The IX Ranch—No “Fixer Upper”

The IX Ranch is not a ranch requiring more capital expenditures after its purchase. It’s not like the situation often found among ranches for sale, a place that’s been let go because the owner is “over it” and has fallen off in his ranch maintenance, repair and reinvestment.

For example, it’s haying season in North Central Montana. Equipment needs to be in top condition to get through weeks of cutting, raking, bailing, hauling hay on fields over the ranch’s many miles. So, the IX just spent close to $300,000 on new haying equipment. It recently arrived on the ranch and includes a number of items from a $25,000 rake to a $120,000 tractor.

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Randy Shelton Interviewed by “City Streets and Country Roads”

Hall and Hall Partner Randy Shelton was interviewed by “City Streets and Country Roads.” He discusses the ranch real estate market and Hall and Hall’s history at the 14:45 mark.

City Streets Country Roads – Real Estate from Community Seven Television on Vimeo.

Hall and Hall Celebrates 70th Anniversary

By: Jim Taylor

Looking back over my 44 years at Hall and Hall, it seems like it was only yesterday that my career began as one of two real estate partners working with Warren Hall and Bob Morse who handled our loan and appraisal business. My real estate partner Bruce Toole was gone within the year, leaving me to build that side of the business, and Doug Hall came in during that first summer to work with Warren and Bob on the loan/appraisal side.

Doug C.Hall, Henry C.Hall,Sr. Warren P.Hall, and Henry Hall Jr.

Doug C.Hall, Henry C.Hall,Sr. Warren P.Hall, and Henry Hall Jr.

I was attracted to Hall and Hall because as a 27-year-old neophyte, I knew I needed the knowledge and credibility of an established firm and the ability, as a partner, to share in their established business. I had starved the previous year trying to do it on my own so I knew what the stakes were! Even back then Hall and Hall had already been around for over 25 years and had an impeccable reputation in the agricultural community.

Henry Hall, Jr.

Henry Hall, Jr.

Doug was a couple years younger than me but Hall and Hall as a family company had been a part of his life since birth. The security of the well-established loan and appraisal business plus the reputation that his father Warren had built for Hall and Hall provided the spring board for us to leap into a future that involved building a full service real estate firm specializing in “Investment Quality Rural Real Estate” throughout the U.S. and in selected locations internationally.

The Big Time Dec 2 1990

We were able to attract great people that allowed us to expand both our territory and our service offerings as we built a management business, a retained search business and an auction business. Hall and Hall has transitioned from a family owned company to an employee owned company that has grown to service a community of investors in and owners of some of the finest farms, ranches and exceptional land holdings throughout the U.S. and the world.

Hall and Hall Broker’s Photography Featured by National Geographic


Hall and Hall Partner, Bill McDavid, recently had several of his underwater photographs published by National Geographic and Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine. Bill, a longtime photographer, first took his camera underwater in 2012, and has since traveled widely with it capturing images most people will never see in both salt and fresh water.

National Geographic Editor, Lauri Hafvenstein, interviewed him in January about the techniques he uses to capture a subject against a black background. The result was a National Geographic Editor’s Spotlight Q&A published alongside a number of Bill’s images from a recent trip to Indonesia. One particularly exciting image is “Shrimp Hat,”  a photo featuring a nearly microscopic shrimp perched on the head of a Pygmy Seahorse. Considering that a fully grown Pygmy Seahorse is about 2 cm one can only imagine the scale of this image!

“It was one effect in particular that first drew me into Bill McDavid’s gallery: portraits of marine life, beautifully lit and composed against a black background.” – Lauri Hafvenstein

Bill McDavid Photography

“Shrimp Hat” in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Bill’s images of trout and salmon have certainly made the rounds over the last number of years. Most recently, Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine’s March/April 2016 cover features an image he captured of Hall and Hall Partner, Keith Lenard, hooked into a large brown trout on one of our Montana ranches for sale last summer. Inside, a 4-page spread displays a number of Bill’s images shot in the fresh, cold waters of the Northern Rockies.  With Fly Fishing being roughly a $750 million dollar industry, it is easy to see the draw of Bill’s photography. (1) To see more of Bill’s unique images visit

Bill McDavid Photography

“Brown Down Under” near Philipbsurg, Montana


Cited – (1) Gasson, Walt -


Wall Street Journal “House of the Year” Poll Includes Six Hall and Hall Listings.

We are thrilled that the 2015 Wall Street Journal “House of the Year” poll includes five of our current listings and one property that sold earlier in the year. Below are profiles of the homes in contention. Please vote for your favorite here.

The Farm at McCauley Butte rises above current market offerings in almost every way imaginable. Combining architectural significance with a unique ex-urban location, the property artfully blends luxury appointments, natural amenities and outstanding recreation.

the-farm-at-mccauley-butte-06 (1)

Crowned by an exceptional custom home perched on a bench overlooking the Elk River Valley, Sky River Ranch is distinguished by its live water, wildlife habitat, luxurious accommodations and spectacular panoramic vistas.

Sky River Ranch Colorado

An exquisite blend of nature and luxury, Kessler Canyon is one of Colorado’s hidden secrets. Located in a secluded, private valley and controlling a large expanse of high country wildlife habitat, this striking 15,000± acre property features luxurious accommodations, outstanding big game and upland bird hunting, fishing, and a breathtaking setting including the Brush Creek valley and Skinner Ridge.

Kessler Canyon Ranch Colorado

Wildflower Woods is a gorgeous 1,715± acre farm located just minutes from Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee and near the charming community of Leiper’s Fork. Rarely do you find a property of this stature situated as conveniently to these culturally significant and buzzing urban areas.

Wild Flower Woods Tennessee farm

Knob & Kettle Ranch is a true one-of-a-kind holding in Western Montana’s Blackfoot Valley offering something for everyone. There are over 1,185± deeded acres at the “end of the road” with nearly a mile of frontage directly on the Blackfoot River in an excellent stretch of fishing water.

Knob and Kettle

Located in the Sundance Bench, a private locked-gate development 40 miles south of Ennis, this 40± acre property know as Trollhaugen enjoys an exclusive end-of-the-road location on a high bench above the rest of the ranch.

Trollhaugen montana ranch

Hunting Montana’s Most Iconic Ranches For Sale

By: Ryan Flair

Recently I had the privilege to spend time with good friends and clients bird hunting on the exceptional IX Ranch and PN Ranch.

IX_PN Hunt26

These Montana properties are two of the West’s most iconic ranches and known for their ranching heritage.

IX_PN Hunt1

With the Fall colors in full awakening and the crisp air giving notice to the rising winter season, we set out on horseback to follow our brace of pointing dogs with huns and sharptails our main focus and the opportunity for pheasant a distinct possibility.

IX_PN Hunt31

Along with exemplary cattle operations these Montana ranches offer magnificent vistas and remarkable wildlife diversity.

IX_PN Hunt22

 The IX boasts populations of elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, mountain lion and five species of upland birds.

IX_PN Hunt18

It is experiences such as these that embodies our desire to live in the West.