Two Montana Ranches Profiled by The Wall Street Journal

A technology entrepreneur is putting his two central Montana cattle ranches on the market for $14.5 million and $14.95 million. The sellers are Bill Cruz and his wife, Patricia. Born in Havana, Mr. Cruz, 56, co-founded a software trading firm, later called TradeStation Group, with his younger brother. The company was sold to Monex Group for $411 million in 2011. Mr. Cruz said he bought an RV and searched the country before buying Eagle Creek Ranch in 2005. Read the full story here.


A Rancher’s Paradise in Montana

Mountain Living magazine recently published a very nice feature story on Dancing Wind Ranch. Located 10 miles south of Livingston, the 1,750± acre all-deeded property is arguably the most beautiful ranch on the coveted east side of the Paradise Valley. It enjoys an impressive setting with its lush valley meadows transitioning to the dramatic wilderness front. This incredible scenery actually harbors both a productive livestock operation and extensive wildlife. The icing on the cake is of course the sensational Jonathan Foote-designed owner’s residence.



Pronghorn Hunting on a Montana Ranch For Sale

By; Keith Lenard

Just last week I was out showing our listing near Garrison, Montana, the Ranch of Rainbows. Coming over a low grass saddle, we suddenly saw a group of about fifteen pronghorn antelope racing across a broad grassy bowl.  Saturday, October 10 was the opening day for antelope hunting with a rifle in Montana. Although archery season for antelope was in full effect for weeks prior, this was the first opportunity for us mere mortals to get out and hunt one of my favorite species.


Unlike their wilier cousins, deer and elk, antelope hunting occurs in wide open grasslands where spot-and-stalk tactics yield the best results. The experience is one of almost always having game in sight, even if it is three miles away across a wide open, wind-swept basin.  Most likely, that three miles may have little more than knee-high grass between you and your quarry. Getting within range of such critters requires getting intimate with the folds and undulations of the prairie landscape and often requires belly-crawling to cover that last 500 yards or so. In short, it is like nothing else in North American big game hunting.


Here in western Montana, we don’t have a lot of antelope.  The large populations that Montana has are found further east in places where such listings as the PN Ranch, the Foster Ranch or the 3K Ranch are found. But we do have some exceptions.  If the timbered landscapes and dramatic mountain scenery of western Montana are more to your liking, we have a couple of notable exceptions where antelope can be readily found. Both the Ranch of Rainbows and Meade Creek Ranch hold small resident herds of these plains animals that are very close to the western extent of this species’ range in Montana. That combined with good hunting for mule deer and elk make the area around Garrison a great hunter’s destination. Antelope license are awarded by a lottery system in Montana and my tag was for a broad sweep of prairie east of the Missouri River and it’s famous fishing. By noon of the opener I had crawled far enough on hands and knees and belly to finally put one of these elegant animals in my sights. The rest is a campfire story.


Montana Land For Sale: Meade Creek Ranch

Once part of the famous Rock Creek Cattle Company, Meade Creek Ranch includes 4,500± acres in one contiguous block, with a 4,600± sq. ft. custom 5-bedroom Rocky Mountain Log Home perched on a hill overlooking the range. Impressive elk populations and astounding views of the snow-capped Flint Creek Mountains create a backdrop of the best of what western Montana has to offer. The ranch has traditionally run 350 pairs for three summer months and has a trout pond nestled amongst the aspens. The property is easily accessible with only a one-hour drive or less to three major cities – Missoula, Butte and Helena.

IX Ranch – One Youngster Helps Another on a Montana Ranch

By: David Johnson

Yesterday 14-year-old Jessica Roth helped a 1st-calf heifer deliver in the OB room at the Eagle Creek headquarters on the IX Ranch in Big Sandy, Montana. They don’t call it “pulling” calves for nothing. In the photo you see they’re both giving it their all.

Two weeks from today, hundreds of 2-year-old heifers will have their first babies suckling at their sides thanks to Jessica……… and a few of her bigger ranch hand friends.

IX Ranch

Jessica Roth helps a 1st-calf heifer deliver in the OB room at the Eagle Creek headquarters on the IX Ranch.

The IX Ranch is located south-east of Big Sandy in the mixed-grass prairie of north central Montana. The ranch extends through the southern edge of the Bear Paw mountain range and on east towards the Missouri River. It encompasses a wide variety of terrain from rolling hills and willow creek bottoms to jagged river breaks and mountains.


Four Creeks Ranch: A Bozeman, Montana Ranch Sanctuary

To say Four Creeks Ranch is 86± acres with a 3,900 plus sq. ft. farmhouse located in the Rocky Mountains, 16 miles from Bozeman would be accurate, but miss the point entirely. It is beauty, serenity, nature, outdoor life, community, peace, and privacy in a world apart from the world.

Four Creeks lies on the confluence of the streams that form the heart of historic Springhill Community at the foot of the Bridger range. Ross and Jones Creeks, Truman Gulch and Dry Fork, along with a large farm pond, countless springs, lush pasture and certified organic hayfields provide a rich and varied wildlife corridor.

The Prairie-style farmhouse is “brand-old”, built new in 1993 with high standards n design, materials and craftsmanship, from Aga and Tulikivi stoves in the kitchen to Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass door panels to 2” thick Southern yellow pine floors. There are four bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths plus a 2,400± sq. ft. basement, much of it finished, and a traditional dairy barn with a finished loft studio and half bath.

The one- acre pond is inhabited by a wild population of browns, rainbows and brook trout that have been part of the watershed for generations. It’s a great place for broomball and ice skating parties in the winter, and in the summer it’s the spot for kid’s water play, family celebrations, or just a great place to float and read a book in peace. Four Creeks is the incomparable blending of pastoral and mountain views, wildlife, classic architecture, privacy, community and access to town.


Fall at Four Creeks from Marcus Stevens on Vimeo.