Exploring and Celebrating the World of Agriculture

Mar 15, 2024 | Hall and Hall
Exploring and Celebrating the World of Agriculture

The National Ag Day program encourages every American to:

Understand how food, fiber, and fuel products are produced.

Appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant, and affordable products.

Value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy.

Acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food and fiber industry.

Every year, producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America join together to recognize the contributions of agriculture.

Activities planned for March 19 feature a virtual Ag Day program, and in-person events in Washington DC. ACA will invite students to interact virtually with legislators and agency representatives, delivering the Ag Day message. A core leadership team of college students will participate in the DC events, along with representatives of national farm and commodity organizations, representatives of the food, fuel, and fiber communities.

Jenny Pickett, ACA President says students from AFA, 4-H, FFA, and MANNRS participated in 2023
National Ag Day. “Students are interested in advocating on behalf of agriculture and their future roles in the industry. Their participation in National Ag Day activities provides a glimpse of the future of agriculture. It’s exciting to learn from the students what they think agriculture will be like in the years ahead, and how their involvement will shape the industry and America as a whole.”

According to USDA Economic Research Service* more than 22 million full- and part-time jobs were
related to the agricultural and food sector, or roughly 10 percent of all US employment. On-farm jobs represented about 2.6 million jobs, or a little over one percent of US employment. Take that a step further, agriculture- and food-related jobs totaled more than 19 million.

“More and more, students and individuals are finding careers in agriculture. The industry needs
scientists, biologists, food safety technicians, livestock nutrition specialists, arborists, conservationists – one doesn’t have to be a farmer or have a direct on-farm job to be involved in the agriculture industry,” Pickett says.

2024 National Ag Day marks the 51st year of the nationwide effort to share real stories of American agriculture, and remind citizens that agriculture affects everyone. “From the food we eat and the fuel for our vehicles, to the fiber in the clothes we wear, and the oil used to make kids’ crayons, agriculture touches everyone in some way,” Pickett says.

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