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Virgin Island

$35,000,000 Chilean Patagonia, Chile 110,000± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

This pristine private island in Chilean Patagonia beckons a steward of the land and sea. The Patagonian island features jungles, 150± miles of coastline, fresh water, lakes, lagoons, and lush island forests spanning over 110,000± acres.

The island's topography varies immensely, rising from the vast coastline to form high mountains dipping into deep valleys. Low sandbanks separate three large lakes and over 80 lagoons from the ocean. The Andes Mountains—the longest mountain range on the planet—extend across the entire length of the Virgin Island, acting as a climatic screen and the territory’s natural insulator.

Wildlife exists untouched as it was thousands of years ago. Patagonia’s diverse ecosystem makes it resilient to rapid environmental change. The ideal buyer will view the island’s incredibly remote, untouched nature with a progressive eye toward preservation and adventure.

Just the Facts

  • Located in the Aysèn region of Chile
  • 110,000± deeded acres (44,559± hectares)
  • Virgin Island is half the size of Hong Kong and seven-and-a-half times larger than Manhattan
  • 101± miles (163± kilometers) of beach shores
  • 3,845± acres (1,556± hectares) of lakes and lagoons
  • 44,204± acres (17,889± hectares) of forest lands
  • Virgin Island is a water sanctuary that holds approximately 1,134 million cubic meters of freshwater
  • Located in the Chilean Patagonia, between the mainland and the archipelago of the southern Guaitecas
  • The longest mountain range in the world, the Andes, extends across the entire Virgin Island
  • Large extensions of native Chilean Coihues, Ñirres, Lenga, and Mañío forests make Virgin Island a fundamental green lung for the planet
  • Tremendous biodiversity, extraordinarily distinct and rugged topography, and a richly diverse ecosystem
  • Massive freshwater reserve, wetland, and peatland areas
  • Pristine and untouched nature with a wide array of wildlife species
  •  Oceanic temperatures
  • Annual precipitation reaches approximately 2,500 millimeters
  • Travel is via SCL Airport to Balmaceda Airport and then by boat or helicopter to the Virgin Island

General Description

Arriving on this island feels like stepping back in time. Spanning more than 110,000 acres, the island’s undulating coastline stretches 150 miles. High mountains dip down again into deep valleys. The island features multiple large lakes and over 80 lagoons. Set within an archipelago alongside the Pacific Ocean, the island is protected by other neighboring islands, surrounded by canals of calmer waters. 

Peatlands, known locally as “turba,” are a type of wetland recognized as the largest natural terrestrial carbon reservoirs in an ecosystem. Much of the island is covered in turba, creating a natural incubator for flora. Large wetlands also spread throughout the island, storing fresh water and capturing greenhouse gasses.

Broker's Comments

As the world is seemingly shrinking, and expansion opportunities for working on world-class properties are increasing, we are excited, privileged, and humbled to present the Virgin Island. It is a rare opportunity to present this unprecedented property to the global marketplace. A true Rembrandt; the sheer size of this island is unmatched. Equally atypical is the extraordinary amount of surface water, wetlands, peatlands, over 100 miles of beach shoreline, waterfalls, springs, creeks, topography, and overall biodiversity. The land’s distinguishing elements are finite, rare, and irreplaceably exceptional. Located in perhaps one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, if not the most diverse, the amount of biodiversity and abundance of hundreds of species of wildlife that exists is challenging to quantify. 

The conservation and stewardship opportunities here are equally unprecedented. The acquisition of the Virgin Island presents an opportunity to preserve an ecological marvel while simultaneously contributing to the environment in a meaningful and ecological manner. Terminology is often thrown out in an overused capacity; however, this property fits the saying, “once in a lifetime.”

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This private island is located in the archipelagos of southern Chile, in the coastal region of Patagonia, where land meets sea. Situated as such in the Pacific Ocean, this remote, pristine wonder of nature, though untouched, is still accessible and connected through Chile’s southern Carretera Austral and national airports. The island is two-and-a-half hours by speedboat to the closest town, Puerto Aysén, which currently holds an approximate population of seventeen thousand people. 


Fjords and archipelagoes of the Aysén Region of southern Chile surround the island. There is very little activity here, with untouched islands and occasional tourist activity. For services such as transportation, supplies, food, and more, Puerto Aysèn or nearby Puerto Chacabuco are the closest towns, located in the Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Región. Puerto Chacabuco provides the main seaport for the island region, primarily to host tourists for fishing and glacier-viewing expeditions around Lagoon San Rafael National Park.


One might experience four distinct seasons on this private island within 24 hours. During winter time, temperatures range from 27 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, highs hover pleasantly in the mid-60s. The island receives more than 250 days of rain annually, with most of the sunny days occurring during the summer months. With climate change a top concern when facing the future, this island will be a sheltered haven. The Andes Mountain Range extends across Virgin Island, protecting the territory from climate events and extreme weather. 

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Deeded Acres: 110,000±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 110,000±

Water Resources

Fresh water is abundant here on Virgin Island and includes three large lakes and 80 lagoons (over 3,845± acres), each holding fresh water year-round. Along with long stretches of rivers, they constitute an essential freshwater reservoir for living beings and are home to many species.

Water Rights

Any and all seller-owned freshwater rights appurtenant to the property are included in the sale.

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Recreational Considerations

Everything about this island conjures visions of adventure and possibility, ideal for a conservation-minded caretaker to feel connected to the world of natural history. A spongy, mossy natural forest floor (turba) blankets the landscape, practically untouched by human foot traffic. A few wild animals inhabit the island, yet due to its remote nature, the island is primarily home to wild vegetation and tree cover. Given the ocean, rivers, and lakes, the fishing is magnificent. It’s also one of the finest destinations in the world for sea kayaking.

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