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Grants, New Mexico

A large operating cattle and recreational ranch totaling over 173,000± acres located 30 miles from Grants, New Mexico via Highway 117 and 35 miles from Grants-Milan Municipal Airport. Offering 35,236± deeded acres, the land is a combination of vast grasslands, foothills and arroyos, and is contiguous to 134,800± acres of BLM leased land, 3,200± acres of NM State Land, the El Malpais National Monument, West Malpais, and Cebolla Wilderness Areas. Currently rated at 1,957 AU the ranch is divided into 46 individually fenced pastures interspersed by 50 wind and solar livestock wells. Functional improvements include main ranch residence, two caretaker apartments, office, bunkhouse, shop, garage, hay storage, scales, corrals, shipping pens, small aircraft hangar, and dirt landing strip.  Located in units 12 and 13 the ranch participates in the Private Land Use system and is allocated 14 total big game tags. Abundant elk, mule deer, antelope, turkey, black bear, and mountain lion. 


Located in Cibola and Catron Counties, York Ranch is 30 miles south of Grants, New Mexico and 35 miles from Grants-Milan Municipal Airport. Accessed via Highway 117, the ranch is a short drive from the small village of Pie Town. Albuquerque is a three-hour drive from the ranch and Santa Fe is less than four hours from the ranch. 


In an area of New Mexico recognized for large, expansive and authentic working cattle ranches, York Ranch is easily accessible from Grants and the Grants-Milan Municipal Airport. Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos, three of New Mexico’s most attractive destinations, are within striking distance for a get-away weekend to enjoy art, cuisine and traditional southwestern culture.

General Description: 

York Ranch is an expansive block of grazing land surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of contiguous federal and state leased land. Deeded acreage is predominately short grass rangeland interspersed by smaller arroyos and foothills, providing cover for livestock. In areas dependent on rainfall, the ranch is supplemented by 50 livestock and solar wells, and fenced into 46 individual pastures. 

Sprawling open range uniquely outfitted for a cattle operation.  

The western quadrant of the ranch is a broad, sweeping valley and serves as the central grazing pasture, while the southern end is a combination of pinion pine, cedar and pasture land. The eastern border of the ranch is contiguous to the Cibola National Forest and the northern area of the property joins the El Malpais National Monument and the West Malpais Wilderness Area.


Deeded Acres:       35,236±
State Lease:            3,200±
BLM Lease:         134,800±
Total Acres:         173,236±

Leases & Permits: 

Contiguous to hundreds of thousands of acres of leased land, York Ranch currently has rights to lease a total of 138,000± acres of grazing land, which supports a total of 1,957 AU’s. Leases are subject to a 10-year renewal cycle. Located in the El Malpais National Monument and West Malpais and Cebolla Wilderness Areas, the leased land is a combination of broad and expansive grassland abutting foothills and smaller canyons which provide cover for livestock. Other areas of the land are ponderosa pine tree-covered hillsides and arroyos.


Headquarters are centrally located in the heart of the ranch, and feature:

  • Three-bedroom, two-bath main house
  • Two-bedroom, one-bath apartment 
  • One-bedroom, one-bath office/apartment 
  • Two-bedroom, one-bath bunkhouse
  • Four-bay garage/storage building
  • Metal shop 
  • Metal feed-storage building
  • 50 x 80 airplane hangar with dirt landing strip 

Livestock handling facilities which include horse/hay barn, corrals and scales.

Horse Camp
Located 7± miles north of the headquarters, improvements include a two-bedroom, one-bath home, a small barn and corrals.

Woods Camp
Located 9± miles east of the headquarters, improvements include two homes, a small garage, corrals, and a barn. 

Log Cabin Camp
Located 7± miles south of the headquarters, improvements include a two-bedroom, one-bath log cabin with a loft area. 


Located in a high semi-desert environment, elevations range from 7,000 to 9,000 feet. The average high temperature in July is 89 degrees and average low in December is 20 degrees. The ranch has over 300 days of sunshine, with an average annual precipitation of 14 inches.

General Operations: 

A traditional working ranch, this property continues to operate as a year-round commercial cow/calf operation. A total of 46 grazing pastures range from 2,000 to 44,000 acres providing ample acreage to run livestock year-round.

Water Resources: 

Livestock water is supplied by 50 solar and livestock wells strategically positioned throughout the ranch. Depths of the wells range from 50 to 600 feet, and several of the wells have 25,000-gallon storage capacity. Additionally, there are numerous dirt tanks, water traps and natural drainages throughout the ranch to catch rain and snowfall. 

Wildlife Resources: 

The York Ranch is home to an estimated 200 head resident elk herd, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion, antelope, and turkey. The second largest antelope in New Mexico was taken on the ranch.

York Ranch participates in New Mexico’s Private Use Landowners Preference System and is currently allocated 14 total tags including mature bull, antlerless and either sex. The permits are for units 12 and 13. Unit 12 is primitive weapons only, while 13 is advanced weapons. Unit 12 is allocated 2 mature bull elk tags (MB) and 2 antlerless (A) tags. Unit 13 is allocated 4 mature bull elk tags, 2 antlerless tags and 4 “Any One Elk” tags (ES).


Property taxes for 2012 were $11,284.90.

Mineral Rights: 

All mineral rights owned by Seller, if any, will be transferred to Buyer at closing.

