Past Auction

Yaggy Plantation

This auction was on Oct 5 Hutchinson, KS 1,260± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The Yaggy Plantation is a total of 1,260+/- acres being offered for the first time in over 130 years.

The best of both worlds ...

This extraordinary property can be defined as both an exceptional Kansas farm ground offering and a world-class hunting destination.

The Yaggy Plantation offers a combination of highly-coveted attributes, minutes from Hutchinson, KS.

High-quality irrigated/dryland acreage
Premier sanctuary home to trophy wildlife
Ability and approvals for 5 irrigation circles
Over a mile of Arkansas River frontage
Historic homestead with two period residences
The Property will be offered in 5 Tracts & Combinations

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Just the Facts

  • 130 Years & 5 Generations of Yaggy Family History
  • Over a Mile of Frontage along the Arkansas River
  • 819+ Acres of Prime Farmland Along the Arkansas River
  • Permits Approved for 2 Additional Center Pivots
  • Trophy Whitetail, Quail, Pheasant & Turkey 
  • 3 Miles from Downtown Hutchinson, KS
  • Excellent Crop Yield Hisotry

General Description

The Yaggy Plantation

This unique land offering is just amazing, and will be auctioned to the public on October 5, 2016.

The phrase “unique land offering” is probably the most over-used description in the real estate world, yet the 1,260± acre Yaggy Plantation defines exactly that.  This property represents one of very few opportunities in a generation to acquire a such a highly coveted package of benefits. Consider the following:


High-quality irrigated and dryland farm ground that can accommodate five contiguous irrigation pivots

Plentiful underground water, this entire property enjoys a shallow water table with excellent recharge and little to no flood history

Prolific crop production history (primarily corn, soybeans, milo and wheat)

Over a mile of Arkansas River frontage that defines the basin

Hunting Ground

Property is home to a premier Kansas wildlife sanctuary with diverse components that combine to create an extraordinary recreation and hunting venue.

• Private, contiguous, uninterrupted offering is already host to large, healthy self-contained wildlife populations

Easily accessible – close proximity to Wichita and Hutchinson (population 50,000) airports

Thick forests of hardwood and softwood trees provide ideal cover, both along the river and within the property interior

Over a mile of forested Arkansas River frontage provides ample water and cover

Crops provide a constant food source

Open migration routes connect forest shelter, food sources and river

No public access through the property and low-impact neighbors in all directions.

Property has been leased to K&K Outfitters for the past ten years, who have carefully and deliberately cultivated trophy wildlife populations. (K&K is owned and operated by the president of the Kansas Outfitters Association, visit for additional information)

Historic Homes

Two historic, museum-quality homes surrounded by expansive lawns and groves of mature trees can provide full-time or part-time living arrangements

These elements, along with the prominent heritage of the Yaggy Plantation, combine to create a historical context that is simply impossible to re-create or to find elsewhere

This is a tract of land located just three miles west of the city of Hutchinson (population 50,000). It is all contiguous, without any publics road through the property. This offering is essentially two miles wide and one mile deep -- that’s almost two full sections of nearly level but diverse land that captures all of the elements of a land empire, defined by the most generous and accessible groundwater in the Midwest. The crowning touch is that well over a mile of the south boundary lies along the north bank of the Arkansas River, the sixth longest river in the U.S.

Keep in mind that all of this land is contiguous, and yet is not impacted by public access anywhere through the property. It borders one our nation’s top rivers in excess of a mile. Groves of huge trees stand next to large spans of native grasses that in turn butt up against cropland. This truly is the premier wildlife sanctuary in the Midwest with whitetail deer, large flocks of wild turkey, ring-necked pheasants and the bobwhite quail.

Just three miles from Hutchinson and only fifty-five miles from the Wichita airport, this is one of the most “unique land offerings” to come along in many decades. In fact, the Yaggy Plantation has been in the same family for over 130 years. Your opportunity to make this your land legacy is coming up on October 5th.

