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Wallahachie Ranch

$8,900,000 Gate, OK 4,892± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Encompassing 4,892± acres along the Kansas/Oklahoma border, with an additional contiguous 2,100±-acre hunting lease, the Wallahachie Ranch allows the owner to hunt nearly 7,000 acres in both states without leaving the confinements of the ranch. Native Kansas and Oklahoma genetics of record-worthy whitetail and mule deer and a variety of high-protein native browse foster the optimal habitat in conjunction with balanced water distribution across the ranch. Home to some of the nation’s largest native whitetail deer, the ranch has been showcased on prominent deer hunting shows like Buck Ventures Outdoors and Major League Bowhunter. Wallahachie Ranch exemplifies the quintessential elements for trophy deer hunting. It boasts the necessary qualities to support and maintain deer population and quality genetics. The high-protein native browse, alongside intense supplementary feeding, equitable water distribution, seclusion from public access, and sizeable neighboring ranches, enhances the survival of a significantly mature buck population. The tower blind locations, tree stands, and enormous bin feeders all help to maximize the hunting opportunities. More trophy free-range whitetails have been regularly taken on the Wallahachie and in this region, than most hunters see in a lifetime of hunting.

Just the Facts

  • Approximately 4,892 contiguous acres spanning the Oklahoma/Kansas border with an additional adjacent 2,100± acre hunting lease
  • 2,100± acres in Kansas and 2,792± acres in Oklahoma, with road frontage and access in both states
  • Just over three hours northwest of Oklahoma City and three hours southwest of Wichita, Kansas
  • Approximately 110 acres in cultivation, including 70± acres under pivot and the balance in native grasses
  • One-and-a-half-miles of frontage on Crooked Creek, a half mile north of the Cimarron River
  • Some of the nation’s largest-scoring native whitetail deer, with an average of 170-inch Boone and Crockett
  • Kansas genetics for large whitetail and access to Oklahoma tags
  • Robust population of turkey, mule deer, dove, and bobwhite quail
  • Fourteen box blinds for hunting
  • Seven solar-powered water troughs situated throughout the ranch for wildlife or livestock
  • A total of eleven crush, broadcast, and bulk feeders complemented by a 60,000-pound corn storage bin
  • 65’x100’ metal building with rudimentary living quarters and a 60’x50’ equipment barn
  • Electricity and water on site with minimal oil and gas activity
  • Large acreage ranching neighbors 

General Description

The Wallahachie Ranch is a perfectly placed and strategically managed property spanning the Kansas and Oklahoma state line. Frontage roads on both state sides of the ranch provide access. Encompassing nearly 5,000 deeded acres with some of the nation’s largest free-range, the ranch provides a desirable habitat complemented with evenly distributed water year-round. 

Broker's Comments

The Wallahachie Ranch is one of the most significant trophy deer hunting properties developed and offered to the market. Spanning the state line dividing Kansas and Oklahoma, this combined 4,892± contiguous acreage allows the owner to hunt in both states for whitetail and mule deer without ever leaving the boundaries of their ranch. The owners have worked diligently with professionals to create an ultimate deer hunting environment. Utilizing the low-fence approach allows superior genetics to prevail while at the same time lessening the typical high-fence genetic management challenges. The wide expanse of the variable topography provides generous food sources and safe, uninterrupted bedding areas. Seven water tanks/drinkers are scattered throughout, along with the ample flows of Crooked Creek to provide plenty of surface water resources for the wildlife. The Cimarron River is only a half mile south, providing wildlife with another water source. Solely managed for the health and wealth of the whitetail population, there is a significant opportunity to expand the pursuit of other game and wing shooting. For the dedicated outdoors enthusiast who envisions encountering a remarkable array of fair-chase trophy bucks and takes joy in further improving an exemplary property, the Wallahachie encompasses all the necessary elements, making it second to none.

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Roughly three hours northwest of Oklahoma City and three hours southwest of Wichita, Kansas, the ranch is located just north of Gate, Oklahoma, and west of Buffalo, Oklahoma, spanning the Kansas state line. Multiple municipal airports within an hour or less from the ranch in Oklahoma and Kansas.


