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Texas Land For Sale: Two Farm and Ranch Auctions in TX

Hall and Hall Auctions will be managing two sizable Texas land auctions in April 2015. Costa Grande Ranch is a rare Texas Gulf Coast offering encompassing 5,221± acres, with more than five miles of frontage on the Intracoastal Waterway. It will be auctioned Tuesday, April 21st at 1:00 pm. The second auction, Char-Lin Ranch, presents a unique acquisition opportunity in Corsicana, Texas, with 1,189± acres of pastureland, 135± acre private lake, extensive ranch improvements, and a 6,200 sq. foot home. It will be auctioned Thursday, April 23rd at 1:00 pm. Each property is offered in multiple tracts or in its entirety. Diligence packages are available now.  For more information, visit http://hallhall.com/ranches-for-sale/pstatus/upcoming-auctions-52  or call 970-716-2120.

texas land for sale, texas land auction

The Costa Grande Ranch is located in Southern Calhoun County, once home to multiple large coastal prairie cattle operations. Over the years, many of the large tracts of land have been divided, developed, or placed into conservation easements. Recently, the adjacent Powderhorn Ranch was acquired by the State of Texas to be developed into a State Park and Wildlife Management Area. Costa Grande Ranch is one of the last remaining large parcels available in the area and home to a diverse population of deer, hogs, and 400+ species of bird, making it ideal for a sportsman or conservationist.  It is located 2.5 hours from Houston, Austin and San Antonio. An information date is set for April 7th from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the clubhouse in The Sanctuary at Costa Grande.

“Costa Grande Ranch provides easy access to Shoalwater Bay, Dewberry Island and deep water,” said Scott Shuman of Hall and Hall Auctions. “It is unencumbered by conservation easements, which is rare in this part of Texas.”

Texas land for sale, texas land auction

Char-Lin Ranch is unique to Corsicana, Texas because of its large size and regular shape. The main home is the centerpiece of the property and perched atop a hill that offers panoramic views of the pastures, the lake, and surrounding countryside. The four-level home has a pool & spa with lap swimming lanes, a trophy room loft, and four fire places.  The estate also includes two additional homes. It is a productive ranch with fine cattle and horse improvements all located within an hour of Dallas/Fort Worth.

“We are extremely excited about these two unique Texas auctions,” said Shuman. “A complete due diligence package on both properties is available now, just give us a call.”

Quail Hunting on Southern Plantations

South Georgia is home to the Red Hills and the finest upland bird ‪hunting ‪plantations in North America. This video showcases the experience of hunting wild quail on some of America’s most beautiful and historic georgia plantations. Contact Elliott Davenport at 423-364-2092 for additional information.

Farm and Ranch Land Market Trends 2015

Here is a view from the ground in each of our different market regions, delivered by the individuals that are actually doing business there and who are often not impressed by statistics – or at least can give you the real story behind them as well as a sense of the mood of the market and where it is headed for the coming year.

Northern Rockies – Jim Taylor: Optimism is high in our marketplace and we are seeing a limited supply of operating ranches coming into the marketplace at higher asking prices due to high cattle prices and good prospects for them to remain high. Everyone is hanging on to their heifer calves as cattle numbers begin to build. Good farmland is also in high demand and there is very limited supply for sale. We anticipate upward pressure on anything productive. Retreat-type property is a bit of a mixed bag with a limited supply of buyers moving into a very crowded marketplace. Certain unique properties that really fit a buyer sold very well with many others selling at significant discounts and plenty of inventory is languishing – even after price reductions. If the national and international economy does not weaken, we anticipate more sales of recreational ranches in 2015. There is still a fair bit of inventory to move through the system before there will be much upward pressure on prices.

The 260± acre Crown Creek Ranch has approximately one mile of Red Lodge Creek frontage coupled with an expansive riparian corridor.

The 260± acre Crown Creek Ranch has approximately one mile of Red Lodge Creek frontage coupled with an expansive riparian corridor.

