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Atwater Pond

$6,500,000 Sandisfield, MA 321± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Atwater Pond is an exceptional retreat in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. At the heart of the property lies the namesake 32-acre pond, which dates to 1892 when it was dug by hand and horses. More than 130 years later, the pond anchors the property, and the improvements and owner’s homes are clustered on its eastern shore. The house and guest house recently underwent extensive renovations, and the immaculate structures have an effortless, contemporary aesthetic that honors the property’s casual country roots while incorporating modern conveniences.

Surrounding the pond are 321± acres of pristine woodlands, and the undulating topography is interspersed with trails, streams, wetlands, and remnants of the area’s extensive history. It is a true four-season destination, and outdoor recreational opportunities abound. Outstanding privacy and seclusion are balanced by accessibility. New York City and Boston can be reached in under two and a half hours, while the renowned cultural attractions of the Berkshires, including Tanglewood and Jacob’s Pillow, are only a short drive away. Throughout the years, Atwater Pond has maintained a remarkably enduring appeal as a recreational escape, and to anyone who has spent time on the property, it’s easy to see why.

The property is being offered fully turnkey with all furnishings and personal property, meaning Atwater Pond is ready to be enjoyed immediately on the first day of ownership.

Just the Facts

  • 321± acres
  • Located in the heart of the Berkshires, in southwest Massachusetts
  • Main house, guest cottage, Airstream trailer “guest cottage”
  • Excellent multi-generational retreat 
  • Borders Sandisfield State Forest
  • 32± acre, spring and wetland-fed pond
  • Four-plus miles of established trails
  • The land is primarily hardwood forest 
  • Abundant wildlife and seasonal waterfowl
  • A true four-season property with year-round recreational opportunities
  • The property is not under conservation easement
  • Exceptionally convenient – two hours from Boston, two and a half hours from New York City, and 45 minutes to Bradley International Airport
  • Easy ownership: the property is well-improved but requires relatively little maintenance beyond the improvements
  • Property conveys fully turnkey, including the Airstream trailer and all furnishings (excluding select personal items)

General Description

After entering Atwater Pond, a well-maintained gravel road winds alongside vibrant wetlands and hardwood forest before sloping downhill through mature white pines, delivering visitors to the owner’s compound one-half mile later. The drive in subtly transitions visitors from everyday routines to life at the Pond. As one of the owners succinctly describes it, part of the magic of Atwater Pond is the feeling that you’re “in” the property as opposed to “on” it. The pond itself sits 1,547 feet above sea level, and the gently rolling topography of its surrounding acreage varies in elevation from approximately 1,500 feet to 1,750 feet.

Improvements on the property are clustered in the center of the property, and the main house is situated directly on the edge of the pond, giving inhabitants the feeling of being out over the water. The three-bedroom home has a mid-century modern design and large windows provide expansive views in all directions. One of the recent improvements includes a huge floor-to-ceiling accordion door between the living room and deck that opens to the pond and embodies the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of the property.

Adjacent to the main house is the guest cottage, which dates to the 1920s and was the original home on the property. The cottage also underwent a complete renovation and features a full kitchen and living area. Nearby is the c. 1893 boathouse, dock, and a children’s sleeping cabin and playhouse. Beyond that is the Airstream trailer, which has a dedicated pad and accompanying fireplace and outdoor gathering area. The layout of the improvements is ideal for large groups or families, where everyone can gather comfortably and just as easily spread out.

The namesake Atwater Pond is the heart of the property, and it was created in 1892. The crystal-clear waters are fed by the surrounding wetlands and springs, and the cool waters maintain steady levels throughout the year. Abundant wildlife is regularly seen, and it’s not uncommon to see otters playing by the swimming dock while groups of ducks and geese congregate in the background by the beaver lodge. Surrounding the pond is a four-mile trail system that takes users into nature and to all corners of the property. Remnants of dry-stacked stone walls and foundations are found throughout the woods and nod to the area’s extensive history and rural traditions.

