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Rincon Ranch

$16,750,000 Fence Lake, NM 12,880± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Located on the sprawling, untouched land of Cibola County, New Mexico, Rincon Ranch is a superb 12,880± acre trophy hunting ranch and wildlife area. Internally land-locked within the private land are also 3,806± acres of BLM leased land and 2,881± acres of state leased land for a total of 19,567± acres. This stunning and secluded ranch just 10 miles southwest of Fence Lake, New Mexico, comprises some of the largest and most spectacular canyons in the region. Weaving between sandstone mesas, rambling through canyons, and winding around plateaus, the land on the ranch features native juniper and pinyon pine, ponderosa, oak brush, and mountain mahogany. Over 36 miles of well-marked dirt roads lead to all corners of the property. Yet, with only one entry point, this ranch is both easy to navigate and extraordinarily private.

Besides exceptional privacy and natural beauty, the primary attraction of Rincon Ranch is the quality of the hunting. In fact, it’s become known for some of the best and biggest trophy elk and mule deer in the country over the past 20 years. While most of the surrounding ranches offer only flat grassland, Rincon Ranch’s canyons, mesas, caves, and meadows offer year-round food sources as well as incomparable shelter for migratory animals. As a result, the trophy elk and mule deer hunting opportunities on Rincon Ranch are second to none. Generations of animals have thrived on this land, thanks to impeccable land management, varying natural terrain and excellent food sources that make for an unmatched wildlife habitat.

The ranch owner’s habitat is the sprawling modern lodge in the southeastern corner of the property. Situated on a high cliff with sweeping views of the ranch land, the lodge is a turnkey retreat with thoughtful amenities to set the stage for living in or visiting this incredibly scenic slice of New Mexico.

Rincon Ranch is also an incredible place for observing ancient history through the artifacts and petroglyphs left behind by Ancestral Puebloans, sometimes known as Anasazi. This was a bustling trading area over a thousand years ago. Today one can find numerous ruins, artifacts and petroglyphs throughout the property — evidence of a bygone world that still echoes throughout the land.

Rincon Ranch will cater to a seasoned hunter or preservationist with an appreciation for the natural beauty, privacy, and exceptional topography of the land. Spend some time discovering evidence of ancient life, hiking atop sandstone mesas, or observing the incredible wildlife, and you’ll understand why there’s nowhere on earth quite like Rincon Ranch.

The future owner of the ranch will have the knowledge that the sale has contributed to improvements to help increase the numbers of wildlife on the ranch and maximize the trophy quality of the animals harvested from this superior habitat compared to other regions and ranches.

Just the Facts

  • Located in Cibola County, New Mexico, near the border of Arizona
  • 12,880± deeded acres
  • 3,806± acres of BLM leased land
  • 2,881± acres of state leased land
  • Total combined acreage is 19,567±
  • 10 miles southwest of Fence Lake, New Mexico
  • Just over two hours to Albuquerque International Sunport, or 90 minutes to municipal airports in Springerville, AZ, Gallup, NM, and Grants, NM
  • Two hours to Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona
  • 90 minutes to El Malpaís National Monument.
  • Two hours to Albuquerque
  • 8,000± square foot modern lodge with 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
  • Four canyons
  • Two underground aquifers
  • Five solar-powered water wells
  • Elevation ranges from 7,000 feet to 7,500 feet
  • Well-managed wildlife habitat
  • Exceptional trophy hunting 
  • 12 ranch-only landowner tags for bull elk; 2 mule deer habitat enhancement tags
  • Wildlife includes elk, mule deer, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, and a variety of small game species
  • Ancient petroglyphs, ruins, and artifacts abundant on the land

General Description

Rincon Ranch is located in western New Mexico near the border of Arizona, about 10 miles from Fence Lake. An oasis among the high desert grasslands of Cibola County two hours southwest of Albuquerque, this 19,567± acre ranch is a rare southwestern retreat with unrivaled trophy hunting opportunities and a modern lodge with all the amenities for comfortable ranch living.

Rincon Ranch occupies a stunning swathe of land stretching across canyons and mesas. The land rises over flat-top mesas and falls into rocky canyons, tumbling over grassy meadows and weaving through native juniper, pinyon, and ponderosa pine. The ranch is exceptionally private; only one road accesses the entrance. Within the ranch boundary lines, dirt roads allow access throughout the property.  

The hunting here is second to none. The quality of the habitat here presents an unmatched opportunity for mule deer and elk to thrive all year long, thanks to plenty of food resources — mostly mountain mahogany — as well as shelter among rocky canyons during the harsher winter seasons. Strict land management over the past 20 years has ensured a prime habitat and, as a result, exceptional hunting rights. Owners will have access to special game and fish tags based on their ongoing commitment to habitat improvement. 

The topography of the ranch is particularly spectacular. A round mountain called Porter’s Knob rises on the northwest corner of the ranch. Four canyons known as Perry Canyon, Rincon Hondo Canyon, Provenger Canyon, and Zuni Canyon carve their way hundreds of feet into the earth. Two underground aquifers create surface water seeps known as Perry Spring and Zuni Spring, offering hydration for animals in the area, as do five solar-powered wells on the ranch, which also service the lodge. High Lonesome Mesa is one of the highest points on the property, along with Santa Rita Mesa. The namesake mountain, the Rincon, is visible from many points throughout the ranch.

Additionally, the history of the ranch is extraordinary. Over one thousand years ago, this place served as a trading corridor for Ancestral Puebloans. Artifacts such as arrowheads, pottery, petroglyphs, and ruins can be found just about anywhere on the ranch. 

Rincon Ranch is a place where a wildlife preservationist or hunting aficionado can be dedicated to preserving the history, geology, and wildlife to support the ranch’s impressive legacy and unlimited potential. 

Broker's Comments

New Mexico very well may be considered one of the West’s last remaining frontiers, in the sense that there are still opportunities to acquire large, deeded acreage ranches, the state’s population is lower relatively speaking than other surrounding areas, there is typically a limited supply of available ranches, and if one is ultimately looking to invest in a land asset class - New Mexico offers a lesser barrier to entry on a per acre land cost valuation. Rincon Ranch is a perfect example of an investment opportunity for a large, deeded acreage holding in a remote area that offers seclusion, privacy, excellent big game habitat, and a lower price per acre for a similar ranch in places like Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado. Rincon presents a truly high-grade wildlife ranch, turnkey lodge, opportunity to build a primary residence, and own one of the better hunting ranches in the western United States.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Rincon Ranch comprises a rare trophy hunting ranch and wildlife area, including 12,880± acres of deeded land, 3,806± acres of BLM leased land, and 2,881± acres of state leased land for a total of 19,567± acres. The property includes four canyons, two springs, two landmark mesas, and two primary mountains jutting up from the earth. The combination of mesa-top grassland, rock formations, canyons and caves, with clusters of pinyon, juniper, and ponderosa, make this acreage a spectacular destination for the scenery alone.

Deeded Acres: 12,880±
State Leased Acres: 2,881±
BLM Leased Acres: 3,806±
Total Leased Acres: 6,687±
Total Acres: 19,567±
Lowest Elevation: 7,000
Highest Elevation: 7,500

Water Rights

Any and all seller-owned water rights appurtenant to the property are included in the sale.

Mineral Rights

Any and all seller-owned mineral rights appurtenant to the property are included in the sale.

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