Rodeo… an Evolution

March 28, 2022 Hall and Hall

Though the events and athletes of rodeo have evolved, they still share the values of the iconic cowboys and cowgirls.

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2021 Land Auction Highlights

February 23, 2022 Hall and Hall Auctions

The year started with a bang and never slowed down. We were excited to market over 75,000 acres in 10 states through the auction method of marketing.

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Inside Hall and Hall

A Year In Review – Hall and Hall’s 2021 Landowner Letter

February 4, 2022 Hall and Hall

Welcome to this year's edition of Hall and Hall's Year in Review. We are excited to celebrate one of the most successful years in Hall and Hall's history and thankful for all of our clients we worked with in real estate brokerage, management, auctions, appraisals, and finance. We couldn't have done it without all of you!

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Different by Design – Hall and Hall’s Partnership Structure

February 3, 2022 Hall and Hall

Our brokerage partnership structure is unique in the real estate industry and is the single biggest differentiating factor between Hall and Hall and our competitors. Understanding how and why this structure benefits you as a buyer or seller is important. We are built on a tradition of trust, relationships, performance and making people our greatest asset.

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