Private Montana Spring Creek Fishery Documented for Upcoming Film

Yesterday, Hall and Hall partners Tim Murphy and Peter Weber fished the amazing private Montana spring creek fishery, Beaverhead Spring Creek Ranch, with filmmaker Travis Lowe for his upcoming documentary film entitled SPRING CREEK: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout.

The weather was a bit of a challenge with random storms and high winds pushing through the valley, but several nice fish were filmed and landed. The Beaverhead Spring Creek Ranch is an expansive bottom-land ranch that supports large populations of upland birds, large racked whitetail deer, and an interesting diversity of migratory birds. Several years ago the ranch embarked on a spring creek fishery project that took a virtually fish-less, sediment-trapped spring creek and rebuilt the entire stream bed from top to bottom.The stream flows across the ranch for 1½± miles and hosts brown trout, rainbow trout, and  a surprising number of brook trout.  The fish on this spring creek fishery take flies with a vengeance, and many consider this area to be the epicenter of trout fishing in Montana.

Lowe intends to incorporate the shoot into his film, which will highlight the value of  spring creek fisheries from an economic and ecological perspective and reveal how land stewardship and conservation is playing a significant role in maintaining the health and sustainability in  mainstream fisheries.   The film will be completed in 2012. For more information, visit

This ranch is a tremendous sporting property supported by an agricultural base and is located in the middle of southwest Montana’s finest trout waters.

The spring creek is centered within the ranch, quite private and flows into a very under-utilized stretch of the river recruiting a variety of fish, some of which are quite large. A fly fisherman's dream.