Broker's Comments

Atwater Pond’s serenity is rivaled only by its sense of place and escape. There are certain properties that are designed to be a part of their surroundings and combine the right mix of improvements, nature, and recreation – this is one of them. Atwater Pond should be at the top of the list for anyone looking for a superbly private but accessible, outdoor-oriented New England retreat. 

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The nearest towns, Sandisfield and New Marlborough are quaint New England villages with basic amenities and several unassuming but excellent restaurants. Both can be reached in ten minutes or less. Great Barrington, a central hub of the Berkshires, is only 25 minutes away and offers a well-curated array of shops, restaurants, and services. The juxtaposition of privacy, remoteness, and convenience makes for a very user-friendly experience. 

In terms of accessibility, much of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic is easily reached from Atwater Pond. Boston is a little over two hours to the east, while New York City is an easy two-and-a-half-hour drive south, making Atwater a convenient and realistic weekend destination. For air travel, Bradley International Airport is forty-five minutes away and has non-stop flights to 38 national and international destinations via multiple carriers. Closer by, Great Barrington has a small FBO with a 2,500-foot runway.  


  • Great Barrington: 25 minutes/19 miles
  • Bradley International: 50 minutes/34 miles


  • New Marlborough, MA: 10 minutes/7 miles
  • Great Barrington, MA: 25 minutes/15 miles
  • Hartford, CT: 1 hour 10 minutes/47 miles
  • Boston, MA: 2 hours 30 minutes/125 miles
  • New York, NY: 2 hours 40 minutes/136 miles


The Berkshires are a picturesque region in western Massachusetts, known for the scenic Berkshire Mountains, rural traditions, and a long-standing connection with the arts and other cultural attractions. Classic New England charm is found throughout the small towns that dot the rolling landscape, most of which showcase the area’s rich heritage and well-preserved colonial-era architecture. Locally, New Marlborough is the closest town. Small, picturesque, and unassuming, it was first settled in 1740. This tiny town features two charming country inns, each with fantastic restaurants. The Southfield Store, an excellent gourmet coffee shop and lunch spot, is close by. 

The wider Berkshire region is renowned for its vibrant cultural attractions that draw visitors from far and wide. There is a thriving arts scene, with numerous world-class institutions such as Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, a seasonal hub for dance enthusiasts. Additionally, the Berkshires are home to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, one of the largest contemporary art museums in the United States, featuring ever-evolving exhibitions and installations. Other museums include The Mount, author Edith Wharton’s former country house, and the Norman Rockwell Museum, which is dedicated to the iconic American illustrator. The area offers an appealing and uncommon blend of natural beauty and cultural enrichment.


The Berkshires experience an enjoyable New England climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are idyllic and are generally warm and pleasant, with average highs in the 70s to low 80s. Enjoyable Indian Summers give way to a spectacular fall season, and the changing foliage is a highlight of the area. Winters are cold, with frequent (but manageable) snowfall, and the Berkshires are a popular destination for winter recreation. The area’s elevation and hilly terrain offer an excellent mix of seasonal variety, scenery, and year-round outdoor recreational opportunities. Berkshire County, where Atwater Pond is located, receives an average of 65 inches of snow and 48 inches of rain annually.


The history of western Massachusetts and the Berkshires lends the area a distinct sense of place, an essential element of anything that is truly unique. The highland region’s story dates back thousands of years, starting with the Agawam and Mohican peoples who prospered in the area with its abundance of fresh water and game and warm, productive summers. English Colonists arrived in the 1630s, a precursor to the extensive pre-Revolutionary and early American history that followed. Signs of that history are readily seen throughout the region in the classic colonial architecture, old farms, and cultural traditions. Artists have a longstanding connection with the Berkshires, and notable former residents include Herman Melville, Edith Wharton, and Norman Rockwell, whose paintings were often based on scenes he observed in the area.  

