Past Auction

Hager Farm & Ranch

This auction was on Nov 8 Leoti, KS 33,667± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Greeley, Hamilton, Wichita, Gove, Logan and Meade Counties, Kansas

Farmland Auction:
November 7th, 10 AM CDT
15,993± Acres offered in 48 Tracts and Combinations

The farmland will add well to an existing operation or investment portfolio.
This operation includes 4 homes, 2 feedlots, grain and fertilizer storage and multiple shop buildings.
All of Seller’s interest in the growing crop will convey with the property.
75% of Seller’s owned mineral rights will convey with the property.
Meade County Ranchland Auction:
November 8th, 9 AM CDT
6,710± Acres offered in its entirety

Well watered, 4 windmills, 5 electric wells, 3 solar wells, 2 springs and 3.5 miles of Crooked Creek
10 pastures with approximately 6 water sources in each pasture
The grass has been well cared for and stocked conservatively
11 miles south of Meade, KS on blacktop road
Producing oil wells
Scott City Ranchland Auction:
November 8th, 3 PM CDT
10,984± Acres offered in 5 Tracts and Combinations

Tracts 1 & 2 include 15 pastures, 7 wells and over 50 water tanks
Historical Butterfield Trail follows the Smoky Hill River across the entire ranch from the east to the west
Tracts 3, 4 & 5 include 4 pastures, 11 water tanks and 3 windmills
Good fences
Hager Equipment Auction:
Wednesday, December 4th, 2013: 10:00 AM CDT

Equipment auction will be conducted by Sheridan Auction and Realty in cooperation with Hall and Hall Auctions. For questions regarding the equipment auction or to request a full color equipment brochure please call 517-676-9800.
Click here for Sheridan Realty and Auction Co. Website

Multiple Late Model Pick-up’s
Several Late Model Tractors
Cattle Handling Equipment
Extensive Farm Equipment
Shop Tools
Feedlot Equipment

Just the Facts

16,346± Acres Productive Farmland

17,321± Acres Quality Ranchland

75% of Seller’s Minerals Convey

Offered in Tracts and Combinations

Situated in 6 Counties across Western Kansas

Extensive Line of Equipment Available

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Farmland – 16,346± Acres

Ranchland – 17,321± Acres

Total - 33,667± Acres

Farmland Auction

15,993± Acres in 48 Tracts and Combinations


1 320± Acres 

2 320± Acres

3 320± Acres

4 640± Acres

5 640± Acres

6 160± Acres

7 640± Acres

8 480± Acres

9 640± Acres

10 640± Acres

11 160± Acres

12 80± Acres

13 160± Acres

14 160± Acres

15 320± Acres

16 160± Acres

17 480± Acres

18 320± Acres

19 160± Acres

20 160± Acres

21 160± Acres

22 480± Acres

23 480± Acres

24 935± Acres

25 985± Acres

26 160± Acres

27 320± Acres

28 160± Acres

29 160± Acres

30 160± Acres

31 160± Acres

32 160± Acres

33 160± Acres

34 320± Acres

35 320± Acres

36 320± Acres

37 640± Acres

38 320± Acres

39 320± Acres

40 160± Acres

41 320± Acres

42 320± Acres

43 320± Acres

44 640± Acres

45 80± Acres

46 3.2± Acres

47 320± Acres

48 160± Acres

Scott City Ranch Auction

10,984± Acres Offered in 5 Tracts and Combinations


1 5,721± Acres

2 2,704± Acres

3 352± Acres

4 1,725± Acres

5 482± Acres

Meade County Ranch Auction

6,710± Acres Offered in its Entirety

Deeded Acres: 33,667±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 33,667±

Additional Information

Financing Services: 

Financing available from Hall and Hall Inc. 308-534-9000 or 303-861-8282. Other lenders are available including Farm Credit of Southwest Kansas 620-275-4218.

Directions to the Auction Sites and Information Days: 

Farmland Auction:

The Wichita County Community Building is located at the Wichita County Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds can be accessed directly off Broadway St. (Highway 96) on the east end of Leoti. If travelling on Highway 25, turn east on M Street for ¼ mile until you arrive at the Community Building. Watch for Auction signs.

Meade Ranchland Auction:

Arriving in Meade, KS via US HWY 54, turn north on Post Street, which is on the west end of town. Continue travelling north on Post Street which will bend to the right and become Washington Street in ¼ mile. Arrive at the 4H Building, where the Auction will be held. Watch for Auction signs.

Scott City Ranchland Auction:

Arriving in Scott City via US HWY 83, turn east on Fairground RD, which is on the north end of Scott City, just south of the golf course. Travel east for ¼ mile and turn left/north to access the William Carpenter Building where the Auction will be held. Watch for Auction signs.

Farmland Auction: 

From Leoti: Travel south on Highway 25 for about 14 miles to County Road DD. Turn right (east) and travel on County Road DD for about 15 Miles until you arrive at the Auction Site. Watch for signs.

From Tribune: Travel south on Highway 27 for about 13 miles to County Road DD. Turn left (east) and travel on County Road DD for about 15 Miles until you arrive at the Auction Site. Watch for signs.

From Syracuse: Travel north on Highway 27 for about 20 miles to County Road DD. Turn right (east) and travel on County Road DD for about 15 Miles until you arrive at the Auction Site. Watch for signs.

