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In 1946, Hall and Hall began offering our hallmark real estate services to owners and prospective owners of rural real estate in the Rocky Mountain West through private treaty sales and long term mortgages.

Our market area has expanded over the last two decades into the more traditional farming country where auctions have always been the most commonly practiced method for selling real estate. At the same time, both ranches and farms have increasingly become recognized as a legitimate asset class for all manner of investors. Since virtually every investment class asset from stocks and bonds to rare art and collectibles is traded in an auction market, it was an easy decision for Hall and Hall to offer this type of liquidity for owners of farms and ranches by establishing a credible auction service. An auction is the most  effective way to discover the market and create an air of competition to garner the highest value that the market will bear on any piece of land.  It provides time-sensitive liquidity through an aggressive marketing program which is an advantage not only to sellers who desire to cash-out, but also to buyers who desire to cash-in to an alternative investment at fair market value.

Today Hall and Hall has become a leader in investment quality rural real estate auctions spanning the ranch lands of the Northern Rockies, to the Great Plains and fertile farmlands of the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas, to the coveted farms and ranches of Texas. Our market also includes classic Midwest farmland, the plantation belt and virtually any rural real estate that we consider to be of investment quality.

Sellers have recognized the all-encompassing and professional approach to auction management providing full attention to detail and creating a top-shelf sales event atmosphere that has produced hundreds of millions in closed transactions through our efforts.  Each sale, in addition to a robust marketing strategy, utilizes the full Hall and Hall database, which has been arduously culled over sixty years, to be sure that every qualified buyer has an opportunity to be exposed to the property in a positive manner and feel comfortable that the auction will be conducted with the highest level of integrity and transparency.