Star Lake Ranch

$13,160,000 Tulsa, OK 3,290± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Located just 16 miles north of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the intersection of two major highways, the iconic Star Lake Ranch is a unique opportunity for the discerning investor.  Comprised of 3,290± all-contiguous acres, the largest single block of land in Tulsa County is now offered for sale.  The open rolling hills covered in native bluestem grass provide beautiful vistas in all directions.  Well known throughout America in the pure bred Hereford cattle business, the ranch is accented with a well-appointed managers home, two modern matching cabins, an office/sale barn along with several other barns and outbuildings.

Just the Facts

  • 3,290± acres
  • 16 miles from downtown Tulsa
  • One of the most iconic ranches in Oklahoma
  • Located at the intersection of U.S.  Highway 75 and State Highway 20
  • Open rolling hills of native tallgrass prairie
  • Designed for maximum utilization and efficiency
  • Well known as the headquarters for the Star Lake Herefords
  • 16 main pastures, numerous paddocks and two working facilities
  • Rural water is piped to over 50 waterers in addition to numerous lakes and ponds
  • 90% of the interior fences are high-tensile hot wire
  • 11,530 sq. ft. sale barn
  •  3,470 sq. ft. breeding and embryo barn 
  •  3,360 sq. ft. equipment building and hay shed barn 
  •  2,850 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom managers house
  • 2 modern owners cabins

General Description

Star Lake Ranch is one of the most iconic ranches in Oklahoma. It is located right along the west side U.S. Highway 75 just 16 miles north of Tulsa at the intersection of State Highway 20. The beautiful rolling grass-covered hills, the herds of white-faced Hereford cattle, and the large ranch sign combined have created an indelible image in many peoples’ minds for years as they passed by this place on the well-traveled road towards Bartlesville. There are numerous view points from theses hills overlooking downtown Tulsa and beyond.

The ranch fronts the west side of Highway 75, a four-lane highway, for 14,450 feet, and fronts the north side of Highway 20, also a four-lane highway, for 3,730 feet.

The ranch is made up of 3,290 pristine acres, all of which is comprised of native bluestem grasses. The historical management of the ranch has controlled the tree and brush cover so as to maintain the natural prairie conditions inherent to this region. Other than the planted trees along the main ranch road and around the improvements, you have to go up to the draw near the north of the ranch to find the only natural tree stand. 1/3 of the ranch is usually weed-sprayed each year on a rotational basis. In addition when conditions permit, a controlled burn on the native grass helps to maintain the integrity of the native grass species. Typically the ranch manager will put up prairie hay on about 600 acres on the north end of the ranch.

To maintain the natural look as much as possible, the ranch owner buried the electric lines for the ranch improvements along the main ranch road from the main entrance, off Highway 20. Rural water lines and sewer lines run along the south boundary of the ranch.

Broker's Comments

Star Lake Ranch is a premier cattle operation with an unmatched location in the heart of the USA. Just 16 miles north of one the most progressive cities in the midwest, this beautiful setting of rolling grass-covered hills provides an unobstructed view of downtown Tulsa. Bounded on two sides by 4-lane highways, and only 14 miles from Tulsa International Airport, Star Lake Ranch simply put is ‘accessible’. This phenomenal offering is the largest contiguous block of open land remaining in Tulsa County today.

Star Lake was designed for the purpose of selecting, raising, breeding, exhibiting and marketing purebred cattle. It is extremely efficient and highly productive. With its high capacity embryo transfers and artificial insemination, this ranch can maximize premium genetics. The current owner has been a leader in the Hereford industry and the spring and fall production sales were “must attend” events. This offering includes a reputation in the cattle industry that insures the new buyer can hit the ground running.

Learn about the locale


Star Lake Ranch is located close to the north of the Tulsa metro area.  At the intersection of two four-lane highways, U.S. Highway 75 & State Highway 20, and about equal distance between Collingsville and Skiatook, the ranch is only about 16 miles from downtown.  The main entrance to the ranch is off Highway 20, which serves as a majority of the south boundary of the ranch.  Highway 75 serves as the majority of the east boundary.  Bartlesville is 30 miles north, and the Tulsa International Airport is 14 miles to the southeast.


Tulsa is nestled in the northeastern quadrant of Oklahoma known as “Green Country”. This lush region is blessed with 16 large-bodied lakes, tumbling rivers, tallgrass prairie and rolling tree-covered hills. With a rich history and several world-class museums, Green Country is a popular vacation destination.

