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San Saba, Texas

Cañones is a legacy ranch situated along the southerly banks of nearly 4.5 miles of the upper Colorado River and its long navigable pools. Consisting of nearly 1,080 acres, the ranch offers outstanding canyon formations, rich regional history, pristine views, and productive habitat for fisheries, wildlife and livestock. Several 100-150 foot high, nearly sheer canyon faces on the river give vantage points of the area’s river valley and the ranch’s diversity. The roads along the river and canyon cliffs are exhilarating, having a bird’s-eye view of both the aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. Cañones is in its fourth year of the Texas MLDP Level 3 whitetail program, allowing the owner flexibility in harvesting as well as hunting season, and the genesis of some larger mature bucks in a low-fenced area of the state. The ranch is also well populated by turkey, feral hogs, dove, and quail, largely attributable to the productive soils and management of the habitat. The upper Colorado River is typically a sequence of long "deep holes" and shallow shoals, providing an exceptional riparian fishery.  It is a truly exciting and unique opportunity for the cat-fisherman, but also for bass, crappie, and occasional gaspergoo (white drum). This property is fortunate to boast a high percentage of navigable waters over a mile in length. The ranch is supported by a modest complement of improvements including a 3/2 home, shops and barns.


The ranch is accessible from FM 765 in Northern San Saba County from County Rd 266.


Situated in San Saba County, the ranch is centrally located between the cities of Brownwood, San Saba, and Goldthwaite, and tucked in at the near northern extreme of the county. San Saba County is located on the Edwards Plateau, and is typical of much of west central Texas and is well accessed by major highways.

General Description: 

The ranch is accessed by a black steel and ornamental iron, remote key coded gate. As one passes through the gate, the gravel drive winds up the hill through the improved pastures and past the headquarters which includes the home, shop, cattle facilities, and equipment storage. An existing three-bed, two-bath manufactured home was nicely remodeled, and a high-quality deck with a roof was added and provides an exceptional setting for coffee or a family card game. The home is located near the southwestern boundary atop a ridge, and offers views across the large field, usually covered with bluebonnets and the typical Texas Hill Country wildflowers of spring and early summer. The ranch road continues past the headquarter’s pastures where the topography dramatically changes. The meanders of the Upper Colorado River and the smaller creeks and geologic formations within the property serve together to form dramatic features. From front to back, it is a diverse journey for a central Texas ranch. A newly developed 80GPM Hickory Sandstone (Artesian or free flowing) well has just been completed, providing a significant additional irrigation asset to the ranch. 


Total of Deeded & Leased – 1076.68± acres as recorded in the Deed Records of San Saba County.

Leases & Permits: 

Cañones has no leases or permits of record.

  • Three-bed, two-bath manufactured home and large attached deck
  • Recently constructed 50’x 50’ shop and 30’x 50’equipment barn
  • Exceptional ranch roads, river access roads, and boat launch sites
  • Some cross fencing and cattle handling facilities

San Saba County enjoys a pleasant climate, receiving nearly 28 inches of annual rainfall with average temperatures in January ranging from a high of 59°F to a low of 33°F, and average August temperatures ranging from a high of 95°F to a low of 70°F. This region of west central Texas generally has a pleasant humidity level that allows outdoor enjoyment in all but the most extreme regional weather.

Water Resources: 

The current owner of has just completed and developed an irrigation capacity well in the Hickory Sandstone aquifer, testing for 300gpm with pump at 500 feet.  Maximum flow with pump set at 800 feet would likely exceed 500 gpm.  Free (artesian) flow is 80 gpm with pressure of 45-50 psi. At free flow this is enough to power a big gun sprinkler on acreage as well as sprinkler system around house, should a new owner desire to utilize those resources. Historically, early landowners obtained their water from shallow wells and also from the river. More recently, community water has become the primary source. Cañones has a couple of old homestead wells which are no longer used.  The Richland Springs Community Water System has also proven to be a reliable source of excellent quality water that originates from prolific deep wells near the community of Richland Springs. 

Grazing Resources: 

The current owner is not grazing the ranch, and a good turf of desirable grasses is evident. Grassy areas are complemented by an ample weed population including croton, ragweed, and broomweed to support an abundant population of bobwhite quail and dove. There are approximately 200 acres of upland fields, which are used by present owners for wildlife food plots.

