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Eatonton, Georgia

Oconee Farm is a spectacular property located only 75 minutes southeast of downtown Atlanta near the town of Eatonton. These 855± acres have a diverse landscape offering a number of quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor opportunities. The farm boasts fantastic whitetail deer and turkey hunting, and the land has been managed in a manner that supports a quality quail program. Built in 2006, there is a three-bedroom house with an open floor plan serving as the perfect farm retreat, as well as a charming two-bedroom guesthouse for entertaining. The farm includes a nice section of Glady Creek and a three-acre lake. Oconee Farm’s location offers extraordinary convenience to the surrounding area’s amenities. The farm is only 20 minutes from Reynolds Plantation at Lake Oconee, 20 minutes from the quaint town of Madison, and 50 minutes from the university town of Athens.


Oconee Farm is located only 7 miles northwest of Eatonton and 18 miles south of the historic town of Madison, Georgia. The property is located in Putnam County and fronts Glades Road. The main entrance is only sixteen miles from I-20’s exit 113.  

Being only one hour and fifteen minutes from the harried pace of Atlanta, Oconee Farm offers immediate serenity and the convenience to outdoor recreation. This ease of access allows family and friends to gather often to enjoy the camaraderie of one another and the great outdoors.  

  • 75 minutes = Atlanta, GA (downtown)
  • 50 minutes = Athens, GA
  • 20 minutes = Ritz Carlton and Reynolds Plantation at Lake Oconee
  • 20 minutes = Madison, GA
  • 8 minutes = Eatonton, GA

Founded in 1807, Madison is considered to be one of Georgia’s greatest small towns. Its history and antebellum architecture showcase the Old South and small-town living. To protect their quality of life, the community has always been committed to preserving their historic areas. The charming and vibrant town square boasts one of the most beautiful courthouses in the state (built in 1845). For more information on Madison, click the following link: Madison, Georgia.

Lake Oconee, a 40,000± acre recreational reservoir, is fifteen minutes east of the property. There are several marinas located on the lake. The Ritz Carlton and Reynolds Plantation offer first-class amenities, which include 117 holes of magnificent golf designed by some of the most respected architects in the game.

Athens, GA is a short 50-minute drive north of Oconee Farm. A vibrant college town, Athens is home to the University of Georgia and is often referred to as the “Classic City.” Athens is known for its varied cuisine and great music venues.

General Description: 

Oconee Farm is located in a neighborhood of large landowners and is bordered on two sides by Oconee National Forest providing the feeling of a vast landscape. You are greeted by an attractive entrance and meander along a mile-long driveway before reaching the main house. From the comforts of your home, you’re able to watch wildlife in a three-acre food plot that is usually teaming with deer and turkey. Through the woods, the three-acre lake is situated just a short distance from the main house. The land offers a great mix of mature hardwood forests, thinned stands of pines and food plots. Adding to the diversity, Big Glady Creek flows through the center of the property and Little Glady Creek is part of the southern boundary. Oconee Farm has nice contour and a well-maintained road system.


Main Residence – 5,000± sq. ft.: An attractive stone-faced main house sits in the heart of the property. Constructed in 2006, this home consists of an open floor plan with front and back porches. It includes 3 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a modern kitchen, great room, office, loft and a finished 1,700± sq. ft. basement. The basement includes a gunroom, steam room, exercise room and large garage. This home was designed to fit the landscape and compliment the activities on the farm. It offers modern amenities with a cozy feel.

Guest House – 1,064± sq. ft.: This house was built for additional accommodations and to provide privacy for overnight guests. It includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living area with kitchenette, and a front porch. It is located only a short distance from the main house and is the ideal structure for hosting friends and family.

Kennel: A well-designed kennel was built for the hunting dogs in 2000. Attached to the pole barn, it includes eight dog runs, septic, gas heat, cooling fans and a fenced-in exercise area. There is also a quail pen for training purposes.

Pole Barn: There is one large pole barn used to support the farm’s operations. A section is enclosed and serves as the farm’s shop. This portion includes a bathroom and deer cooler. The open-air area houses the farm’s equipment. This structure has been tastefully done and is well located on the farm.


Located in the Piedmont region of Georgia, this area offers a mild, pleasant climate and four distinct seasons. Spring arrives in March with mild days and cool nights. By late May, temperatures have warmed up considerably to herald warm summer days. On average, July is the warmest month of the year. With an average annual rainfall of 47 inches, the spring and summer months tend to receive more precipitation than other times of the year. Fall is marked by mild to warm days and cooler nights. Winter is usually mild, with the coldest days averaging lows near or slightly above freezing and highs in the upper 40s to mid-50s. Snow occurs rarely.

Wildlife Resources: 

The wildlife on Oconee Farm is abundant. The land has been managed for many years with an intense focus on wildlife.

Big Game: Deer and turkey are prevalent throughout the property. Given the fact the habitat is managed so well, the deer and turkey populations are higher than typically seen in this area. The upland habitat provides excellent nesting conditions for turkeys as well as great cover for deer. A quality deer management program has been implemented. The landscape is alive with mature mast-producing oaks, and green fields are strategically managed throughout the farm. In addition to 9 ladder stands, there are 11 tower stands that are very comfortable with one featuring satellite TV, so you can watch football and deer all at once! The terrain lends itself to many ideal hunting settings.

Quail: Significant expanses of the farm have been managed for upland habitat and they are able to support a quality quail-hunting program. This habitat offers a number of different settings from thinned pine forests to upland fields. A nice dog kennel is in place.

Fishing: The three-acre lake has been stocked with bass, bream and catfish offering an enjoyable opportunity to wet a line. 


The annual property taxes for Oconee Farm are approximately $9,000.

The farm is currently enrolled in Georgia’s Conservation Use Value Assessment Program, which allows for a substantial reduction in property taxes. This is a 10-year program for which 365± acres are enrolled until 12/31/2018 and another 490± acres until 12/31/2024. This is not a Conservation Easement.

Broker Comments: 

Oconee Farm’s proximity to Atlanta and the surrounding area creates the opportunity for a family to weave the farm seamlessly into their daily lives. This convenience will fuel an owner’s ability to spend more days at the farm. The property has an ideal habitat mix that supports strong populations of wildlife and will most definitely keep an owner entertained. 

The Facts: 
  • 855± diverse, contiguous acres with convenient access to Madison (20 minutes), Reynolds Plantation at Lake Oconee (20 minutes), Athens (50 minutes) and Atlanta (75 minutes)
  • Includes an attractive 5,000± sq. ft. stone-faced main house, a guest cabin, and a large pole barn with a built-in dog kennel
  • Wildlife resources are abundant and include fantastic deer and turkey hunting, upland habitat for quail hunting, and a three-acre fishing lake
  • Bordered on two sides by Oconee National Forest
  • Big Glady Creek flows through the center of the property and Little Glady Creek is part of the southern boundary
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