Beaver County and Meade County are some of the least populated counties in Oklahoma and Kansas. Home to less than 10,000 people in both counties combined, the area is known for massive whitetail deer, trophy mule deer, dove, turkey, quail, and other migratory game birds. Buffalo provides the basic needs, including a gas station, hardware, grocery store, hospital, and a few local restaurants. 



  • Average Annual: 58 degrees


  • Average Annual: 21.50 inches
  • Average Annual Snowfall: 18.6 inches

Other climate information:

  • Growing Season: 185 Days


For 20+ years, the ranch has been operated in favor of trophy deer hunting. The original core of the ranch consisted of 1,563± acres and was established by Chipper Jones with a deer hunting mecca as the ultimate goal. According to Jeff Danker, host of Buck Ventures Outdoors, the property had incredible genetics and a few record book studs roaming the property. The current owners recognized the opportunity to expand the ranch on both sides of the state line, capitalizing on the incredible value of dual-state hunting opportunities.

They recognized the importance of expanding due to the habitat's advantages and ability to support neighboring wildlife. Chipper spared no expense in his pursuit of making the ranch a world-class low-fence trophy whitetail property. A water pivot was installed, along with alfalfa planting. Dry land was allocated for milo crops, and feeders totaling over 76,000 pounds were strategically placed in the area, providing year-round sustenance. An off-limits 400± acre deer sanctuary was created to provide an area of no pressure. 

In July 2006, Jeff conducted an observation count for the DEMAP (Deer Management Assistant Program). Perched in an observation tower, he filmed two 200-inch Boone and Crockett bucks with another five bucks in the immediate vicinity that were well over the 170-inch mark. As deer flooded the field, he counted 99 deer and over 65 whitetail bucks. This footage is on the Buck Ventures Outdoors YouTube channel.

Jeff ultimately harvested one of the 200-inch deer that year, which scored 202½ inches, Boone and Crockett. The following year, a neighbor took another big deer that scored a little over 189 inches Boone and Crockett, estimated at around twenty-plus inches, broke off. Over the years, Jeff has personally harvested another buck exceeding 200 inches, a second at 187 inches, and several more in the 150s and 160s. Additionally, several guests have taken down remarkable bucks with sizes ranging from 173 to 189 inches, and one guest also achieved the feat of harvesting a mule deer exceeding 200 inches. The deer are phenomenal, and to enhance the experience further, the Wallahachie holds a best-kept secret: exceptional turkey, dove, and quail hunting opportunities.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

  • 2,100± acres in Kansas
  • 2,792± acres in Oklahoma
  • 4,892± total deeded acres.
  • An additional 2,100±-acre adjacent hunting lease (lease only) can be assigned and included in the sale of the Wallahachie.

Deeded Acres: 4,892±
Private Leased Acres: 2,200±
Total Leased Acres: 2,200±
Total Acres: 7,092±


On the north end of the ranch, a 65’x100’ metal building with rudimentary living quarters provides a versatile space perfect for customizing an ideal hunting lodge. Preliminary architectural drafts are available to assist with the creation process. Situated southwest of the center pivot and wheat field, an equipment barn measuring 50’x60’ serves as storage for feed and equipment. Positioned atop a hill, it’s easily accessible via an all-weather road. Electricity and water are on-site at both structures.

Fourteen box blinds, multiple tree stands, and seven 1,000-pound ASF broadcast feeders assist with current management practices. One 24,000-pound bulk feeder, one 60,000-pound corn storage bin, and three 4,000-pound crush feeders have been placed methodically around the ranch.

Water Resources

The ranch maintains year-round water on site, averaging 21 to 24 inches of rainfall annually, a mile and a half of Crooked Creek, and seven water troughs. Crooked Creek winds through the eastern portion of the ranch, providing a natural supplement for year-round surface water. Eight domestic water wells are scattered throughout the ranch, with one large irrigation well. Seven wells are equipped with solar pumps and water troughs for irrigating livestock and wildlife. One domestic well on the far north end of the ranch feeds the homesite. The irrigation well has been recently updated, powered by a Duramax engine, and waters the 70 acres under pivot, providing a controllable year-round food source. Approximately one-half of the irrigated pivot lies in each state.  

