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Chavez Canyon Ranch

$37,810,300 Santa Fe, NM 26,540± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Chavez Canyon Ranch is a total of 28,700± acres, of which 26,540± acres are deeded, of highly diverse New Mexico landscape, located extraordinarily well less than 45 minutes from downtown Santa Fe and Santa Fe Municipal Airport. Just 35 miles southeast of Santa Fe off Highway 285, the ranch is a combination of well-maintained rangeland and enhanced wildlife habitat, presenting a rare opportunity to purchase a large acreage holding for the area. Nestled between the Sandia and Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, every turn on the property offers a different view, from big sky bluffs across sprawling prairies to dense forests before New Mexico’s notable grandiose sunsets. The land is everything New Mexico is famous for and offers a true variety of dramatic cliffs, deep canyons, numerous drainages, arroyos, mesas, prolific rock outcroppings, ancient petroglyphs, thick stands of healthy old growth ponderosa pines, juniper and pinons, and all interspersed by expansive meadows of native grasses. The primary feature of the property, serving as the southern boundary, is the stunning and iconic landmark, Cañon Blanco. Several miles of the ranch’s eastern and northern boundary is bordered by the 1.6 million-acre Santa Fe National Forest, helping to protect the ranch as a wildlife sanctuary for elk, mule deer, wild turkey, bear, mountain lions, and various small game and bird species. For over 30 years, the ownership group of the ranch has not allowed any hunting of large animal wildlife, allowing this property to become a legitimate wildlife haven. Additionally, several new dry land food plots have been developed in strategic locations throughout the property. The land is well watered via five high-yield livestock wells, numerous tactically placed water catchments, a newly developed natural spring, and an excellent water piping system supports up to 400 head of livestock. There are three homes, cabin, shop, barn, several pens, and working facilities for livestock handling. Several building sites dedicated for a primary residence have been identified and placed into locations affording only the finest expansive and panoramic views. Chavez Canyon ranch presents a highly unique opportunity to purchase a bifurcated combination agricultural and recreational ranch in very close proximity to New Mexico’s most iconic destination location. Note: A substantial amount of additional and contiguous deeded land may be available for purchase.

Just the Facts

  • 28,700± total acres
  • 26,540± deeded acres
  • 2,160± state and BLM leased acres
  • 35 miles south of Santa Fe, NM off Highway 285 and County Rd. 34
  • 40 minutes to Santa Fe Municipal Airport and Albuquerque International Airport is less than a two-hour drive
  • Bordered for approximately 8 miles by the 1.6 million acre Santa Fe National Forest
  •  Manager’s home, two smaller employee homes, cabin, equipment and storage shop, barn, and livestock handling facilities
  • There are numerous building sites for a primary residence offering long range, expansive views
  • Located between Sandia and Sangre de Cristo Mountains
  •  Featuring several miles of Canyon Blanco
  • Characterized by mesas, canyons, arroyos, deeply cut drainages, meadows, and rolling prairies
  • Wildlife includes elk, mule deer, wild turkey, bear, mountain lions, and a variety of small game and bird species
  •  Located in GMU 45
  • Abundant old growth ponderosa pine, juniper, and pinon tree cover
  •  Well-managed rangeland
  • Supports up to 400 (owner rated) head of cattle
  •  Five wells, numerous storage tanks, dirt tanks, and water catchments
  • Elevation ranges from 6,000 to 7,400 feet
  • Blue gramma, dropseed, western wheatgrass, Indian ricegrass, squirrel tail, buffalo grass, galleta, muhly, and tumble grass
  • 300 days of sunshine and excellent year-round climate
  • Additional contiguous land may be purchased - information available upon request

General Description

Chavez Canyon Ranch’s eastern border runs along the Santa Fe National Forest, and the 20- mile Cañon Blanco gorge caps its southeastern boundary. The land is carved with dramatic canyons, mesas, and prairies at the southernmost base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. Wildlife abounds across this remote parcel whose varied topography supports large game such as elk, mule deer, antelope, black bear, and mountain lion, and smaller animals like wild turkey, jackrabbit, and a wide array of small game animals.

Thick stands of piñon and ponderosa pine trees line the rugged viewsheds of quality rangeland that supports up to 300 head of cattle. Internal ranch roads were recently built for easy travel within the property, and the ranch is buttressed by county roads from the northern and southern borders. Several catch ponds, dirt tanks, and a natural spring offer a permanent water source along with two wells and an excellent water piping system. The area’s rich history is reflected in the petroglyphs still visible in one of the canyons, as well as a remaining settler’s cabin.

