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37 Years of Protecting Land Investments

Not long ago, land was valued primarily for its capacity to produce agricultural products. Today, the value of a ranch’s non-agricultural components may be significantly greater than the value attributable to its ability to produce commodities.

As landowner’s goals have changed with the times, Hall and Hall’s Management Group has become a valued partner to ranch owners throughout the Intermountain West. Established in 1981, our traditional land management approach has evolved to include the enhancement of aquatic, wildlife, and recreational resources.

Whether you’re an experienced rancher or want someone to manage your property while you’re away, we’re here to help. We’ll manage your property’s day-to-day operations, employee recruitment, budgeting and accounting, livestock, crop production, property maintenance, and more. With more than three decades of experience managing our client’s rural real estate, we offer everything you need to truly enjoy your property and maximize profitability.

Our success in land and resource management is directly attributable to our ability to integrate wildlife and fishery enhancement with traditional and innovative farming and ranching practices–all driven by the owner’s personal interests and priorities.

From traditional grass ranches and pivot-irrigated farms to trophy hunting and fishing retreats, Hall and Hall delivers on our commitment to identifying–and enhancing–our clients’ enjoyment and health of their investment.

<br><br>Comprehensive Management Services Tailored for You.

Comprehensive Management Services Tailored for You.

Admin and Finance

Admin and Finance
Admin and Finance Admin and Finance


A land investment should run like a successful business. From planning daily chores to budget projections to land improvements, Hall and Hall has the expertise to guide your property investment toward your goals. Through meticulous accounting and budgeting, and strategic long-term planning, Hall and Hall can create an efficient business out of your property investment.


A productive investment property is a successful investment property. Leasing out some or all of your property for activities such as crops, livestock, or hunting can create a reliable and predictable revenue stream to begin to help generate a return on your investment. Hall and Hall’s lease experts can not only make sure your property is generating the highest value leasing activity but can also handle everything from management to paperwork on the leasing activity.


A well-maintained property creates a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. When you have time to enjoy your property, you want to do just that. Hall and Hall can make sure that your property is well-maintained and in the condition you expect when you arrive to enjoy the great outdoors. From hunting to relaxation, our team will create the type of experience you expect.


Personnel Personnel


A property is not a static landscape. The ever-changing attributes require attention. If the property is running as a business operation, such as recreational hunting or livestock, the property personnel and management can determine the difference between ROI and loss. Hall and Hall has vast experience in recruiting high-quality property personnel and management. From job advertisement to interviews, let Hall and Hall put together a team of successful individuals to maintain and grow your investment.

Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat
Wildlife Habitat Wildlife Habitat


Ensuring the future of the land resources for generations to come is one of the most gratifying experiences of land ownership. However, without proper planning and accurate execution the success anticipated will fall short. With decades of high-qualified experience, Hall and Hall’s group of wildlife and land management experts are seasoned in growing your natural resources based on your goals and region. Contact them today to discuss your property’s potential.

Livestock and Crops

Livestock and Crops
Livestock and Crops Livestock and Crops


Keeping accurate books on resources and equipment, as well as the development of a solid marketing strategy can create a revenue source to make the most of your investment property. Hall and Hall’s network of experts in agriculture will make sure that your assets are tracked and marketed in a way optimized for your property goals.

Stream and Pond

Stream and Pond
Stream and Pond Stream and Pond


A quality water source on the property can provide both adequate resources for livestock, agriculture, and wildlife. Proper planning with hydrology, soils, and surroundings in mind will determine the success of a stream and pond establishment. For many properties, water is the heart of production and success. Let Hall and Hall’s experts assist you in creating a valuable and sustainable water source on your land investment.

Enjoy your Investment.

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