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The Best Auction EVER…..

by:  Rob Hart of Hall and Hall Auctions

I have an amazing, exciting job with Hall and Hall Auctions.  I have worked in 45 states to date on some of the most beautiful properties in America.  From a waterfront home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, New Orleans Mansions, Northern Wisconsin Retreat, to a home in the Redwood Forest of California; I have nearly experienced it all.  I’m still waiting for my first auction opportunity in Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, and North & South Dakota, but I’m sure those auctions will come in due time.

But the most enjoyable Auction I’ve worked to date was exactly 200  yards from my home in Windsor, CO.  Last week, I went to my daughter Maisy’s 2nd grade class to teach them about the auction profession.   Maisy was the student of the week and  allowed to bring something to school for show and tell.  She asked me to come and teach her class about auctions.  I was honored.

Maisy's Class

When it comes to work, I’m a serious guy, so I took the assignment just a serious as a multi-million dollar real estate transaction.  I dressed up in my best suit and explained that you have to look like a professional if you want to be treated like one.  I taught them the definition of value and had them guess how much Batman’s Batmobile was worth.  Their guesses ranged from $200 to $100,000.  We then watched a video of Barrett-Jackson selling the original Batmobile for 4.2 million dollars.  Needless to say, they were a little shocked.


We learned about auction schools, property that is right for auction, and the action chant.  I explained that auctioneers practice Tongue-Twisters so they can get better at talking faster while maintaining their clarity.  We learned a few and had a Tongue-Twister challenge.  To the class’s surprise, Michael, the quiet kid won without much competition.  To finish it off, Michael and I sold a few toys that the class bid on with play money.  We just simply had a great time.

Today,  Maisy brought me home a stack of Thank You notes from the class.  As you would expect from 2nd graders, they are filled with compliments, statements, and questions that have made me smile from ear to ear.  They have asked some great questions that I believe every adult would enjoy.  So below for your own Auction Education and a little entertainment, I have listed some of the best along with my “professional” responses:


Andrew:  “If you were my Dad I would like to have the same job as you”

Andrew, there are a lot of wonderful jobs in highly respected professions.  Any one of those professionals would love to see you follow in their footsteps.  I’ve got good news, though.  There is plenty of room for you in the auction profession.  We’d love to have you. In Colorado alone, we have 132 auctioneers that sell everything from sheep to airplanes.  If you want to try to get a head start on your career, we have the Junior Auctioneer Championship every year in January.  Just let me know if you want to enter.

Kolby:  “…you dressed nice”

Kolby, never forget that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.  If you want to be considered a professional you have to look like one.  When you go for your first job interview or to interview for college scholarships tell yourself, “Dress to Impress”.

Madi:  “What do you sell?”

Madi, I work for Hall and Hall Auctions and sell large Farms, Ranches & Recreational Properties around the country.  As we learned in class, the type of properties that are typically unique and hard to value.  Check out our website and look at the amazing ranches and farms we currently have for sell.  They are truly some of the most beautiful parts of America.  One of them is even on the ocean!

Matthew:  “… P.S.  Maisy hates me”

Matthew, I think Maisy is still a little sensitive that you beat her in the foot race around our circle.  Don’t worry, you are a cute kid and there will be other girls.

Dillon:  “How did you learn about all of this stuff?”

Dillion, I had some great mentors and spent hours and hours asking them questions.  When they were selling, I would stand behind them, listen, and watch every detail.  And lastly, I learned a lot of what I know from Elementary, High School, College and Auction School.  I learned how to count in Elementary School so start paying attention now.  Work hard every day and learn everything you can because you really do use most of it later in life.

Marley:  “… PS, how much money would it take to buy a small pony at an auction?”

Marley, ponies are just like the Batmobile.  You can find one for as little as a few dollars to as much as a few million dollars.  Just make sure you decide exactly what you can afford to spend and never bid above that number.  Do your research before the auction so you know about the types of ponies and how to care for them.  Don’t worry if the pony sells to someone else for more than you can afford.  There will always be another opportunity to buy the one that is right for you.


Montana Land For Sale: Meade Creek Ranch

Once part of the famous Rock Creek Cattle Company, Meade Creek Ranch includes 4,500± acres in one contiguous block, with a 4,600± sq. ft. custom 5-bedroom Rocky Mountain Log Home perched on a hill overlooking the range. Impressive elk populations and astounding views of the snow-capped Flint Creek Mountains create a backdrop of the best of what western Montana has to offer. The ranch has traditionally run 350 pairs for three summer months and has a trout pond nestled amongst the aspens. The property is easily accessible with only a one-hour drive or less to three major cities – Missoula, Butte and Helena.

Why Invest in Ranchland? It’s a “Grass Factory”

Quite apart from the old adage “they’re not making any more of it”, ranchland has a critical quality that most people do not recognize. It is essentially a “grass factory” that annually produces native forage with no outside man made inputs. When ingested by a cow or a deer or an elk or a bison, that grass is converted into highly desirable protein in the form of meat – beef, venison, etc. Beef in particular is considered by a rapidly developing middle class throughout the world to be the most desirable and sought after source of protein.

The IX Ranch runs a cattle herd of 4,300 and hoes into the winter with around 3,500 bred cows and 600 heifer calves – plus an appropriate number of bulls and ranch horses.

The IX Ranch runs a cattle herd of 4,300 and goes into the winter with around 3,500 bred cows and 600 heifer calves – plus an appropriate number of bulls and ranch horses.

