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Meeker, Colorado

Robinson Ranch is a superb big game hunting property featuring diverse habitat, water, multiple drainages and picturesque scenery. Varied vegetation consisting of aspens, conifers, mountain oaks, shrubs, sage and grass is interspersed with springs, ponds and wallows. The property encompasses 2,105± deeded acres, completely surrounds a 160 acre BLM inholding and is adjacent to additional BLM on two sides. The ranch is located in the shadow of the game-rich Flat Tops Mountains of northwest Colorado with paved road access only 20 miles from either Meeker or Rifle. 

Click here to watch archery bull elk episode of Outback Outdoors television show filmed on the Robinson Ranch in September 2013.


Robinson Ranch is located on the Rio Blanco and Garfield county line on the western edge of the Flat Tops Mountains in northwest Colorado. From its location midway between Meeker and Rifle, the ranch is less than 25 minutes to either town. State Highway 13, which links Meeker and Rifle, forms the western boundary of the ranch, providing convenient paved road access.

The town of Meeker lies approximately 20 miles north of the ranch. With a population of about 2,400, Meeker is the county seat and most populous town of Rio Blanco County. Located on the famous White River, Meeker is internationally known as a premier destination for big game hunting and fishing. Meeker is a thriving community and has retained its culture as a true western town still primarily influenced by agriculture and recreation. Meeker is also home to a 6,500-foot jet-capable airstrip.

Rifle is located in Garfield County approximately 20 miles south of the ranch along the Colorado River and Interstate 70 between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction. Rifle has a population of over 9,000 and is well known as an outdoorsman’s town, providing access for those exploring the Flat Tops, Roan Plateau, Bookcliffs and Battlement Mesa. The Garfield County Airport in Rifle has an excellent 7,000 x 100 foot runway that saw $47 million in upgrades in 2010. Both Meeker and Rifle offer a full complement of services from restaurants and motels, to banks, medical facilities, grocery stores and outfitters.

The resort communities of Aspen, Snowmass, Beaver Creek, Vail and Steamboat Springs are all within a two-hour drive of the ranch. In addition to skiing, these year-round resorts also offer a variety of dining, shopping and recreational diversions. From the ranch, it is approximately 45 miles to Glenwood Springs and 85 miles to Grand Junction, the largest city on the western slope of Colorado. Commercial air service is within 90 minutes of the ranch on I-70, either west of Rifle at Grand Junction or east of Rifle at the Eagle County Regional Airport, which serves the Vail Valley.


The ranch is located on the Grand Hogback, a geologic formation lying between the Flat Tops Mountains and the Roan Plateau. The Grand Hogback stretches continuously for approximately 50 miles along the south and west rim of the Flat Tops from Glenwood Springs to Meeker. Just east of the ranch is the western boundary of the 2.3 million acre White River National Forest. With peaks exceeding 12,000 feet in elevation, the Flat Tops Mountains encompass a massive region, incorporating the national forest as well as the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. To the west of the ranch lies the Roan Plateau, a diverse tapestry of mountains, canyons, ridges and valleys. Both the Flat Tops and the Roan Plateau are amongst Colorado’s most prolific big game areas, with huge blocks of rich wildlife habitat and large populations of elk and mule deer. 

General Description: 

The entrance to Robinson Ranch is located along its western boundary where the property has three miles of frontage on Highway 13. After passing through a private locked gate, several internal roads provide good motorized access throughout the ranch. The western half of the property evolves gradually from relatively flat topography at 7,300 feet in elevation along the highway to steeper terrain among the several small drainages comprising the western slope of the Hogback. 

This area is primarily grass and sage pasture in the lower elevations and transitions to oaks, serviceberry and aspens as the elevations climb up the Hogback to the east. A number of ponds and rock outcrops are scattered throughout this portion of the ranch.

At the top of the Hogback, a long ridge bisects the ranch and serves as an excellent viewing platform looking east into an area of multiple valleys that together form a large bowl. This area, collectively referred to as Puckett Draw, is the “honey hole” of the ranch, particularly for elk. With elevations ranging from 7,800 to 8,700 feet, Puckett is comprised of numerous finger draws with a variety of slopes and vegetation, as well as several water sources. The foliage in this bowl is primarily large aspen groves and pines on north slopes, contrasting with oaks, shrubs and sage on the south slopes. Meadows are scattered throughout, and several ponds, springs and wallows combine to make this excellent elk habitat. The Puckett Draw portion of the ranch is very secluded and can hold large numbers of elk.

An interesting attribute of the Robinson Ranch is that it completely surrounds a 160± acre BLM inholding. The BLM is not separately fenced and the owners of the ranch enjoy use of this parcel, though there is no public access to it.

The ranch also borders other large blocks of BLM land, and its other neighbors are large private ranches. The adjacent BLM land to the south, approximately 1,720± acres in size, is easily accessible directly from the ranch, but presents a long, steep climb for the general public to reach. Near the ranch entrance is an old ranch house which is in poor condition, but does appear to be served by electric power. There is also a shooting range, ideally located near the southwest corner of the ranch, where it can be used to sight-in rifles without impacting the core of the ranch.


The ranch is comprised of approximately 2,105± acres of deeded land. In addition, a 160±acre BLM inholding is completely encircled by the ranch. 

Multiple adjacent properties owned by the same seller create the opportunity to acquire up to 7,600+/- acres of contiguous land. 