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Address: 4603 Nickerson Blvd., Hutchinson, KS 67502

Directions: Leaving Hutchinson, head northwest on Nickerson Blvd. Nickerson Blvd. will merge with Wilson Rd at a "Y" intersection. Proceed north after the "Y" for 700 feet and turn left back onto Nickerson Blvd. The property entrance is another half-mile on left.


Founded in 1871, two years before the arrival of the Santa Fe Railway, Hutchinson was named the seat for Reno County's government. Now with a population of 42,000, "Hutch" serves as permanent home to both the annual Kansas State Fair and the National Junior College Athletic Association Basketball Tournament.

Well known for its vast salt mines, "Salt City" proudly hosts both Prairie Dunes Golf Club (currently ranked #25 in the U.S.) and the Cosmosphere (a planetarium & space museum affiliated with the Smithsonian).


In 1884, Levi Walter Yaggy traveled west from his home in Chicago to hunt geese in the newly settled part of Kansas. While traversing the land, which now forms the Yaggy Plantation, Levi beheld the subtle beauty of the surrounding flora and fauna. He watched as workers dug a very shallow well on the ranch. Astonished to see them reach water within only a few feet, he accurately suspected that the land held immense potential. Enchanted by the land's natural splendor, the unique riverside setting and prospect of abundant fertility, Levi immediately purchased the entire ranch and planted it in catalpa and apple trees. The new Yaggy Plantation quickly became a mode of success which would be followed by many other in the region.

Catalpa Trees: In 1884, much of the land had suffered from over-grazing. With new interest in fencing off farmland and extending railway lines, timber was in strong demand. With the wide open spaces and scarcity of trees that define the Great Plains, who would supply the railroad ties and fence posts? Levi seized the opportunity and became the first to develop a reliable and renewable source of timber. 

Fruit Trees: Utilizing the same expertize needed to cultivate the catalpa, Levi planted fruit trees (apples, pears, & peaches) to provide fruit for the farmers and ranchers that were settling across the region. Serving as a prototype for countless others in the region, Yaggy Plantation earned a reputation for innovation and success and quickly become one of the most profitable and productive farms of its kind. 

Today, the Yaggy Plantation has evolved into a more traditional farm but it's history can still be enjoyed under the cover of the thousands of still-standing catalpa trees and the simple enjoyment of the fruit that abounds the property.

Homes: A quarter-mile down the tree-lined drive are two substantial homes surrounded by generous lawns set within a small stand of mature shade trees. With their inviting front & back porches, these white-clapboarded homes retain all the charm & character expected of houses of this vintage. The North House (c. 1892) was faithfully refurbished in 2005. The South House (c. 1905) has an additional ground-floor master bedroom suite.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Total 1,260+/- Acres

Tract 1: 16+/- Acres with Improvements

Tract 2: 358+/- Acres with 2 Center Pivots

Tract 3: 317+/- Acres with Permits for 2 Center Pivots

Tract 4: 144+/- Acres with 1 Center Pivot

Tract 5: 425+/- Acres of Dryland & River Frontage

Deeded Acres: 1,260±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 1,260±


Tract 1:

The North House (c.1892), Refurbished 5 Bedrooms

The South House (c. 1905), 5 Bedrooms

Tract 2:

2 Center Pivots

Tract 3:

Permits for 2 Center Pivots

Tract 4:

1 Center Pivot

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Wildlife Resources

Over the past 10 years, an agreement with a top-notch professional hunting operator/outfitter has provided an additional revenue stream and memorable hunting trips for their clientele. The Yaggy Plantation is covered in trophy whitetail deer, quail, pheasant, and turkey.

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Summary of Terms and Conditions:

  • A 10% earnest money deposit of the total contract price will be due immediately from all successful bidders.
  • The property is being sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and without any contingencies including financing.
  • The closing will be set 30 days from the auction date or as soon thereafter as closing documents are available.