Thanksgiving Day and Legacy Ranches

By: Jim Taylor

According to Merriam Webster, the operative definition of the word “legacy” is,  “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.”  I was struck by this meaning of the term as I stood to give a toast at our family Thanksgiving celebration.I looked down the table, which for the first time in my 70 plus year lifetime extended the entire length of the room, to see nearly 30 members of our family plus friends spanning 3 generations.

IMG_6099.jpg Also fully seated table

My parents, gone now for nearly a dozen years, were very much there in spirit as it was the house they built/remodeled when they bought the ranch 70 years ago. I remembered well the many Thanksgivings that we had celebrated with them over the years. I was unfortunately reduced to tears by those memories and was unable to complete what I intended to be an inspirational toast!

IMG_6085.jpg kids section 2 Thanksgiving 2017

That’s when it really came home to me that legacies are really created by people and passed on to other people. Land and houses often serve as the vehicle in which they are carried and celebrated. It made me realize that the term “legacy ranch” might well be a misnomer because the legacy is really created and passed on by the people who lived there.

When I stood to make the toast I was overwhelmed by the memories of my parents and my siblings and the many Thanksgivings we had shared over the years. It seems to me that we need to think carefully before so loosely using the term “legacy ranch” to describe a property.  Perhaps we simply need to consider more carefully what the legacy of the ranch is or perhaps we should recognize that every ranch has a legacy and that legacy relates to the people who have lived there.


Hall and Hall Celebrates 70th Anniversary

By: Jim Taylor

Looking back over my 44 years at Hall and Hall, it seems like it was only yesterday that my career began as one of two real estate partners working with Warren Hall and Bob Morse who handled our loan and appraisal business. My real estate partner Bruce Toole was gone within the year, leaving me to build that side of the business, and Doug Hall came in during that first summer to work with Warren and Bob on the loan/appraisal side.

Doug C.Hall, Henry C.Hall,Sr. Warren P.Hall, and Henry Hall Jr.

Doug C.Hall, Henry C.Hall,Sr. Warren P.Hall, and Henry Hall Jr.

I was attracted to Hall and Hall because as a 27-year-old neophyte, I knew I needed the knowledge and credibility of an established firm and the ability, as a partner, to share in their established business. I had starved the previous year trying to do it on my own so I knew what the stakes were! Even back then Hall and Hall had already been around for over 25 years and had an impeccable reputation in the agricultural community.

Henry Hall, Jr.

Henry Hall, Jr.

Doug was a couple years younger than me but Hall and Hall as a family company had been a part of his life since birth. The security of the well-established loan and appraisal business plus the reputation that his father Warren had built for Hall and Hall provided the spring board for us to leap into a future that involved building a full service real estate firm specializing in “Investment Quality Rural Real Estate” throughout the U.S. and in selected locations internationally.

The Big Time Dec 2 1990

We were able to attract great people that allowed us to expand both our territory and our service offerings as we built a management business, a retained search business and an auction business. Hall and Hall has transitioned from a family owned company to an employee owned company that has grown to service a community of investors in and owners of some of the finest farms, ranches and exceptional land holdings throughout the U.S. and the world.

Ranch Broker Joel Leadbetter Profiled by LAND Magazine

We were thrilled by the comprehensive profile of Hall and Hall Partner Joel Leadbetter written by Lorie Woodward Cantu in the July 2016 issue of LAND Magazine.  The article details Leadbetter’s 30+ year career as a ranch broker with Hall and Hall, including a number of his high-profile deals, such as the recent sale of Texas’ historic 512,000-acre Waggoner Ranch. It also delves into his upbringing on a commercial cattle operation near Ennis, Montana, while simultaneously detailing Hall and Hall’s rich 70 year history. The full article can be found here.

An excerpt reads:

Celebrating its’ 70th anniversary in 2016, Hall and Hall is built on a longstanding tradition of delivering superlative service for its clients. Henry Hall Sr. and his sons, Warren and Henry Jr., founded Hall and Hall Mortgage Company in 1946 as the exclusive correspondent for the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, a major lender to the agricultural community at that time.

Through the years, the company added complementary divisions to meet the needs of their growing client base. Over time, it developed into a ‘one-stop shop’ for people who are interested in land as an investment and an enterprise. Today, the service lineup of Hall and Hall includes: traditional brokerage, auctions, finance, appraisal and farm and ranch management.

“I was taught a man’s word is his bond—and I still believe in the binding power of a handshake,” Leadbetter said. “At Hall and Hall, we operate on old-school principles because our clients deserve—and expect—honesty, integrity and personal accountability. Our brand is built on trust.”

Leadbetter at the 2016 Reno Rodeo Invitational  roping with ranch broker, Chance Bernall of Beaverhead Home and Ranch Real Estate. Credit Brenda Allen

Leadbetter at the 2016 Reno Rodeo Invitational roping with ranch broker, Chance Bernall of Beaverhead Home and Ranch Real Estate. Credit Brenda Allen

Billings Gazette Profiles Hall and Hall Managing Director Joel Leadbetter

Hall and Hall Managing Director Joel Leadbetter was profiled recently in a Billings Gazette article entitled, “Sale of Historic Texas Ranch has Montana Connections.” Leadbetter and Sam Connolly, general manager of Kroenke Ranches, represented Kroenke in the sale. Marketing the 150-year-old ranch property presented a unique challenge, as it supports thousands of cattle and horses, 30,000 acres of farm land, and more than 1,000 oil wells.

An excerpt reads: “When billionaire businessman Stan Kroenke became interested in buying historic W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch in Texas, he turned to Joel Leadbetter of Bozeman, managing director of Hall and Hall, to broker the deal. Leadbetter said he has represented Kroenke in a number of real estate acquisitions over the years, and their relationship stretches back to 1993.”




Happy Holidays from Hall and Hall

By: Jim Taylor

This is a time of year when families of all faiths and callings come together to celebrate the season. The Hall and Hall family would like to extend our thanks to all our friends and supporters and particularly to those whose lives we have touched and who have touched ours over the past year. There have been many and we feel blessed to have been given the privilege of working with so many wonderful  people to achieve their goals.

As I have moved out of the management structure after 40 years in the “trenches”, I’ve truly enjoyed concentrating my time on helping our clients and watching the next generation of gifted leaders take over and bring Hall and Hall to yet another level of service to the owners and prospective owners of farms and ranches throughout our expanding territory. This brings with it my personal best wishes and the best wishes of all of us at Hall and Hall for a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.


Hall and Hall Discusses Ranch Real Estate Market at Denver Athletic Club

Recently Hall and Hall partners Mike Hall and Jeff Buerger co-hosted a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres gathering at the Denver Athletic Club with Randy Feuerstein and John Heronimus of Dufford and Brown Law Firm.

Cocktail party at Denver Athletic Club.

The purpose of this event was to invite clients, friends, and colleagues  of Hall and Hall to get together and learn more about the current status of the overall ranch real estate market and mineral rights in Colorado. We are thankful to have connected with new people and hope to continue this time together on an annual basis in the future.

One of our primary goals is to consistently provide the most recent data about the ranch real estate market, and all of it’s complexities, to our client base.