Editorial and Opinion

12 Days of Ranches

December 27, 2021 Hall and Hall

It's that time of the year...to get everyone in the holiday spirit, we once again presented Hall and Hall's 12 Days of Ranches! We hosted this fun photography contest over the last two weeks to see which ranches are YOUR favorites.

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Land Management

Maximizing the Value of Timber Income on Your Property

November 26, 2021 Land.com

When owning timber-producing land, one of the most important considerations you can make is how to maximize the income that it generates. There are a wide variety of factors that can influence the health, value, and sustainability of your forest.

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Ranch Management

Qualification for Agriculture and Wildlife Use Appraisal in Texas

November 19, 2021 Texas Parks and Wildlife

Owning your own piece of land in the state of Texas has its benefits and can be very rewarding. With 97 percent of the state privately owned and managed, landowners have made use of their property in a number of different ways through agriculture production and proper wildlife management.

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Land Management

Conservation Easement Information for Landowners

November 12, 2021 Land.com

What does enacting a conservation easement look like from the landowner perspective? Every conservation easement is customized to the landowner and the property. The traditional land uses including agriculture, hunting, and recreation are always allowed, unless the landowner has specific prohibitions they would like to enact

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