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In November of 2010 we invited Scott Shuman to become a partner in Hall and Hall Partners LLP. Thankfully he accepted our invitation to come into our partnership to set up and run an auction services division. Since November, we have been getting organized to the point where we feel comfortable with making this announcement publicly.

The brief background is that we have felt for some time that Investment-Quality Rural Real Estate is a legitimate and increasingly accepted asset class. As such, it deserves to be rendered liquid in the same way that virtually every other asset class from bonds & securities to rare art & antiquities are made liquid. What makes any asset liquid is the ability to sell it quickly and efficiently at its true market value. History has shown us that the auction method of selling is a great way to accomplish this end within a reasonable time frame.

Ranch Auctions: Our upcoming winter/spring newsletter will have more details on this initiative. We feel confident that Scott, with over 20 years experience in the land auction business and a terrific reputation, will help us establish the auction method as “Another Solution” – and a viable, dependable one – for the marketing of “Investment-Quality Rural Real Estate”.

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