Malles Ranch

$3,995,000 Gordon, NE 5,048± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The Malles Ranch is located on the western fringes of the iconic Sandhills of western Nebraska and consists of 5,368± acres. The ranch is just a few miles off of Highway 20 on a blacktop county road. It is comprised of two parcels; the north parcel contains the main headquarters, which overlook the sub-irrigated hay meadows that produce all hay, and the south unit is all the summer range. Malles Ranch is a solid year-round ranch with a carrying capacity of 325 cow/calf pair and all supporting livestock.

Just the Facts

  • 5,368± total acres
  • 5,047.9± deeded acres
  • 320± acre BELF lease
  • 520± acres of sub-irrigated hay meadow
  • 2003 stick-built home
  • Good fences and water supply
  • Blacktop road access
  • Plentiful wildlife including pheasants
  • Located in number one cow county in US

General Description

The ranch has the Sandhills feel with sub-irrigated hay meadows and rolling hills covered with native grasses, just the way it was thousands of years ago. The ranch headquarters strategically sit on the northern edge of the ranch behind a large set of hills that provide winter protection and the ability to soak up the gorgeous view from the porch of the house. With the ranch in two main parcels, it separates the summer range from the fall and winter operations. The ranch is very well-watered, along with fences in above-average condition.

Broker's Comments

The Malles Ranch is a great representative of a true Sandhills ranch. It includes wet hay meadows, big range of hills for winter protection, great calving lot, lots of water, good blacktop access and drought tolerant native range. The ranch is a solid year-round 325 cow operation and is priced right.

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The Malles Ranch is located in Cherry County, Nebraska. The ranch headquarters are just a short 14 miles east of Gordon on Highway 20, and then 4.5 miles north on Irwin County Road, which is paved all the way to ranch turn. The ranch headquarters are situated on the very northern part of the ranch. The summer range is 8.5 miles as the crow flies to the southeast of the northern home parcel. There is good county road access from the home parcel to the summer range.


The area is mostly a farm and ranch community. Many people are attracted to the area for the open country and beautiful river valleys, which provide excellent recreation and hunting opportunities. The Sandhills are steeped in cattle history, and Cherry County is proud to be the top cow/calf county in the entire United States. Most major amenities are available in Gordon, which is just a short drive from the ranch, or all major amenities, including commercial air service, are located in Chadron, Nebraska, which is an hour drive west of the ranch.


Average annual precipitation is 19 inches, which the majority of comes during the spring and summer months. The average high temperature ranges from 85 degrees in July to 36 degrees during January. For the most part, the area is noted for low humidity, allowing comfortable evenings and mornings.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

North Unit with Headquarters         
Deeded Acres: 1,687.4± Acres
BELF Lease: 320 ± Acres
Sub-irrigated Hay Meadow: 520± Acres

South Unit Summer Range
Total Acres: 3,360.5± Acres

Total Deeded Acres: 5,047.9± Acres
Total Acres: 5,368± Acres

Deeded Acres: 5,048±
Other Leased Acres: 320±
Total Leased Acres: 320±
Total Acres: 5,368±

Additional Information

Some of the outstanding photography herein was provided by Dillion Muirhead. (Contact information is available upon request.)


The ranch is highlighted by a newer house built in 2003 with a wraparound porch overlooking the meadow. There is also a garage/shop and horse/calving barn. The ranch has a modest set of working corrals along with a good calving lot with tree protection. 

· 1,728 square feet, built in 2003, two-bedroom, heat pump
· 960 square feet with two garage doors
· 2,600 square feet with horse tack room and numerous calving pens
Numerous other small outbuildings.

Water Resources

The Sandhills are blessed with lots of shallow groundwater. The ranch has a combination of electric submersible wells and windmills. The windmills are high producers with shallow water tables, some less than five feet. The headquarters are supplied by a newer submersible well that supplies the buildings and corrals. The sub-irrigated meadow is ditched to allow for drainage of water, enabling for summer haying.

Mineral Rights

All seller-owned mineral rights will be transferred.


Annual real estate taxes are approximately $30,891.28.

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Wildlife Resources

With the plentiful supply of water in the sandhills, wildlife thrives. Migratory birds use the meadow for temporary stops and nesting. The combination of the rugged hills and sub-irrigated valleys are excellent habitat for upland birds and deer. The ranch has good numbers of whitetail and mule deer also. A plus on the ranch is a good healthy population of ringneck pheasants that utilize the marsh for feed and protection. The view from the wrap-around porch on the house in the morning and evenings will provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

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General Operations

The ranch has traditionally been a year-round 325 head cow/calf operation. The south unit, consisting of 3,360.5± native range acres and has historically been used as a summer grazing unit. It is crossed fenced with good water supply and shipping corrals. The corrals allow for shipping cattle back and forth, but the two units are close enough that cattle can be driven back and forth. The north unit is set up for fall/winter grazing and hay production. The sub-irrigated meadows provide all the hay production, along with excellent late fall grazing. Whether it is for cows or freshly weaned calves. The large Sandhills provide great winter protection for calving and young baby calves.

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