Broker Comments: 

Authentic year-round working cattle ranches of substantial size including deeded and leased land are increasingly rare to find for purchase. York Ranch presents a solid operating commercial cow/calf ranch supplemented by vast amounts of leased land. The property also offers a notable wildlife component, along with the opportunity to continue participation in New Mexico’s Private Land Use System for allocation of big game tags. 

The Facts: 
  • 30 mile south of Grants, NM 
  • 35 miles from Grants-Milan Municipal Airport 
  • Direct access from Highway 117
  • Cibola and Catron Counties 
  • 35,236± deeded acres
  • 134,800± acres of BLM land
  • 3,200± acres of State land
  • 50 wind and solar well for livestock 
  • 46 individually fenced pastures 
  • 1,957 AU carrying capacity 
  • Currently running 1,016 cows and 94 bulls 
  • Main ranch home, 2 apartments, office, bunkhouse, shop, garage, airplane hangar, dirt landing strip, and two livestock camps 
  • Hay storage, scales, corrals, and shipping pens
  • Private Land Elk License Allocation - 14 total big game tags
  • Elk, mule deer, antelope, turkey, black bear, and mountain lion
  • Adjacent to El Malpais National Monument, West Malpais and Cebolla Wilderness Areas
  • Anasazi Indian artifacts 
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New Mexico Brokerage Relationship

Every licensed New Mexico real estate Broker is obligated to disclose Broker Duties.  Disclosure: The following brokerage relationships are available in the State of New Mexico: (1) transaction broker, (2) exclusive agency, and (3) dual agency (see RANM Form 1401, p. 2).

Prior to the time an Associate Broker or Qualifying Broker generates or presents any written document that has the potential to become an express written agreement, the Broker shall disclose in writing to a prospective buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, the following list of Broker Duties that are owed to all Customers and Clients by all Brokers regardless of the brokerage relationship:

(A) Honesty and reasonable care; as set forth in the provisions of this section;

(B) Compliance with local, state, and federal fair housing and anti-discrimination laws, the New Mexico  Real Estate License Law and the Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations, and other applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations;

(C) Performance of any and all oral or written agreements made with the Broker's Customer or Client;

(D) Assistance to the Broker's Customer or Client in completing the Transaction, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Customer or Client, including (1) Presentation of all offers or counter-offers in a timely manner, and (2) Assistance in complying with the terms and conditions of the contract and with the closing of the Transaction; If the Broker in a Transaction is not providing the service, advice or assistance described in paragraphs D(1) and D(2), the Customer or Client must agree in writing that the Broker is not expected to provide such service, advice or assistance, and the Broker shall disclose such agreement in writing to the other Brokers involved in the Transaction; 

(E) Acknowledgment by the Broker that there may be matters related to the Transaction that are outside the Broker's knowledge or expertise and that the Broker will suggest that the Customer or Client seek expert advice on these matters;

(F) Prompt accounting for all monies or property received by the Broker;

(G) Prior to the time the Associate Broker or Qualifying Broker generates or presents any written document that has the potential to become an express written agreement, written disclosure of (1) any written Brokerage Relationship the Broker has with any other Parties to the Transaction; (2) any material interest or relationship of a business, personal, or family nature that the Broker has in the Transaction; and (3) other Brokerage Relationship options available in New Mexico;

(H) Disclosure of any adverse material facts actually known by the Broker about the property or the Transaction, or about the financial ability of the Parties to the Transaction to complete the Transaction. Adverse material facts do not include data from a sex offender registry or the existence of group homes;

(I) Maintenance of any confidential information learned in the course of any prior Agency relationship unless the disclosure is with the former Client's consent or is required by law;

(J) Unless otherwise authorized in writing, a Broker shall not disclose to their Customer or Client during the transaction that their Seller Client or Customer has previously indicated they will accept a sales price less than the asking or listed price of a property; that their Buyer Client or Customer has previously indicated they will pay a sales price greater than the price submitted in a written offer; the motivation of their Client or Customer for selling or buying property; that their Seller Client or Customer or their Buyer Client or Customer will agree to financing terms other than those offered; or any other information requested in writing by the Broker's Customer or Client to remain confidential, unless disclosure is required by law.

Effective January 1, 2007, the New Mexico Real Estate Commission requires the disclosure of the following brokerage relationships (as quoted from NMAC, 1-1-2005): 

16.61-19.0 Brokerage Relationships: Brokerages working with consumers either as customers or clients may do so through a variety of brokerage relationships.  These relationships include but are not limited to an exclusive agency relationship, a dual agency relationship, or a transaction broker relationship.  For all regulated real estate transactions, a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant may enter into an express written agreement to become a client of a brokerage without creating an agency relationship, and no agency duties will be imposed.

A. Exclusive agency: an express written agreement between a person and a brokerage wherein the brokerage agrees to exclusively represent as an agent the interests of the person in a real estate transaction.  Such agreements include buyer agency, seller agency, designated agency, and subagency agreements. 

B. Dual agency: an express written agreement that modifies existing exclusive agency agreements to provide that the brokerage agrees to act as a facilitator in a real estate transaction rather than as an exclusive agent for either party to the transaction.  

C: Transaction broker:  a brokerage that provises real estate services without entering into an agency relationship. 

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