranch Management

Spring Calving Benefits

March 16, 2021 Hall and Hall

Spring calving season is here! As temperatures begin to rise and sunny days are on the horizon, many cattle ranches across the country are preparing for spring calving. While every ranchers' management philosophy is different, let's take a closer look at the benefits of calving in the spring versus calving in the fall. 

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Inside Hall and Hall

Behind the Broker: Get to Know Jeff Buerger

March 15, 2021 Jeff Buerger

Welcome to our "Behind the Broker" series, where we introduce key Hall and Hall employees who are integral to our organization and love sharing their knowledge of land and real estate. We're sharing fun facts about our brokers and team members in our nineteen offices across the Rockies, Plains, Southeast, and Texas.

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Technology Over the Years

February 24, 2021 Hall and Hall

Hall and Hall has experienced and witnessed many significant technological innovations throughout our 75 years of business. Today we're taking a look at some of the most significant technologies and inventions from the past and reflecting on how these changes have affected our everyday lives.

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Ranches For Sale

Interior Design: Whitehall Ranch

February 24, 2021 Hall and Hall

Looking for some interior design inspiration to get you through the rest of the winter months? We're featuring modern farmhouse design in today's featured home at Whitehall Ranch. Now who’s ready to move in?

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