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A better approach, purposely built to deliver unparalleled Confidence, Clarity, and Control.

Ranches and farms are legitimate investment class assets, providing a logical fit for auction style transactions. Since offering auction services, Hall and Hall has leveraged its knowledge of real estate, access to qualified buyers, and expertise to become a leader in investment quality auctions. Our approach combines traditional auction principles with leading-edge technology to facilitate seamless, transparent, and successful transactions. The result is unparalleled confidence, clarity and control that ensures optimal value for both parties.


from our expertise, proven process, marketing exposure and relationships.


from our due diligence, frequent communication, and a full-time support staff including a dedicated auction manager.


that comes with a set timeline, established terms of sale and an abbreviated sales/marketing process.

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Cotton Rose Farm

Suffolk, VA

The Cotton Rose Farm spans 363± acres of prime development land in Suffolk, Virginia. Situated at the intersection of Matoaka Road and Mockingbird Lane, the property offers an incredible investment opportunity.

363± Deeded Acres
May 15
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Wilson Family Farm

Appanoose, IA

Three mixed-use properties located in Appanoose County. Tracts offer recreational timber and/or quality flat tillable land with a secluded pond and timber area for a recreational retreat.

150± Deeded Acres
Mar 19
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A "Win-Win" Scenario

Our goal is to deliver the best experience and outcome for both buyer and seller. Auctions consistently provide the best opportunity for a “win-win” scenario, delivering a variety of benefits and exceptional results.


Gain access to unique opportunities


Our auctions present a wide array of properties. From sprawling cattle ranches to productive farms and recreational properties, the opportunities are virtually endless. This diversity helps buyers find a property that best suits their needs, lifestyle, and investment goals.

Transparent Pricing

Each bid made in an auction is transparent, meaning you know exactly what others are offering. This transparency helps ensure that you’re getting fair market value for your investment.

Efficient Process

Bidding in an auction can significantly expedite the property acquisition process, often allowing you to purchase and take ownership of a property within a matter of weeks.

Exciting Opportunity

Participating in an auction is an exciting and engaging experience. It’s an opportunity to feel the thrill of real-time competition while making a valuable investment.


Maximize Your Returns


Your property gets broad exposure to a wide pool of qualified buyers through the Marketing engine of the industry’s #1 land brokerage.This increased visibility results in more competitive bidding and higher selling prices.


As a Hall and Hall client, you have access to the industry’s largest database of qualified land buyers.  This ensures optimal value for your property.


The auction process, from listing to sale, is faster than traditional real estate methods. This can be beneficial for sellers who need to sell their property quickly.


As a seller, you maintain control over the auction process. You set the parameters and timing, the auction will create the true market value.

Clarity of Sale

Once the auction hammer goes down, the sale is legally binding. This eliminates the uncertainty associated with potential buyers backing out or renegotiating the price.

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