Land Management

Conservation Easement Information for Landowners

November 12, 2021

What does enacting a conservation easement look like from the landowner perspective? Every conservation easement is customized to the landowner and the property. The traditional land uses including agriculture, hunting, and recreation are always allowed, unless the landowner has specific prohibitions they would like to enact

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5 Financial Resources for First Time Farm Buyers

November 5, 2021 Farm and Ranch

Purchasing a farm comes with substantial research and planning, especially being in unknown territory for the first time. With some preparation and knowledge of financial resources to pursue, you can help your farm be successful within the first few years of operation.

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Field Report

Pronghorn Hunting in Wyoming

October 23, 2021 MeatEater

No other big game animal embodies the wide open spaces of our country’s Western prairies and high desert steppe better than the pronghorn. Pronghorns are actually a uniquely American species that once used their incredible vision and speed to evade now-extinct Ice Age cheetahs.

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