Northwest – Roger Dryden: The Northwest Region has some outstanding opportunities for clients looking at buying operating ranches. The Northwest still represents excellent value. Hay production has been exceptional with many ranches producing high quality forage that is marketed to the dairy and export markets, which are doing very well. Farmland availability is very limited as it is in other regions, but does become available from time to time. Our recreational properties have been on the market for a longer time than production ranches and prices have been reduced. We expect demand to remain limited in 2015. One facet of the recreational market that showed strength in 2014 included properties that exhibited proven hunting opportunities combined with some cattle production to offset the carrying costs. Blocked-up properties with live water and limited public access were particularly in demand. We expect 2015 to remain positive with prices holding and reasonable inventory in most categories.

Encompassing its own secluded valley, the Chapman Ranch spreads across 14,506± deeded acres 25 miles from Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Encompassing its own secluded valley, the Chapman Ranch spreads across 14,506± deeded acres 25 miles from Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Southern Rockies – Brian Smith: We witnessed a number of large scale “landmark” ranch transactions in southern Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico in 2014.  Over the last several years most of those had been in Montana so perhaps we were due.  An interesting new trend was that recreationally oriented properties, which had been lagging, surged in activity.  A dozen river properties in the $5 to $15 million category traded hands, some at surprising prices.  Larger acreage hunting-oriented properties have been selling well for the last several years and they saw sustained activity.  True working ranches remain in short supply and high demand, especially those priced without a premium for fancy improvements, views, elk or trout.  Across the board, a common theme has been that buyers are recognizing that the highest quality properties are irreplaceable and those that are priced appropriately are seeing the bulk of the activity.  On the other hand, properties with substantial challenges or that are perceived as significantly overpriced are not getting much attention.  With the increased absorption, we seem to be inching closer to a balanced market.

Table Rock Ranch is one of the finest fly-fishing properties in western Colorado.

Table Rock Ranch is one of the finest fly-fishing properties in western Colorado.

The Great Plains – John Wildin: Interest in production agricultural land is still strong throughout the Midwest.  The primary driver is still the near-zero interest rate environment, which has left the investor with few options for a decent rate of return on their cash.  Over the last several years, producers have benefitted from good commodity prices, which have pushed up lease rates on ag land. The surge in domestic oil and gas production has minted many new buyers looking for a home for their new-found wealth.

While the grain commodity complex is lower overall from a year ago, cattle prices are near all-time highs.  The drought continues and, in fact, has been expanded to again include all of Oklahoma and Kansas.  The press coverage of the drought has shifted from Texas to the hardest-hit state of California. This will continue to inhibit the rebuilding phase of the record low U.S. cattle herd and should keep cattle prices and the demand for ranches high.

The Wilson Ranch is an excellent tall grass ranch situated on the western flank of the world-renowned Kansas Flint Hills.

The Wilson Ranch is an excellent tall grass ranch situated on the western flank of the world-renowned Kansas Flint Hills.

Southeast – Elliott Davenport: The Southeast includes several sectors of the rural real estate market, but a few trends hold true throughout the area. In general, activity in the marketplace is up. With this said, the level of increased activity varies widely among different markets and property types. Buyers have a very good handle on what they want and properties with unique attributes and lifestyles are garnering the lion’s share of their interest. For example, the most productive quail-hunting land in the core plantation belt of southern Georgia is in short supply with rather strong demand. Outside of the core belt, market activity is still rather soft, but moderately improving. Regardless of the property, buyers are price sensitive and are being thorough in researching market comps and holding close to these price points. There is still strong demand from multiple sectors for income-producing properties despite the drop in commodity prices that has tempered activity somewhat.

Braewood is 363± acres situated in the heart of the Red Hills Plantation belt and is considered some of the most sought-after dirt.

Braewood is 363± acres situated in the heart of the Red Hills Plantation belt and is considered some of the most sought-after dirt.

Texas – Tyler Jacobs: The Texas market is generally characterized as lacking supply of higher-quality properties regardless of the market segment. Irrigated farms were actively traded in the Panhandle region largely driven by dairy producers.  In cotton raising areas, we are expecting to see downward pressure on land prices due to low cotton prices and lack of quality inventory.  Working ranches are in demand due to high cattle prices. Much of the state remains understocked, so leased capacity is available depending on moisture. The Cross Plains, Rolling Plains, Central Plains, North and East Texas regions have seen modest trade with many sales built on the back of hunting, recreational and lifestyle opportunities.  These properties remain in demand and will move if priced appropriately.  The Hill Country sales have been dominated by premium properties with desirable improvements and/or water features. We anticipate that low oil prices might put a damper on demand for 2015, but there is no evidence of that so far.

