Powderhorn Ranch

$3,390,000 Powderhorn, CO 2,117± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Located 36 miles south of Gunnison, Colorado, the 2,117± deeded acre Powderhorn Ranch is an outstanding mountain retreat in one of the most scenic and private settings imaginable. The ranch occupies the broad parklands comprising Summit Park in addition to mountain slopes, ridges, and canyons forested with a mosaic of aspen groves, mountain meadows, and dark timber. This is a quiet place of snowcapped peak views, limitless recreational activities, and private access to thousands of acres of surrounding public lands. A 2,800± square foot lodge sit on a bluff above Beaver Creek within the core of the ranch. Well-suited for family and guest use, the off-grid lodge complements the natural landscape while providing a comfortable gathering place for family, friends, and clients.

The ranch is home to an abundance of wildlife and sits within Colorado’s Game Unit (GMU) 67 – regarded as one of the preeminent trophy mule deer units in the Western United States. Ownership receives unit-wide landowner vouchers for deer and elk each year and has carefully managed the hunting through selective harvest practices and outstanding pasture enhancements. Nearly 250± acres of strategically located pasturelands have been improved for wildlife by comprehensive harrowing, planting, and over-seeding with carefully selected native forbs and grasses. Small creeks, springs, and ponds insure ample water for wildlife and livestock. A cattle tenant runs summer grazing operations on the property as well as 9,245± acres of adjacent permitted BLM lands. The cattle tenant is a knowledgeable local resource who ensures ease of ownership by patrolling the ranch and opening and closing the lodge for ownership. Access to the ranch is seasonal and private internal roads provide access throughout the property as well as to surrounding public lands that are not easily accessible to others.

Just the Facts

  • 2,117± deeded acres
  • 8 miles from Powderhorn
  • 36 miles from Gunnison and the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport
  • 2,800 sq. ft. off-grid lodge – 5 beds, 4 baths, large living area and kitchen
  • Outstanding big peak views of the La Garita Mountains
  • Limitless recreational activities
  • Nearly enveloped by BLM lands
  • Private internal roads with access to surrounding public lands
  • Located in GMU 67
  • Trophy mule deer and quality elk hunting 
  • 250± acres of food plots seeded with native forbs and grasses
  • Water rights
  • Powderhorn Ranch is the base property for a grazing permit on 9,245± acres of surrounding BLM lands
  • Average stocking rate of 100 pair during the summer grazing season with 332 AUMS attributed to BLM grazing
  • Long-term ranch manager in place for ease of ownership and cattle operations
  • Unencumbered by conservation easements

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