Inside Hall and Hall

Q&A with Managing Director B Elfland

August 30, 2019 B Elfland

B Elfland grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and after graduating from UNC, he moved to Colorado to begin a nine-year career in the ranch and resort industries. Next, B settled in the Bozeman area and guided fly fishermen on southwest Montana’s renowned waters for seven years. He was licensed in real estate sales in 1999 and is currently a licensed broker in Montana and Wyoming.

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Field Report

Hall and Hall Attends Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust Fundraiser

August 30, 2019 Mike Fraley

The 18th annual Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust Fundraiser and Barbecue was held in Cody Wyoming at the Rambling M Ranch. Hall and Hall partners Randy Shelton and Mike Fraley, along with their wives attended this year’s barbecue and auction which was hosted by the Morehead and Seyfert families.

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Guns, bear spray and handsaws: These aren’t your average luxury real-estate brokers.

August 22, 2019 Candace Taylor, The Wall Street Journal

In a wide-brimmed straw hat, Tim Murphy walks nimbly across a fallen tree trunk suspended 6 feet above a creek, then turns and motions for me to follow. He has spent the past few minutes explaining where a guesthouse could be built on this wooded 10,600-acre property high in Montana’s Pintler mountains, but getting to the spot where he envisions the main house requires crossing the runoff-swollen creek. Eyeing the narrow trunk, I decide to take his word for it...

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