The Tulsa MSA has a combined population of almost a million people. The Tulsa International Airport is 14 miles southeast of the ranch and is serviced by most major airlines and is one of American Airlines’ major service centers. Joplin, Missouri is 110 miles to the northeast, St. Louis is 395 to the northeast, Oklahoma City is 95 miles southwest, Dallas is 235 miles south, and Little Rock is 220 miles to the east.


The average annual precipitation in Tulsa County is around 42 inches, spread over 80 days each year.  The growing season is typically 208 days running from April 3rd to October 29th.  Snowfall averages 8 inches per year, and usually stays on the ground for 7 days.  This area’s mild climate includes, on average, 70 days of 90˚ or higher, and 25 days of 20˚ or lower.  The average daily wind speed is 7 mph.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Deeded Acres: 3,290±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 3,290±


The improvements on the Star Lake Ranch were laid out for maximum utilization and efficiency. The cattle handling facilities, the office/sale barn, the manager’s house and the two employee houses are all in place for functionality. While the buildings are modern, they are efficient and not at all over-built. No livestock, equipment, rolling stock or personal property are included in the sale.

Manager’s House
This is a beautiful 2,850 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house built in 1990. It is located east of the sale barn about halfway to Highway 75. This house is situated to take full advantage of the nearly unlimited views in all directions.

Office/Sale Barn
11,530 square foot pole barn with metal siding and roof, built in 1989 that is located near the center of the ranch. It is surrounded by numerous traps all feeding into the facility. It has a sale ring, 12 pipe stalls, a wash bay, and a tack room. There is a 13-foot wide pipe alley around the perimeter for holding cattle that feeds into outside pipe pens for loading out. A 2,160 square foot office adjoining the barn was added in 2006-2007. Concrete paving is utilized in the sale barn entry and the prep/stall area.

Breeding/Embryo Barn
3,470 square foot pole barn with metal siding and roof built in 1989. It includes office, laboratory, pipe cattle pens, crowding alley and squeeze chute. There is also a 12-foot wide cattle alley along the south and west walls.

Cattle Working Pens
These are pipe pens consisting of four large pens, a covered squeeze chute and truck load-out chute. These are the first set of pens as you come into the ranch, up the first hill. One of the two employee houses plus a cattle shed are also at this location.

Equipment Building/Hay Shed
3,360 square foot pole barn with metal siding and roof, that includes a dock-high feed room, along with equipment storage and hay storage. This was built in 1990.

Two Cabins
These two identical modern cabins were built in 1988 to serve as both a place for the owner and his family, plus ranch guests. They each total around 1,145 square feet, and are a contemporary design utilizing cedar and native stone. These both have the same floor plan, construction quality and materials. They consist of two bedrooms with two full baths, vaulted ceilings, built-in bookshelves, wood burning fireplace, wood paneling, wall-to-wall carpeting and forced air heating and cooling. They are located side by side on the ranch about halfway between the sale barn and the manager’s house.

Employee Houses
House #1 is a manufactured home built in 1989 and is estimated to be 1,535 square feet in size. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The detached two-car garage is a pole barn with metal siding. House #2 is an older manufactured house built in the 1980’s with one bedroom and one bathroom.

Water Resources

Three of the pastures are watered by spring-fed ponds.  The rest of the pastures, along with the improvements, are supplied with water purchased from Rural Water District #3.  The water is piped to over 50 waterers, over half of which are energy-free.

Mineral Rights

Seller believes they own the majority of mineral rights appurtenant to the property and is reserving 25% of those mineral rights.  Please contact the listing broker for a final determination of the total mineral acres.


Annual taxes are estimated to be  $11,534.00.

Learn about the general operations

General Operations

The Star Lake Ranch was designed and constructed as a premier purebred cattle operation, from semen collecting, embryo transplanting, raising and developing animals all the way up to the spring and fall production sales.  Over 90% of the interior fencing is high-tensile hot wire, and the majority of the cattle water is supplied by the rural water district.  Utilizing those two inputs allowed the owner to divide the ranch into 16 pastures.  In addition, in the areas surrounding the sale barn, the owner was able to set out numerous paddocks used for the production sales.

Grazing Resources

The entire property is covered in native blue grass prairie.  These tallgrass varieties do not require fertilizer, and none has ever been used on this ranch.  There are 16 major pastures.  The current owner utilizes approximately 600 acres on the north end for grass hay production so that the ranch can fully function year round.  To help maintain the natural grass quality, the owner has a weed-spraying program for around one-third of the ranch each year.

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