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America's Largest and Most Effective Land Brokerage

Hall and Hall sets the standard for premium land marketing, with a world-class “engine” that:

  • Invests over $2.6 million annually in multi-channel marketing programs for our clients
  • Creates beautifully tailored promotional materials for your exceptional property
  • Attracts more web visitors than the next three competitor’s sites combined
  • Cultivates the largest database of qualified buyers
  • Generates annually over $4.6 million in public relations exposure in critical national media
  • Has more social media followers and higher engagement than any other land broker
  • Delivers print ads targeted to your buyers
  • Utilizes direct mail programs that cultivate property interest
  • Co-lists your properties on the major “third party websites” for maximum exposure
  • Leverages best practices for placing digital ads customized for your property in front of the most likely buyers
  • Invests in “remarketing” that tactfully drives prospective buyer engagement
  • Emails updates and alerts to buyers who have expressed interest in properties like yours
  • Invests in brand-building through sponsorships, conventions and special events that grow our legacy of leadership



With local offices in Tennessee and Virginia, and a team licensed in TN, AL, AR, FL, GA, VA, KY, MS, NC, SC and IL

America's Most Unique Brokerage Firm
America's Most Unique Brokerage Firm

America's Most Unique Brokerage Firm

We believe that the successful approach to selling what we refer to as “investment-quality rural real estate” involves much more than simply knowing or finding a prospective buyer. We take the position that it is our job to use every tool at our disposal to create an atmosphere of desirability, credibility, and competition in which a buyer is essentially compelled to pay a top price for the property.

Over the last 75+ years we have developed a company that is completely dedicated and structured to accomplish this task. Everything we do is designed to achieve that end including the judicious use of a uniquely designed form of land auction.

We have grown from a single family office to an employee-owned company and a real estate partnership with nineteen regional offices, a truly international clientele and 25 brokers and agents who represent arguably the 25 best land brokers in America. Our annual sales now span a global geography and routinely approach $500 million and actually surpassed $1 billion in one year.

Reaching the correct buyers, quickly.

Reaching the correct buyers, quickly.

As the owner of a world-class property, you understand your market is an exclusive network of highly qualified buyers. Having been in business since 1946, we likely know most of these buyers already. Our vast network is continuously cultivated, and with the #1 land brokerage website, we’re meeting more new prospects than anyone else. Furthermore, Hall and Hall collaborates with all other brokers in the industry to bring you the best buyer for your property.

The Industry's Best Media and Publicity Team

The Industry's Best Media and Publicity Team

One of Hall and Hall’s biggest differentiators is its world-class public relations team. Over the past 18 years, Sublime Public Relations has generated more than $25 million in media exposure for Hall and Hall, including hundreds of news mentions and profiles by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, FOX Business, The New York Times, The New York Post, Architectural Digest, Cowboys & Indians, The Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post, The Daily Mail, The Financial Times, Texas Monthly, The LA Times, TODAY, and many more. In 2020 alone, Sublime Public Relations generated more than $4 million in publicity for Hall and Hall and its clients.

“Advertisements are what you pay for and publicity is what you pray for.”  

Engage Prospects with World-Class Videos, Impressive 3D Property Scans, and Stunning Aerial Photography

Successful marketing requires exceptional story-telling. We are able to package your property into a compelling story and cast its vision to the market. We craft exceptional videos that highlight the unique features of your special place, capture its beauty and scale with aerial imagery, and can produce industry-leading 3D property scans.

News & Press

Hall and Hall Ranch Picked as “The House of the Year” by The Wall Street Journal Readers

Readers pick their favorite Mansion-featured home of 2017: A sprawling, windswept ranch in Montana that's still on the market for $12 million; 121,544 votes cast in poll. After a year of political drama and weather disasters, a secluded mountain retreat seemed just the answer for House of the Year voters. In the contest, readers pick their favorite homes from among the winners of the year's previous House of the Week polls, which typically feature three homes for sale each week.

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T. Boone Pickens’s Ranch for $250 Million

Over nearly five decades, T. Boone Pickens turned a ranch in the Texas Panhandle into a retreat with its own airport, art gallery, chapel and an 11,000-square-foot kennel for hunting dogs. Now 89, the energy tycoon is putting his Mesa Vista ranch on the market for $250 million

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Collaboration Thrives at Rock Creek Ranch

Rock Creek Ranch embraces 10,400 acres of land in a series of succulent meadows surrounded by miles upon miles of good-quality rangeland below the shadow of the Smoky Mountains in Blaine County. The ranch is home to sage grouse, a species of concern, as well as moose, elk, deer, antelope and other critters.

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