Broker's Comments

It is rare to find a fully contiguous, large acreage like this — especially so close to a destination like Santa Fe.

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Chavez Canyon ranch is just 40 minutes from the thriving city of Santa Fe and its regional full- service airport. County roads run along its southern and northwest boundaries for easy access to the state highway while remaining off the beaten path. El Dorado offers a quicker 25-minute drive for groceries and goods.


Chavez Canyon Ranch reaps the benefits of being remote, tucked against the western edge of the Santa Fe National Forest. Yet, it is surrounded by southwestern culture, just 25 miles southeast of Santa Fe, 60 miles northeast of Albuquerque, and 30 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

Area Attractions

Santa Fe: The bustling city of Santa Fe, a 40-minute drive northwest, is known for its singular arts scene, iconic history, and culture. It’s the nation’s oldest capital city, blending western, Native, and Spanish cultures with outstanding dining, lodging, historic sites, shopping, and festivals. The unforgettable art walks and breathtaking mountains and vistas surrounding it keep the city thriving with life and culture.

Pecos Wilderness: This section of the Santa Fe National Forest is the southernmost end of the Rocky Mountains. Chavez Canyon Ranch is just to the west of the wilderness, which is marked by steep canyons draining toward the Rio Grande River, waterfalls, rock cliffs, and abundant trout and wildlife. It is known for its hiking and ample trail systems.

Taos Ski Valley: Taos, a world-class ski resort, is a day trip away from the ranch, nestled into Carson National Forest for exceptional mountain scenery, hiking, camping, and skiing just on the outskirts of the historic town of Taos. The resort skiing offers some of the most technical slopes in North America, and the village is a charming blend of pueblo-style architecture and European mountain culture.


The high mesa country of Chavez Canyon Ranch sees 300 days of sun a year and averages about 18 inches of rain. The July-October rainy season brings spectacular cloudbursts. Colorful wildflowers cover the meadows in the summer, and the mild winters see plenty of snow with occasional storms.

The lowest point on the ranch is around 6,200 feet, and the highest point reaches around 7,400 feet. Standing atop Cañon Blanco affords an incredible view of the ranch about 900 feet below.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Chavez Canyon Ranch consists of 28,700± acres of incredibly varied topography, from steep cliffs and deep canyons to rock outcroppings and striking arroyos — not to mention old-growth ponderosas, junipers, and piñons overlooking meadows teeming with native grasses. 14,380± rugged open acres with dramatic canyon and forest views. 

Deeded Acres: 26,540±
Other Leased Acres: 2,160±
Total Leased Acres: 2,160±
Total Acres: 28,700±
Lowest Elevation: 6,200
Highest Elevation: 7,400


Three miles of new roads were recently built to provide vehicular access throughout the ranch and to Cañon Blanco. The land is well-suited for cattle operations, having been preserved primarily as an abundant wildlife preserve, and will continue to support up to 300 cattle with nutrient-rich foraging grasses as well as two wells and exceptional water piping systems.

There are many optimal building sites to invest in the ranch’s unique beauty and intrinsic value. A family compound or sportsman’s lodge would be ideal on private hilltops or nestled into valleys. Building atop the bluff on Cañon Blanco itself would capture stunning views sweeping ten miles to the northeast and south.

Water Rights

Any and all seller-owned water rights appurtenant to the property are included in the sale.

Mineral Rights

Any and all seller-owned mineral rights appurtenant to the property are included in the sale.

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Wildlife Resources

Chavez Canyon Ranch is a true wildlife preserve. Because it shares nearly seven miles of border with Santa Fe National Forest and hasn’t been hunted in 30 years, it hosts even more mule deer and elk than surrounding areas. The varied landscape supports a range of species endemic to the West, including antelope, black bear, mountain lion, coyote, fox, bobcat, badger, raccoon, skunk, jackrabbit, and cottontail.

A kaleidoscope of birds can also be spotted on the property with everything from eagle, red- tailed hawk, raven, wild turkey, assorted owls, western jay, road-runner, and dove.

Recreational Considerations

The ranch is a draw for avid hunters, hikers, and nature enthusiasts alike. Because it is untouched by development, opportunities to build and invest in its natural beauty abound across its natural rugged landscape.

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