The IX Ranch—No “Fixer Upper”

The IX Ranch is not a ranch requiring more capital expenditures after its purchase. It’s not like the situation often found among ranches for sale, a place that’s been let go because the owner is “over it” and has fallen off in his ranch maintenance, repair and reinvestment.

For example, it’s haying season in North Central Montana. Equipment needs to be in top condition to get through weeks of cutting, raking, bailing, hauling hay on fields over the ranch’s many miles. So, the IX just spent close to $300,000 on new haying equipment. It recently arrived on the ranch and includes a number of items from a $25,000 rake to a $120,000 tractor.

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Fall is the Best Time to Enjoy a Rocky Mountain Ranch

Whether you are wetting a line among the many rivers, chasing Elk in the mountains, or following your favorite bird dog, fall is one of the best times to enjoy a Rocky Mountain ranch.  With crisp mornings and the colorful turning leaves on trees, autumn is the season in which we invest in the rewards of the spring and summer. It is the time for final harvests and shipping of cattle, as well as, enjoying many of the hunting and recreational offerings of this glorious landscape.


It is a time for generations to gather and be thankful for all that the land has provided. It is one of our favorite times to enjoy and share with our clients in their experiences on their amazing properties.  Here at Hall and Hall, we want to personally wish you success this fall season and are thankful to have been part of your experience.