Behind the Broker: Get to Know Brett Grier

Behind the Broker: Get to Know Brett Grier

February 22, 2021 | Brett Grier

Welcome to our “Behind the Broker” series, where we introduce key Hall and Hall employees who are integral to our organization and love sharing their knowledge of land and real estate. We’re sharing fun facts about our brokers and team members in our nineteen offices across the Rockies, Plains, Southeast, and Texas. Our team consists of 24 brokers and agents working together as partners to serve our clients. Let’s get to know Brett Grier, a broker and real estate partner based out of Weatherford, Texas.

3 things you need to know about Brett Grier who is a broker located in our Weatherford, Texas office.

1) A fourth-generation Texan, Brett started his real estate brokerage career in 2013 and has serviced the North Texas and Rolling Plains markets for the past seven years

2) His expertise is in hunting and recreational investment properties, high fence game ranch operations, operational farms, and cattle ranches.

3) Brett enjoys spending time at his property working on projects improving the deer habitat, or taking his jet boat up the river to fly fish or duck hunt


Q&A with Brett Grier

What is your favorite thing about working at Hall and Hall? The partnership structure that Hall and Hall has, and how it benefits the clients we work with as well as the partner brokers…. In this business most companies in the real estate industry breed a cut throat atmosphere (whether they mean to or not), and do not provide incentives to truly work as a team without some sort of conflicts of interest. In my opinion Hall and Hall has overcome this and it is an unparalleled cooperation of ranch brokers in the industry that has proven to be successful for both Hall and Hall and the clients they serve.

Advice for first-time ranch buyers? BE PATIENT and prepare before you begin looking. Have your method of purchasing (cash or financing) put into motion or at least planned out before you begin looking. Clearly identify the intended uses for the property to help narrow your search. Don’t put hard minimums on the acreage you are willing to look at, be open minded to look at something that may be a little outside the acreage range desired. The shape, layout, and other features of the property like elevation and water can make a smaller place seem much larger. I have seen people miss a great opportunity because they drew a hard line for a “minimum amount of acreage”. Hire a buyer’s broker and don’t just hire a realtor because they are a licensed friend or family member. Hire a ranch broker who knows the area, has experience, credibility, and can prove their knowledge in the area you are looking. Last but not least, research what is being conveyed to you in the sale and if you or your broker are not capable hire an attorney. In most cases it is cheaper to find out potential issues before the purchase, than to sue your way out of a bad deal.

Coke/Pepsi/Dr. Pepper? Water…and an occasional Coors Light!

What is so special about the Weatherford market? Weatherford and Parker county are known around the state as well as nationwide for the cutting horse and horse industry in general. Weatherford being on the west edge of Fort Worth-Dallas Metroplex (the largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States with nearly 8M in population) creates a gateway to West and South West Texas which are highly sought after areas for private recreational land ownership. A large majority of land owners and buyers looking in this region of Texas live/work/or own a business in the Metroplex area. I think Weatherford is a strategic location for accessibility to most of the clients we deal with. I have had many situations where buyers flew in from out of state and I picked them up at DFW airport (40 minutes from the office here) and went to look at properties all across West and North Texas. I just think Weatherford is a good location that easily serves this portion of Texas.

Beach vacation or mountain vacation? If I am being honest I’d rather go to the ranch and cut my phone off for five days and work on the tractor or skid steer uninterrupted, without having to make a single trip to town! But if I had to choose I would say mountains in the winter to snowboard, and beach in the summertime!