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Franklin, Tennessee

East Fork Farm is a gorgeous 556± acre farm located just minutes from Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, near the charming community of Leiper’s Fork. Rarely do you find a property of this stature situated as conveniently to these culturally significant and buzzing urban areas. It offers the best of both worlds – the serenity of a peaceful country setting and the ease of access to the amenities of metropolitan areas. The farm is characterized by an array of rolling hills, mature hardwood forests, lush green pastures and babbling creeks. It is a property that can be host to many memorable occasions with family and friends. Recreation abounds on this landscape and includes everything from horseback riding to hunting to fishing to hiking to camping and just plain relaxing. There is additional contiguous acreage that can be purchased as well if one desires an even larger property. There are lots of exciting things happening in Williamson County these days and the chance to own such a magnificent tract of land ranks up there as one of the more unique local opportunities.


East Fork Farm is located on the southwestern outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. While touching the Davidson County line, the entire property lies in Williamson County. East Fork Farm is only:

  • 27 miles from downtown Nashville
  • 14 miles from Belle Meade
  • 10 miles from Franklin
  • 10 miles from Leiper’s Fork

For a property of this size, the location is very unique and offers the tranquility of a country setting with the convenience to the surrounding area’s amenities. East Fork Farm is off Big East Fork Road, which is a very scenic drive. The property is in an affluent neighborhood of landowners with similar interests of preservation and solitude.  The Natchez Trace Parkway is only a quarter of a mile to the east of the property. John Tune Airport is 25 miles from the property and can handle private planes of all sizes. The address for East Fork Farm is Franklin, TN.


One of the most riveting features of East Fork Farm is the convenient access it provides to the surrounding locale, which includes an array of atmospheres. If you want big city, it’s just down the road and if you want a small town feel, it’s just around the corner. Why choose when you can have both!

Nashville: Downtown Nashville is only 30 minutes from the property. Known as the Music City, Nashville is home to some of the country’s most legendary musicians and music venues, but this is only a small part of what this dynamic and cosmopolitan city has to offers. Nashville is teeming with excitement stemming from an incredibly rich downtown area and a vibrant business community. With countless numbers of concert halls and world-class restaurants, it is the perfect city to spend an exciting night on the town enjoying good food and better entertainment. The more affluent neighborhoods of Nashville are in the direction of East Fork Farm, offering even more convenient access to some of the more desirable parts of town. Belle Meade is 14 miles away and Brentwood is only 20 miles away.

Franklin: Founded in 1799 and named after Benjamin Franklin, this quaint town is located only 20 minutes from East Fork Farm. Franklin is in a period of new growth and has a lively 15-block downtown area bolstered by its attractive historic architecture. The town square is vibrant and in many ways reminiscent of a small, bustling southern town from many years ago. Franklin has a devoted citizenship that is committed to maintaining the integrity of the town. The restaurant scene is strong and festivals that engage the community are frequent.

Leiper’s Fork: Located only 15 minutes from East Fork Farm, the charming village of Leiper’s Fork is a fantastic place to enjoy a great meal set to the sounds of authentic country music acts that frequent the area. With a population of only 650 people, the unique Leiper’s Fork community is comprised of farmers, artists, and musicians dedicated to the preservation of their peaceful way of life and the lush rolling hills surrounding the village. Sprawling and well-maintained farms engulf this community, and there are a number of charming shops and restaurants to keep the visitors of Leiper’s Fork thoroughly entertained.  

General Description: 

East Fork Farm is a large, sprawling property that covers an array of landscapes from hardwood ridges to valleys of inviting green fields. The overall topography is rolling with elevations ranging from 630± to 905± feet.