Water Rights

Irrigation well on the center pivot is permitted by both Kansas and Oklahoma.

Mineral Rights

None convey with the sale.

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Wildlife Resources

Wallahachie Ranch is one of the most significant low-fence trophy hunting properties ever developed. The focus has been on the betterment and benefit of trophy deer hunting and sanctuary for turkey, dove, and bobwhite quail. The average mature whitetail on the Wallahachie will range from 170 inches to 190 inches, with several found in the 200-inch Boone and Crockett range. A healthy mule deer and turkey population live on the ranch, benefiting from the supplemental feeding program. The wing shooting for dove and bobwhite quail is underdeveloped and has great potential to expand. With the current habitat and a feed program specifically targeting these animals, there is an opportunity to emphasize such further.

As previously mentioned, one outstanding aspect of this ranch is its prime location spanning the border of Kansas and Oklahoma. With approximately half of the irrigated pivot situated in each state, this unique setup extends the hunting seasons beyond the limits of a single state. Kansas utilizes a draw system, but Oklahoma does not, and tags can be purchased over the counter or online. Typically, Kansas schedules its muzzleloader season for the later part of September, a strategic timeframe for capturing bucks that remain in bachelor groups as they frequent the alfalfa fields. Archery in Kansas also opens in September, the same time as muzzleloader. A large whitetail with a gross score of 202 4/8 inches was taken on the Oklahoma side of the Wallahachie property during muzzleloader season. More trophy free-range whitetails have been regularly taken on the Wallahachie than most hunters see in a lifetime of hunting. 

 Antler sheds found in the early 1990s roughly a mile north of the ranch and belonging to the legendary "Kansas King" have been estimated at a net of 217 inches. During spring, sheds may litter the ground around feeding areas and within the wheat field. It is possible to find 20 to 30 sets of sheds. With the implementation of management practices, the average score of cull and trophy bucks has continued to increase yearly. The average score of whitetail bucks over the past ten years averages around 170 inches gross. 

Recreational Considerations

The Wallahachie is home to some of the nation’s largest trophy whitetail deer, mule deer, bobwhite quail, migratory dove, and ducks. With the intense feed program encompassing nearly 5,000 acres, access to live water, equitable groundwater, elevation, a road system surrounding the ranch, and seclusion from the general public, the ranch is a mecca for those enthused by big deer and wing shooting.

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General Operations

The ranch has been operated solely for trophy deer hunting, thereby forgoing other forms of income production or other recreational pursuits. There is an excellent opportunity to expand the operation for hunting and recreation by adding additional components. The Wallahachie embodies five crucial keys to achieving extraordinary deer quality and population.

1.      Historically proven genetics.

2.      A high-protein base native browse with a year-round intense supplemental feed program.

3.      Equally distributed year-round water throughout the ranch.

4.      A balanced diversity of cover. 

5.      Large low-pressure neighboring ranches allow greater odds for a mature buck population.

Food sources in the area are limited, so having "the best groceries in town" and plenty of water is imperative. An average of 21 to 24 inches of rainfall annually makes the presence of year-round water on the ranch, in conjunction with the native browse and feed program, key factors holding the deer. Windmills and a well with a solar pump feed seven wildlife troughs, supplementing natural water flows. A large equipment barn and overhead grain bin complement the management of the ranch by storing feed and equipment. Depending on the year, different crops such as milo, wheat, cowpeas, and alfalfa have been farmed. Approximately 70 acres of land benefit from the current irrigation system and pivot. 

Plumbing is in place for the dryland field. Further development of the existing irrigation system will roughly double the number of farmed irrigated acres. 

Leases and Permits

The irrigation well on the center pivot is situated in Oklahoma only. There are no permits for irrigation wells on the ranch's Kansas side. Contact the listing agent for more information.

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