Cripple Creek Ranch is an exceptionally improved property located just 80 miles from The Woodlands, Texas near the small east Texas community of Groveton

Cripple Creek Ranch is an exceptionally improved property located just 80 miles from The Woodlands, Texas near the small east Texas community of Groveton.

California –  Bill McDavid: California’s punishing drought affected ranchers and growers, forcing irrigators to switch from surface water to precious groundwater and many ranchers to liquidate breeding stock. Abundant December rains kicked off the winter season reinvigorating rangelands and filling stock ponds.  However, ranchers are still relying on supplemental feed and much more rain is needed.  These rains also benefitted dryland crops. The winter wheat crop is currently rated good to excellent. March rains are absolutely critical at this point.

Record cattle prices and low interest rates have caused operating ranches to be in high demand, but in very tight supply.  Almond growers are competing for quality pasture land, which has driven up prices and further tightened supply.  Recreation and lifestyle properties are on the market in abundance.  Buyers, however, have not been very aggressive and continue to be sensitive to pricing and location.

The Genesee Valley Ranch is situated in the midst of the Sierra Nevada Mountains two hours northwest of Reno and just under four hours northeast of San Francisco.

The Genesee Valley Ranch is situated in the midst of the Sierra Nevada Mountains two hours northwest of Reno and just under four hours northeast of San Francisco.

Auctions – Scott Shuman: While there are fewer large land auctions taking place than at this time last year, there are more smaller farms going on the auction block than a year ago.  It appears there are more equipment sales being scheduled for this spring than last, giving an indication that there could be more inventory of farmland hitting the market soon.  With the decrease in commodity prices throughout the year we began to see more uncertainty in the cropland market. Nevertheless, prices remained strong throughout the country on quality farmland.  Ranchland has remained in strong demand following the cattle market with many buyers looking for additional acres.  While prices have been high, sellers have not been motivated to market many large acreage properties via auction.  It is anticipated that several high-quality properties will be offered at auction this spring and early summer.

The Costa Grande Ranch is a rare Texas Gulf Coast offering. Southern Calhoun County was once home to multiple large coastal prairie cattle operations and Port O’Connor was a quiet fishing town.

The Costa Grande Ranch is a rare Texas Gulf Coast offering.  The 5,221+ acre property goes to auction April 21. 



Quail Hunting on Georgia Plantations

By: Elliot Davenport and photos by Ryan Flair

The end of February marks the close of another year of memorable quail hunting in the south, and it was a season to remember!

quail hunting ranch georgia

Here at Hall and Hall, we relish in the moments of introducing clients to new and special places, including quail hunting plantations. The scenery, climate and upland bird hunting in the plantation belt of south Georgia is as sensational as one will find on the planet, and the smiles on the faces above say it all!

Enjoy these photos of a quail hunt we had with a client who is falling in love with quail country and its rich traditions.

georgia quail hunting plantation

Ryan Flair Quail Shoot 9

Ryan Flair Quail Shoot 4

Ryan Flair Quail Shoot 17

Georgia quail hunting ranch

Top Colorado Equestrian Property Reduces Price

Rocking R Ranch is the preeminent equestrian property for sale in Boulder County today. Contiguous to several hundred acres of Boulder County open space, the property offers 235± acres, irrigated Brome grass hay meadows, abundant water rights and is conveniently located within twenty minutes of Boulder and less than five minutes from Lyons, Colorado off paved Highway 66. Extensive improvements punctuate the ranch and include four homes, a 36,400± sq. ft. indoor arena, horse barn, equipment shop, two hay sheds, multiple loafing sheds, outdoor arena, supplement agricultural buildings, and miles of piped fencing throughout. Four large, live water irrigation waterways lined with old growth cottonwood trees traverse through the property, adding a beautiful aesthetic element. In an area of Colorado nationally recognized for its equestrian influence, the Rocking R Ranch is a turn-key opportunity. PRICE REDUCED TO $12,900,000!!