This property is located on the east side of Big East Fork Road. This property has no structural improvements and is a blank canvas. It has one mile of road frontage on Big East Fork Road and four-tenths of a mile of East Fork Creek. Along the road frontage is a long, slender field that measures three acres in size, which could easily be made into a larger area. Soon after entering this tract, you climb up a well-maintained road that takes you to the top of some gorgeous hills with spectacular views. This section is predominately hardwood forests and rolling hills that include several babbling creeks and fresh water springs. On the northern end of this tract and in the heart of the property are 25 acres of the most brilliant fields tucked into the foothills of the surrounding ridges. This setting is magnificent and peaceful, and causes one’s imagination to run wild. The eastern boundary sits only a quarter of a mile from the Natchez Trace Parkway.


556± acres

There are an additional 221± acres and 950± acres of contiguous land that can be purchased as well. We refer to these properties as the Horse Farm and Wildflower Woods.


There are no structural improvements on East Fork Farm. It is raw, but well-maintained land with a good road system and a blank canvas for you to build exactly what you want.


Lying within the United States’ humid subtropical zone, the area offers a mild, pleasant climate and four distinct seasons.  Spring arrives in March with mild days and cool nights, and by late May, temperatures have warmed up considerably to herald warm summer days.  On average, July is the warmest month of the year, and the area has an average annual rainfall of 53 inches.  Fall is marked by mild to warm days and cooler nights.  Winter is usually mild, with the coldest days featuring lows near or slightly above freezing and highs in the upper 40s to mid-50s.  Snow occurs sporadically, with an average annual accumulation of approximately five inches.

Recreational Considerations: 

This landscape supports a plethora of outdoor recreation that includes hiking, mountain biking, ATV-use, camping, exploring the creeks – this list goes on and is only limited by one’s imagination. There is a well-maintained trail system throughout the property.

East Fork Farm is well arranged to support the equestrian enthusiast. There are existing pastures and little work would need to be done in order to move in your four-legged friends. Most notably, is an owner’s ability to saddle up a horse and take a ride through the wilderness on the extensive trail system that meanders through the property. Many areas on the farm can be expanded upon and utilized for horses.

For the sportsman, East Fork Farm offers a host of hunting opportunities and plenty of land to manage a quality wildlife program. The property is absolutely brimming with turkeys and they can be found at all corners of the property.  The turkey habitat is ideal and strutting gobblers are a daily sight during the spring months. The mature oak forests provide great mass crops and gorgeous settings for hunting. The deer populations are strong. A number of small and large food plots are well maintained throughout the property and offer highly trafficked locales for the resident wildlife. Comfortable box stands are on most of these food plots and there are countless areas to hang deer stands from which one can spend a morning soaking in a sunrise. Successful trips to the woods are a regular occurrence.

Aesthetic Considerations: 

The rolling hills and valleys of middle Tennessee fill you with a deep reverence for the landscape. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, East Fork Farm is a remarkable place and to characterize the scenery would include adjectives such as warm, mature, lush and inviting.


The annual property taxes are approximately $3,250.

Additional Information: 


  • $6,000,000                 East Fork Farm (556± acres)         $10,791 per acre

Additional contiguous land that could be purchased:

  • $3,800,000                 Horse Farm (221± acres)              $17,195 per acre
  • $11,800,000                Wildflower Woods (950± acres)   $12,421 per acre
  • $19,500,000               Entire Property (1,727± acres)      $11,291 per acre
Broker Comments: 

East Fork Farm offers an owner the opportunity to build and develop a property into exactly what they want, and to have this in a gorgeous and quiet location that is incredibly convenient to a thriving metropolitan area. Being this close to Nashville offers the owner an opportunity to incorporate time spent with their horses into their in-town lives. Time on the farm, family-life and running your business can all be blended in a manner that work well with one another. Also worthy of mention are the charming communities of Franklin and Leiper’s Fork that surround this farm and offer a lifestyle that is hard to describe in words – you just have to come see and feel it for yourself.

The Facts: 
  • Only 30 minutes from Nashville, 15 minutes from Franklin, and 15 minutes from Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee
  • 556± acres of green pastures, rolling hills, mature hardwood forests, and babbling creeks
  • No structures, so a blank canvas to build the exact improvements that you want
  • Additional acreage that is contiguous can be added on if a larger property is of interest


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