Wildlife Resources: 

As might be expected, the wildlife population on this property is diverse and well balanced. It is in the fourth year of the Texas MLDP Level 3 whitetail program, which allows the owner flexibility in harvesting and hunting season. This is a low-fence property at present and all genetics are native free-ranging whitetail.  There are no exotic species, other than wild boar, that the present owner is aware of. Several 3.5-year-old bucks in the 140-inch class were observed last year and none were harvested. Hopefully some of them will return as mature 4.5-year-olds. The turkey population is very large and might benefit from hunting pressure that the present owner has not provided. There is a significant wild boar population whose habitat is anchored by the river, which is occasionally controlled by a professional trapper, but there is still an ample population of pigs for year-round hunting.  There is a good population of bobwhite quail that would be excellent for hunting, as none have been harvested by the present owner, and 2016 witnessed a marked increase in their numbers. There are also large numbers of dove every year, especially during the late season. The productive soils have allowed the owner to cultivate significant food plot efforts as well.

Fishery Resources: 

The Colorado River, as it crosses over the sandstone formation, is a jewel in the rough—it remains a truly wild river. The nearest impoundment is many miles upstream, and frequent rises and occasional floods are the rule rather than the exception during wet weather cycles. The upper Colorado River is typically a sequence of long "deep holes" and shallow shoals. This property is fortunate to boast a high percentage of navigable waters up to over a mile in length, accessible through multiple boat-launch sites. Fishing in this stretch of river is very good.  For the "cat fisherman" it is unusually productive, though only truly accessible by boat from the ranch.  Large sandstone boulders in the deep holes provide habitat for very large yellow catfish and smaller channel cats. For the fly or lure fisherman, a good population of bass and crappie live in these waters as well. Occasional opportunities with a large gaspergou (white drum) might create some anxious moments before it likely breaks your line.

Recreational Considerations: 

While not a “polished” and manicured ranch, Cañones is built for the family that enjoys the outdoors. Exceptional hunting and fishing are only buttressed by a wonderfully diverse landscape and varied – even extreme – topography for the region. Let the smaller kids play on the sweeping limbs of the grand live oak trees, while the bigger “kids” enjoy the wilds of the ranch. 

Aesthetic Considerations: 

Several nearly sheer canyon faces on the river 100-150 feet tall offer vantage points of the area’s river valley and the ranch’s diversity. The roads along the river and canyon cliffs are exhilarating, providing a bird’s eye view of both the aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. Views from the high sandy terraces are equally numerous and impressive. The home is located near the southwestern boundary atop a ridge, and offers views across the large field, usually covered with bluebonnets and the typical Texas hill country wildflowers of spring and early summer. There is also a wide variety of vegetation among the property. The large river bottom in the eastern bend is lined by healthy stands of pecan, walnut, and willow trees, as well as massive oaks and cottonwood. Canyons and draws leading to the river are heavily populated by post oak, live oak, and Texas persimmon. There are no junipers (cedars) present. The high terraces are primarily Texas persimmon and bee brush with some mesquite. There are also several species of browse-and-cover producers, including acacia (catclaw), bee brush, and an abundance of agarita. Although there are some areas of dense mesquite growth, it is not the dominant presence on this property. 


Per Seller, there have been many very nice, true arrowheads found, particularly atop one large  bluff overlooking the river (so called bird points) less than 1,000 years old (Perdiz, Cuney, Edwards, and possible Scallorn) in close association with mussel shell middens. Some arrowheads were found by the river where the Indians dined on freshwater mussels.  A piece of a metate has been found which they used to grind corn and acorns. The historical consensus is this property was a flint quarry area that prehistoric man came to regularly over at least 6,000 to 8,000 years (San Patrice point supports this idea) and possible Plainview-type point might date it back to 10,000 years. The student of Texas history will never lack inquisitive opportunities on Cañones. 


Taxes for Cañones are approximately $2,075 per year with agricultural 1-d-1 exemption.

Water Rights: 

One hundred percent of the ground water rights convey. Buyer will be responsible for the cost of any fees associated with Richland Springs Rural Water System supply, transfer fees, etc.

Mineral Rights: 

Present owner believes that he owns 100 percent of all the minerals on this property, and intends to convey them with an acceptable purchase offer.  

Broker Comments: 

Cañones is and will be a pleasure to show and sell to its next owner. Rarely does any ranch broker get to offer a place with such richly diverse assets.


Cash upon closing.


Hall and Hall is acting as a Listing Broker and will gladly cooperate with any Broker acting as a Buyer's Agent only.

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The Facts: 

• 1,076.68± acres
• 4.5± miles of frontage along the Upper Colorado River
• Exceptional river access for boating/fishing
• Navigable deep pools over one mile in length
• Canyons range from 125 feet above normal pool level to minor creek canyons
• Exceptional low-fence wildlife habitat
• Productive sandstone and sandy loam soils
• Whitetail deer managed under Level 3 MLDP

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