Reimagine Ranching Paradigms

Mar 13, 2024 | Hall and Hall
Reimagine Ranching Paradigms

“This is (one story of) the evolution of ranching.

Back in the day, we focused on cattle… we should have been focused on the soil.”

~Joel Leadbetter


Mutual investments yielding mutual benefits. An investment in a relationship as well as the process. A team approach with sound advice, strong opinions, and multiple Hall and Hall resources.


A COVID-19 pandemic start, and Montana in February. No tractor, fencing, or even tools. But with perseverance, patience, a little luck, and the right people at the right time – that first dramatic learning curve pushes towards a tangible outcome.


The end game. Part concept, part community and ever-learning. Creating a community of successful and profitable operations to help broaden the adoption, adaptation, and advancement of the concept and practices.