Hall and Hall’s Resource Management Division

Helping Landowners to Oversee and Enjoy Their Farm or Ranch

BACKGROUND – As we have evolved from a manager of a few foreclosed properties in the early 1980′s to our current role as a representative of, more often than not, “non-resident” owners of farms and ranches, it has become increasingly clear that the oversight role has many advantages. Oversight has changed over the years and is very different from the traditional farm manager role that is typical in the Midwest where properties tend to be owned by “pure investors” who rarely visit their farms. In the Rocky Mountain West ranch owners tend to derive a good portion of their “return on investment” from the pleasure they receive both from visiting their ranch and from their personal involvement in the management of it.

THE OVERSIGHT ROLE – The oversight role begins with identification of the owner’s goals, the development or adoption of an overall ranch management plan and a corresponding budget. Whenever possible, we include improvement and enhancement of the property in addition to the practical day to day operations. We try to separate issues related to the overall improvement of the real estate asset from the more down-to-earth practicalities of the daily routine. Both are important but carry different priorities and funding sources. On newly purchased properties, one of the first steps is often the hiring of a suitable caretaker or manager.

The concept is that we represent the owner at all times. In a perfect world with a great manager, our primary role would be to develop budgets, pay bills and provide monthly or quarterly reports. In addition, we would schedule a predetermined number of visits to the ranch to check on progress or provide whatever level of oversight that is required. Naturally, we are available at all times to the manager and owner to consult on issues that come up; crop and livestock marketing, advice on obtaining various services, changes to the production plan or negotiating leases. At a minimum, we provide an extra set of eyes and ears for owners and, more importantly, we are available to step in immediately should it become necessary.

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