The history of Atwater Pond dates to 1892 when the 32-acre pond was dug, and the dam was first built. Around that time, wealthy residents from cities in New England and the Mid-Atlantic were drawn to the agreeable summer climate and countryside and began building what was referred to as summer “cottages” and “camps.” The appeal of the area has endured, and Atwater Pond has been continuously used as a retreat since its inception. A constant throughout its existence has been family and recreation, and old black and white photos from the early 20th century adorn the walls of the 1920s guest cottage. They show people sailing, picnicking, and gathering over a hundred years ago, much like the current owners and visitors do today. One of the early guests in the photos is President Grover Cleveland. The combined history of both the Berkshires and Atwater Pond gives the property a wonderfully distinct identity. 

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

An approximate breakdown of Atwater Pond’s acreage is:

  • Hardwood Forest - 277± acres
  • Pond - 32± acres
  • Streams & Wetlands - 10± acres
  • Misc. (Homesites, etc) - 2± acres

Deeded Acres: 321±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 321±


The three-bedroom main house was built in 1974 and recently underwent a thorough renovation. The original aesthetic and feeling of the home were kept intact, but modern updates, including Wolf/Subzero appliances, were incorporated. The house is sited in a way that takes full advantage of the pond and fosters a connection between its residents and the natural surroundings. On the southwest corner of the house is a large deck that juts towards the pond, with steps that lead down to a small private dock. A cedar soaking tub was recently added between the house and the pond.

The guest cottage was one of the original structures on the property. It, too, was recently renovated in a way that honors its roots, and the rustic timber frame style of the main living area is the backdrop for a seamless blend of a modern kitchen, living area, built-in bunk beds, and sleeping loft. It is complemented by a contemporary master bedroom and bath, and behind the house there is an outdoor shower. 

A 23-foot Airstream trailer sits on a privately sited, dedicated pad and serves as additional guest quarters. An original fireplace sits just off the pad, with a small gathering area that rounds out the site. Other improvements include a boat house, two more docks, another campfire area, and a small paddock and run-in shed. Kids have their own escape within the improvements, and behind the boat house, there is an appropriately sized sleeping cabin with bunk beds and a small playroom.

The property is not under conservation easement, and ample opportunity exists for a new owner to expand the existing improvements or add additional homes and implement their own vision. The current owners wisely assembled additional acreage over the years that provides separate, direct access onto Sandisfield Rd should someone want to add additional homes with private entrances in the future. It’s worth noting that one of the owner’s guiding principles at Atwater Pond has been to create a comfortable, private family retreat that accommodates multiple generations without the extensive maintenance burden that comes with many properties of this type. Atwater Pond is, first and foremost, about family, nature, and unplugging from everyday routines. 


Annual property taxes are approximately $13,180 in 2023.

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Recreational Considerations

The pond is the central recreational component of the property. Fishing, boating, and canoeing occur throughout most seasons; swimming and SUP in the summer; and skating, pond hockey, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing in the winter. Downhill skiing is available nearby at Butternut Ski Area, which is only 20 minutes away. Atwater Pond is a true four-season asset. 

Surrounding the pond are over four miles of trails, comprised of an assortment of single and double-track trails and farm roads that create a loop circumnavigating the pond and a second, larger loop that travels throughout the surrounding woods and along the property’s perimeter. The trails are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and ATVs. Like other aspects of Atwater Pond, there are multiple ways to enhance or expand this resource and to pursue new opportunities. Sandisfield State Forest adjoins the property on its western edge, offering additional recreation beyond the property’s boundaries. 

Fishing is a favorite pastime on the property, and the pond is filled with bass, pickerel, perch, and other warm-water species. Wildlife is abundant, and whitetail deer, waterfowl, black bears, otters, and beavers are all present. Hunting has not been a focus under the present ownership, but the wildlife is a key feature at Atwater Pond and can be pursued by hunters and nature enthusiasts alike. 

For equestrian trail riders, the area around Atwater Pond is ideal. There are over 65 miles of dirt roads around Sandisfield, and trail riding was a favorite pastime of the family that owns the property. They originally discovered the area when they flew over it in a single-engine plane in the early 1970s, and upon learning of the dirt road network, they immediately put boots on the ground and went about finding a suitable family retreat, which led them to Atwater Pond.

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