From Lakin: Travel north on Highway 25 for about 27 miles to County Road DD. Turn left (west) and travel on County Road DD for about 7 Miles until you arrive at the Auction Site. Watch for signs.

Title Commitments:

Famland Auction Tracts- Click on Tract to download the Title Commitment. 

Farmland Tract 1

Farmland Tract 2

Farmland Tract 3

Farmland Tract 4

Farmland Tract 5

Farmland Tract 6

Farmland Tract 7

Farmland Tract 8

Farmland Tract 9

Farmland Tract 10

Farmland Tract 11

Farmland Tract 12

Farmland Tract 13

Farmland Tract 14

Farmland Tract 15

Farmland Tract 16

Farmland Tract 17

Farmland Tract 18

Farmland Tract 19

Farmland Tract 20

Farmland Tract 21

Farmland Tract 22

Farmland Tract 23

Farmland Tract 24

Farmland Tract 25

Farmland Tract 26

Farmland Tract 27

Farmland Tract 28

Farmland Tract 29

Farmland Tract 30

Farmland Tract 31

Farmland Tract 32

Farmland Tract 33

Farmland Tract 34

Farmland Tract 35

Farmland Tract 36

Farmland Tract 37

Farmland Tract 38

Farmland Tract 39

Farmland Tract 40

Farmland Tract 41

Farmland Tract 42

Farmland Tract 43

Farmland Tract 44

Farmland Tract 45

Farmland Tract 46

Farmland Tract 47

Farmland Tract 48

Scott City Auction Tracts- Click on Tract to download the Title Commitment. 

Scott City Tract 1

Scott City Tract 2

Scott City Tracts 3 and 4

Scott City Tract 5

Meade County Auction

Meade County

Mineral Rights

75% of Seller’s mineral rights will convey with the property

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Terms and Conditions of Land Auctions (Separate Terms and Conditions for the Equipment Auction)

All of Seller’s interest in the growing crop will convey with the property.

Buyer(s) will receive 75% of Seller’s owned mineral rights.

A 6% buyer’s premium will be added to the final bid price(s) to determine the total contract price.

10% of the total contract prices will be due immediately upon closing of the Auction as earnest money in the form of a personal check, cashier’s check, or business check immediately negotiable.


Closing shall take place approximately December 5th, 2013.

Possession of the homes on Tracts 17, 37 & 45 shall be given on Jan 30th, 2014.

Detailed Auction Terms and Conditions: 

Procedure: The property will be offered in individual Tracts and in combinations.

Earnest Money: A 10% earnest money deposit of the total contract price will be due immediately from all successful bidders. The earnest money may be paid in the form of personal check, business check or cashier’s check, made to the title company. The balance of the total contract price is due in cash at closing.

Buyer’s Premium: A 6% Buyer’s premium will be added to bid prices to determine total contract price.

Absolute Auction: The properties will be sold absolute without reserve. All successful bidders will sign a sale contract/agreement to purchase at the auction site immediately following the close of bidding. Buyer(s) assume all responsibility for obtaining any necessary financing for the purchase of the property and neither Seller nor auction company assumes any responsibility for buyer’s inability to obtain financing. Bidding/Purchase is not contingent upon Buyer obtaining financing.

Broker Participation: A commission will be paid according to the broker participation guidelines to any properly licensed broker who registers a successful Buyer, who closes on a tract/combination. Broker registration forms are available upon request. Forms must be completed and returned no later than Wednesday, November 6th at 12:00pm MST.

Possession: Possession shall be given upon closing, subject to any existing crop lease. Closing shall take place on approximately December 9th, 2013 or as soon thereafter as applicable closing documents and surveys, if any, are completed.

Growing Crops: 100% of Sellers’ interest in growing crops will convey to Buyer(s).

Title: Seller shall furnish the buyer(s), at an expense split equally by Buyer and Seller, an updated title commitment for the property and agrees to provide and execute a special warranty deed conveying merchantable title to the real estate to the Buyer(s).

Real Estate Taxes: 2013 taxes shall be prorated to the date of closing and Seller shall credit Buyer(s) at closing for pro-rated portion of 2013 taxes based upon most recent ascertainable tax figures. Buyer is responsible for paying 2013 taxes and all subsequent taxes.

Personal Property/Equipment: Equipment and any personal property that is selling will be sold at Auction on Dec. 4th.

Mineral Rights: 75% of Seller’s mineral rights will convey with the respective property.

Agency: Hall and Hall Partners, LLP and their representatives are exclusive agents of the Seller.

Disclaimer and Absence of Warranties: All information contained in the sale brochure and any related materials are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the contract/agreement to purchase. Statements, promises, or inducements made at the auction that are not contained in the written purchase agreement shall not be valid and binding. The property is being sold on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis, and no warranty or representation either expressed or implied, concerning the property is made by the Seller or the Auction Company unless agreed to in writing by Seller. Each bidder is responsible for conducting his or her own independent inspection, investigations, inquiries, and due diligence concerning the property. The information contained in the brochure is subject to verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for the accuracy of the brochure or any errors or omissions is assumed by the Seller or the Auction Company. All sketches, acreages and dimensions in the brochure are approximate. Conduct of the Auction and the increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of the Auction Company. The Seller and Auction Company reserve the right to preclude any person from bidding if there is any question as to the person’s credentials, fitness, etc. All decisions of the Auctioneer are final.

Seller: Virginia Hager & Estate of Walter L. Hager

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