A Day at Rocking R Ranch from Hall and Hall on Vimeo.

The Best Auction EVER…..

by: Rob Hart of Hall and Hall Auctions

I have an amazing, exciting job with Hall and Hall Auctions. I have worked in 45 states to date on some of the most beautiful properties in America. From a waterfront home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, New Orleans Mansions, Northern Wisconsin Retreat, to a home in the Redwood Forest of California; I have nearly experienced it all. I’m still waiting for my first auction opportunity in Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, and North & South Dakota, but I’m sure those auctions will come in due time.

But the most enjoyable Auction I’ve worked to date was exactly 200 yards from my home in Windsor, CO. Last week, I went to my daughter Maisy’s 2nd grade class to teach them about the auction profession. Maisy was the student of the week and allowed to bring something to school for show and tell. She asked me to come and teach her class about auctions. I was honored.

Maisy's Class

When it comes to work, I’m a serious guy, so I took the assignment just a serious as a multi-million dollar real estate transaction.  I dressed up in my best suit and explained that you have to look like a professional if you want to be treated like one.  I taught them the definition of value and had them guess how much Batman’s Batmobile was worth.  Their guesses ranged from $200 to $100,000.  We then watched a video of Barrett-Jackson selling the original Batmobile for 4.2 million dollars.  Needless to say, they were a little shocked.


We learned about auction schools, property that is right for auction, and the action chant.  I explained that auctioneers practice Tongue-Twisters so they can get better at talking faster while maintaining their clarity.  We learned a few and had a Tongue-Twister challenge.  To the class’s surprise, Michael, the quiet kid won without much competition.  To finish it off, Michael and I sold a few toys that the class bid on with play money.  We just simply had a great time.

Today,  Maisy brought me home a stack of Thank You notes from the class.  As you would expect from 2nd graders, they are filled with compliments, statements, and questions that have made me smile from ear to ear.  They have asked some great questions that I believe every adult would enjoy.  So below for your own Auction Education and a little entertainment, I have listed some of the best along with my “professional” responses:


Andrew:  “If you were my Dad I would like to have the same job as you”

Andrew, there are a lot of wonderful jobs in highly respected professions.  Any one of those professionals would love to see you follow in their footsteps.  I’ve got good news, though.  There is plenty of room for you in the auction profession.  We’d love to have you. In Colorado alone, we have 132 auctioneers that sell everything from sheep to airplanes.  If you want to try to get a head start on your career, we have the Junior Auctioneer Championship every year in January.  Just let me know if you want to enter.

Kolby:  “…you dressed nice”

Kolby, never forget that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.  If you want to be considered a professional you have to look like one.  When you go for your first job interview or to interview for college scholarships tell yourself, “Dress to Impress”.

Madi:  “What do you sell?”

Madi, I work for Hall and Hall Auctions and sell large Farms, Ranches & Recreational Properties around the country.  As we learned in class, the type of properties that are typically unique and hard to value.  Check out our website and look at the amazing ranches and farms we currently have for sell.  They are truly some of the most beautiful parts of America.  One of them is even on the ocean!

Matthew:  “… P.S.  Maisy hates me”

Matthew, I think Maisy is still a little sensitive that you beat her in the foot race around our circle.  Don’t worry, you are a cute kid and there will be other girls.

Dillon:  “How did you learn about all of this stuff?”

Dillion, I had some great mentors and spent hours and hours asking them questions.  When they were selling, I would stand behind them, listen, and watch every detail.  And lastly, I learned a lot of what I know from Elementary, High School, College and Auction School.  I learned how to count in Elementary School so start paying attention now.  Work hard every day and learn everything you can because you really do use most of it later in life.

Marley:  “… PS, how much money would it take to buy a small pony at an auction?”

Marley, ponies are just like the Batmobile.  You can find one for as little as a few dollars to as much as a few million dollars.  Just make sure you decide exactly what you can afford to spend and never bid above that number.  Do your research before the auction so you know about the types of ponies and how to care for them.  Don’t worry if the pony sells to someone else for more than you can afford.  There will always be another opportunity to buy the one that is right for you.