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Montana Ranches For Sale: Choteau Mountain Ranch


A Hall and Hall listing on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front—Choteau Mountain Ranch—was recently featured on as the Estate of the Day. The ranch, which consists of 8,540 acres of deeded and state land joined by 2,000 acres of USFS and BLM land, is listed at $10.995 million.’s Deidre Woollard writes:

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Scott Shuman

In November of 2010 we invited Scott Shuman to become a partner in Hall and Hall Partners LLP. Thankfully he accepted our invitation to come into our partnership to set up and run an auction services division. Since November, we have been getting organized to the point where we feel comfortable with making this announcement publicly. [Read more...]

Ranch Real Estate Market Trends

by: Jim Taylor, Hall and Hall Ranch Partner

It looks like the market for high-end scenic ranches and “retreat” type properties is following the same pattern as the rest of the economy. In short, there is a recovery brewing, but it is slow and hesitant. We are hearing the term “the new reality” bandied about and we suspect that pretty well describes what is going on. Defining the new reality is a more difficult proposition.

One thing is for sure and that is that no one – not even the most optimistic seller – is expecting to achieve the “irrational exuberance” levels of 2006-2007. History tells us that it could be 5 years or more before those levels will be seen again. However, as is always the case when markets reach peaks, there were actually a relatively limited number of transactions at those very high prices. What we remember from those days is an abundance of inventory priced at 25% to 50% over the then market that did not sell; naturally, only the actual sales made the headlines. We have watched many of those sellers try to chase the market down and only a few have managed to catch it. [Read more...]

Island Butte Ranch in Dell, Montana

New Listing: Island Butte Ranch, Dell, Montana (Beaverhead County)

Nestled in the shadow of the Continental Divide in the Tendoy Mountains west of Dell, Montana, this 4,015 +/- deeded acre mountain ranch is a blend of a scenic recreational property and summer grazing. Several springs and creeks provide adequate water for livestock and wildlife. Herds of elk, deer and antelope roam over the ranch lands providing excellent hunting opportunities. The ranch will carry approximately 400-500 cow/calf pairs during the summer grazing season. The grazing operation is supported by BLM and State of Montana leases and USFS permits running over 16,893 +/- acres. Improvements consist of a cow camp and cattle handling facilities. $3,700,000

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Ranch Market Trends

Market Trends by: Jim Taylor and Tim Murphy – Hall and Hall

Market Trends as a title itself is not fitting for a year end synopsis of 2009 as the ranch market stood fairly still for this calendar year. Portions of the market are seeing volume off by as much as 80%. The activity that has occurred points towards receding values, in some cases as much in percentage terms as was witnessed in the mid 1980’s. Though the future is hard to predict in this current environment, there are several aspects of this market worth discussing.

We are fortunate at Hall and Hall that our volume has not been off as much as the overall market. We are off about 1/3 from 2008. Transactions are still occurring, both on listed properties about which we have let you know in our monthly e-market updates as well as a number of “under the radar” ranches that were handled confidentially and do not appear on our website or in any of our periodic updates. There are buyers looking at ranches to buy and, combined with a normal level of internet activity, it appears there is still quite an audience. What are selling are high quality “recreational” ranches at discounted levels in most cases. The speculative buying market has completely vanished and today’s buyers are looking for long term family holdings or pure agricultural operations. It is interesting to note that activity on the “pure ag” side has been comparatively high and values are stable to perhaps very slightly lower.
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Hall and Hall’s Resource Management Division

Helping Landowners to Oversee and Enjoy Their Farm or Ranch

BACKGROUND – As we have evolved from a manager of a few foreclosed properties in the early 1980′s to our current role as a representative of, more often than not, “non-resident” owners of farms and ranches, it has become increasingly clear that the oversight role has many advantages. Oversight has changed over the years and is very different from the traditional farm manager role that is typical in the Midwest where properties tend to be owned by “pure investors” who rarely visit their farms. In the Rocky Mountain West ranch owners tend to derive a good portion of their “return on investment” from the pleasure they receive both from visiting their ranch and from their personal involvement in the management of it.

THE OVERSIGHT ROLE – The oversight role begins with identification of the owner’s goals, the development or adoption of an overall ranch management plan and a corresponding budget. Whenever possible, we include improvement and enhancement of the property in addition to the practical day to day operations. We try to separate issues related to the overall improvement of the real estate asset from the more down-to-earth practicalities of the daily routine. Both are important but carry different priorities and funding sources. On newly purchased properties, one of the first steps is often the hiring of a suitable caretaker or manager.

The concept is that we represent the owner at all times. In a perfect world with a great manager, our primary role would be to develop budgets, pay bills and provide monthly or quarterly reports. In addition, we would schedule a predetermined number of visits to the ranch to check on progress or provide whatever level of oversight that is required. Naturally, we are available at all times to the manager and owner to consult on issues that come up; crop and livestock marketing, advice on obtaining various services, changes to the production plan or negotiating leases. At a minimum, we provide an extra set of eyes and ears for owners and, more importantly, we are available to step in immediately should it become necessary.

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