With elevations ranging from 7,300 to 8,700 feet, Robinson Ranch exhibits the attractive characteristics of the Colorado mountain climate. Crisp mountain air and bright blue skies are common occurrences in this environment. Annual precipitation on the ranch varies from approximately 16 inches on the lower elevations to over 20 inches at higher elevations. Snowfall ranges between 100 to 200 inches annually, with higher elevations holding snow throughout the winter. Summer days will find high temperatures in the 70s and 80s, with evenings cooling rapidly. Winter temperatures will frequently be in the 20s for daytime highs with occasional sustained cold snaps.

Wildlife Resources: 

Robinson Ranch stands out for its wildlife and hunting opportunities. It features quality habitat and is located adjacent to the Flat Tops Mountains, home to the largest Rocky Mountain elk herd in North America, numbering over 42,000, and a huge mule deer population, estimated to be over 61,000. The ranch has been thoughtfully managed for big game hunting and produces trophy-caliber bull elk and mule deer every year.

An excellent technique for watching or pursuing elk on the ranch takes advantage of the long ridge overlooking Puckett Draw. The topography of the ranch allows one to drive up the west slope of the Hogback, park just below the ridge, and then hike up 100 feet to the summit to view the animals below, completely undetected. There are numerous glassing points along this long ridge. Depending on elk location, weather conditions and hunter intensions, there are a number of different routes into Puckett Draw to use for a stalk. Whether hunting or observing, it is an amazing experience to sit on the ridge during a September evening, watching and listening to a number of mature bulls bugling, sparing, wallowing and herding their cows below.

Current ownership has been dedicated to supporting wildlife and improving habitat on the property for years. Hunting has been strictly managed and harvested animals have been carefully chosen. The ranch has not been heavily grazed in order to save forage for the wildlife. A network of internal roads and trails was created and has been maintained to provide easy access for stalking and game retrieval. These conservation-oriented owners have taken care to attract and maintain superior populations of big game.

For hunters of the Robinson Ranch, it is relatively easy to obtain elk and mule deer hunting licenses. The property is located in Game Management Units #23, which offers an unlimited either-sex elk license for two of the four rifle seasons, and unlimited archery tags for private land only during the archery season. This means that an elk hunter can purchase an over-the-counter license for either of the 9-day rifle seasons or the month-long archery season. It does not matter whether the hunter is a resident or non-resident of Colorado. No mule deer licenses are available over-the-counter in Colorado, but large landowners such as Robinson Ranch can receive priority preference to increase their chances of drawing tags through the license application process.

Recreational Considerations: 

While hunting would likely be the focus for many prospective owners, there are numerous other recreational opportunities in the form of hiking or riding of horses, snowmobiles or ATVs, and simple enjoyment of the scenery and wildlife found throughout the property. In addition, the 2.3 million acre White River National Forest along with hundreds of thousands of BLM acres are at the doorstep of the ranch. For anglers, the ranch is located within a short drive of two of Colorado’s top rivers, the White and the Colorado, making for convenient fishing day trips. From enjoying Colorado’s finest ski resorts to the solitude of the several nearby Wilderness areas, there are a wide variety of year-round recreational opportunities to explore.


Property taxes on the ranch currently run approximately $487.72. Current taxes are based on agricultural status.  A degree of agricultural use must be maintained to continue agricultural assessed values.

Water Rights: 

There are a number of spring and pond water rights associated with the ranch. These will transfer with the sale of the land. A summary of appurtenant water rights will be made available at the appropriate time. 

Mineral Rights: 

Any appurtenant minerals owned by the Seller will transfer to Buyer with the sale of the property.

Broker Comments: 

It has been a pleasure to spend time on the Robinson Ranch, exploring the land, enjoying the scenery and especially observing the elk rut. The location, topography and habitat of this ranch make it a top wildlife and big game hunting property for the price point. It is also a low maintenance property, ideal for an owner who wants to enjoy the ranch when they visit, but not have to think about it when they are away. 

The Facts: 

• 2,105± deeded acres
• Great elk and mule deer hunting
• Diverse terrain and wildlife habitat
• Multiple drainages and water sources
• Also features internal road network and shooting range
• Easy access to Meeker and Rifle

Additional Services: 

MANAGEMENT SERVICES – Hall and Hall’s Management Division has a very clear mission–to represent the owner and to ensure that his or her experience is a positive one. Services are customized to suit the owner’s needs. They often begin with the recruiting and hiring of a suitable ranch manager or caretaker and are followed by the development of a management or operating plan along with appropriate budgets. Ongoing services include bill paying, ranch oversight, and consulting services as needed. Even the most sophisticated and experienced ranch owners appreciate the value of a management firm representing them and providing advice on local area practices and costs. Wes Oja, Jerome Chvilicek, Dan Berstrom or Brant Marsh at (406) 656-7500 are available to describe and discuss these services in detail and welcome your call.

RESOURCE ENHANCEMENT SERVICES – Increasingly the value of a ranch is measured by the quality of each and every one of its resources. Coincidentally, the enhancement of a ranch’s resources also increases the pleasure that one derives from the ownership of a ranch. Our management services have included the assessment of everything from wildlife habitat to bird habitat to water resources and fisheries and the subsequent oversight of the process involved with the enhancement of these resources. Wes Oja, Jerome Chvilicek, Dan Bergstrom or Brant Marsh at (406) 656-7500 are available to describe and discuss these services in detail and welcome your call.

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