Literally hundreds of millions of people in the BRIC countries alone are reaching a point where they can afford to eat beef at some level. Put in simple terms this is where the growing demand is coming from. As mentioned above, they are not making any more rangeland. Consequently the supply of beef is limited by the available rangeland. We believe that this classic supply versus demand scenario creates a compelling reason to invest in ranchland.

The Wilson Ranch is an excellent tall grass ranch situated on the western flank of the world-renowned Kansas Flint Hills

The Wilson Ranch is an excellent tall grass ranch situated on the western flank of the world-renowned Kansas Flint Hills.

As an investment class asset, ranchland has tended to have very little correlation to the equities markets. As an example, during the 2000 to 2010 period when stocks pretty much stood still, working ranches more than doubled in value. The idea that one can buy critical real estate at its lowest use (we doubt they will ever change the zoning to prohibit livestock grazing!) is so sought after that ranches rarely come on the market and they sell at prices that yield less than 2% from annual cash rentals. Not to fear however, as ranchland values have a long history of steady appreciation and the future looks quite secure based upon the population demographics mention above.

Ranches Off the Slopes in Steamboat Springs

The New York Times just published a great article titled, “Off the Slopes in Steamboat Springs” that details how Steamboat Springs, Colorado is experiencing a “community renaissance” as it evolves from a sleepy ski town filled with “champagne powder snow, cowboys and gold miners” into a hip mountain community sparked by chefs, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and farmers who make the Yampa Valley their home. We offering several exceptional ranches for sale in Steamboat.

Located in the heart of the pastoral Elk River Valley, the 801± acre Elk River Ranch  features panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, well-appointed accommodations, fertile irrigated meadows and cottonwood-lined river with trophy trout fishing. The finely crafted 7,937± square foot main home set on the bank of the river is complimented by an historic ranch compound with a variety of lodging and entertainment for guests.

Slate Creek Ranch boasts an unparalleled combination of stunning scenery, valuable water rights, intact mineral rights, excellent wildlife habitat, public land adjacency, stream-fed ponds, paved road access and functional improvements.  From its protected setting along Slate Creek, the 1,145± acre ranch features excellent views of the Yampa Valley and Steamboat ski slopes.

Slate Creek Ranch

Slate Creek Ranch

Lost Elk Ranch is a picturesque Colorado high country ranch nearly surrounded by national forest featuring excellent wildlife habitat, water resources and luxury improvements.  A diverse landscape of aspen groves, dark timber, mountain meadows, sagebrush and creeks flow over multiple drainages, providing excellent habitat and attracting game from surrounding public lands.  The ranch has abundant water with three streams, stocked fishing ponds, historic water rights and irrigated meadows.  The recently constructed 5,700± square foot home incorporates the finest materials and a well-designed floor plan for guests and entertaining.

Lost Elk J Bar

Lost Elk Ranch

Safari Club International’s 43rd Annual Hunter’s Convention

Randy Shelton, Jeff Buerger and Cody Lujan of Hall and Hall attended the Safari Club International’s 43rd Annual Hunter’s Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Convention was well attended by vendors and members representing six continents. With such international representation, the number and quality of resources available at these gatherings is always astounding.

Connections to the land run deep within the membership of the Safari Club, and Hall and Hall’s attendance at SCI conventions provides a unique opportunity to sit down with our friends from across the globe. Conversation topics at these gatherings are rich and varied, ranging from the quantity of plains game in Namibia, to the upland bird and deer populations on our PN Ranch listing in central Montana. Whether discussing world-class fly fishing on the Elk River Ranch listed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado or stalking roe deer in the United Kingdom, SCI gatherings are as informative as they are lively.

While gathering with old SCI friends is an honored tradition, we utilize these conventions to establish new relationships and to gather and provide information regarding the most elite of recreational properties.


Hall and Hall partner Randy Shelton and Open Fences magazine publisher David Light.

Ranches For Sale in Vail Valley, Colorado

Colorado will be in the international spotlight for two weeks in early February as Vail and Beaver Creek host the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.  The event will showcase over 700 athletes from more than 70 nations, representing the largest and most impressive collection of alpine ski racing talent in the world for 2015.

The Vail Valley is world-renown for the highest quality skiing and year-round amenities in America.  This area has experienced tremendous growth over the last 40 years.  Not surprisingly there are very few large acreage ranches left intact.  We are privileged to have been chosen to represent two of the finest recreational ranches for sale in the Vail Valley area – the 785+/- acre Table Rock Ranch and the 2,715+/- acre Olsen Piney Ranch.

Table Rock is an exceptional fishing property, located at the confluence of Rock Creek and Egeria Creek.  In addition to about 3 miles of professionally enhanced streams, there are 10 stocked ponds.  Located only a mile off the paved road, the ranch is easy to access but is very private.  The beauty of the setting of this 785+/- acre ranch is complimented by luxurious improvements that are ready to be enjoyed by the next owner.

vail valley ranch for sale

Table Rock Ranch

Olsen Piney Ranch is a little wilder, offering a relatively blank canvas for the next owner.  This scenic ranch is the last remaining part of what was once the largest ranch in Eagle County.  Set between the Piney River and the national forest, the Olsen ranch is a diverse property with irrigated meadows, aspen groves, and sagebrush pastures.  Also very well watered, this 2,715+/- acre property has a number of creeks, ponds and a beautiful stretch of the Piney River.

vail valley ranch for sale

Olsen Piney Ranch

Neither ranch currently has a conservation easement, so that opportunity still exists for future ownership.  Contact Brian Smith for more info.