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Blue Hole Ranch

$1,092,000 Mason, TX 168± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

There are few finer, small live water properties in the Texas Hill Country than this very special place, located on Leon Creek, west of prized Mason, about five miles down a private, well-maintained easement road. Featuring over 3,000 feet of both sides of this hard-flowing, crystal clear creek, Blue Hole is the premier small live water property in this area. Cold water surges from beneath limestone ledges bordering the awesome “Blue Hole,” which one can dive into and is over six feet deep. A cool stone diving platform has been constructed, and many families have experienced one-of-a-kind fun with the owners during their annual July 4th swim party for neighbors. This awesome hole is easily accessible by all ages, including babies, and is solid rock bottom and full of fish and lily pads. Colorful cliffs soar around and above it, and the owners have constructed several rock patios/recreation areas to allow guests to recreate safely and comfortably, as underground electric and running water are available. The countryside is mostly rough and rocky, pocked with sinkholes and caves, and the drainages are lined with colorful cliffs, and vistas from some of the high points are staggering. Most of the dead cedar has been removed from the ranch, and the resulting refined look is compelling compared to the stark appearance of the neighbors and their oceans of dead trees. Hunting is very good for whitetail deer, turkey, hogs and varmints, and an occasional axis deer is observed, as are bald eagles. There cannot be a more varied, improved small live water property in the Texas Hill Country. If you can handle the remoteness of it, then you need to come on for a visit!

Just the Facts

  • 168± acres located in Mason County, Texas
  • Rough “river breaks” country with colorful cliffs
  • Big time live water with Leon Creek, deep swimming hole, falls
  • Secluded being 5 miles down a well-maintained private easement road at its end
  • Excellent hunting and long distance shooting
  • Fly fishing in creek, 3 pound bass observed
  • Several patio areas with underground electricity, running water
  • Super refined look with recent dead cedar removal
  • Owner/Broker

General Description

The site itself is the ruggedly handsome “breaks” generally associated with the major drainages that feed the Llano River in this region. This is rough country with some spectacular limestone cliffs, as well as rumored caves. There is little to no smooth land, however there are numerous building sites adjacent to the water, as well as on the higher ground with distant views to the Blue Mountains.

The place falls from north to south almost 200’ in elevation, and the country is mixed live oak/mesquite/cedar, with a few monster live oaks along Leon Creek, as well as on an unnamed creek that cuts across the eastern portion of the site. In fact, that creek bottom offers up some of the most scenic country on the ranch, with mixed oak and elm bottoms backed up to limestone cliffs and outcrops.

This place has recently been cleared of 90% of the dead cedar timber, and at present shines like a diamond compared to neighboring lands. Hand clearing has opened up a rare, old-growth cedar bottom flanked by 70 – 80’ cliffs, and never-seen viewsheds continually dazzle observers.

This area is known for consistent, good quality, heavy whitetail deer, and it is not uncommon to hear of 150 B&C deer harvested. Turkey hunting is generally excellent, and there are plenty of feral hogs available as well.

Soils are primarily patches of loam with much rock outcrop, supporting native grasses and forbs, which thrive in rainfall and burn quickly in drought, typical of the area. This is what many call “hard” country, not really suitable for any type of intense livestock operation, but perfect for playing, having fun, and doing interesting things in a totally private and stunning setting. 

Broker's Comments

Blue Hole Ranch is the best private live water for the money, in this seasoned observer’s opinion. I am selling it because we don’t use it, as we have all we need (fishing, swimming, tennis, garden, etc.) at the 141± acre place we live on south of Mason, and we spend more time in Durango than we do at Blue Hole. This place is uber-private, remote, and packed with power and mystery. There are markings that could be petroglyphs on a bluff on the ranch, as there are known petroglyphs just downstream. The water is clear and shimmering blue in late summer. The swimming hole has provided multiple families indelible memories...there will only be one chance to snag this one, so don’t wait!

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This site is located about 12 miles west of Mason in the rugged Leon Creek watershed, one of the strongest flowing creeks known in the area. The location is about five miles down a well maintained private easement road, which dead ends at an electric gate. The area is secluded and little-visited, and is bursting with legend and lore, as well as Native American artifacts (known petroglyphs in the area).

Nearby Mason is a prized Hill Country destination, known for its unique population of hard-working and creative folks, and stunningly beautiful Courthouse Square. Good restaurants, banks, medical services, supplies and groceries are readily available in this uber-cool community, known as “Tennis Town Texas.”

Fredericksburg (high-end shops, restaurants, jet airport, hospital) is located 35 miles southeast, and Brady (jet strip, Wal-Mart) is located 30 miles north. Austin and San Antonio (international airports, major medical centers, universities, box stores) are both about two hours southeast, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex is about four hours north. 


Blue Hole Ranch is located in the ecoregion of the Llano Uplift. The Llano Uplift is also known as the central mineral region. Although surrounded by the Edwards Plateau region, the Llano Uplift is distinguished by its unique geology. Home to some of the oldest rocks in Texas, the central mineral region contains unique minerals and rock formations. The region is characterized by large granite domes, such as Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg. Rainfall averages about 24 to 32 inches per year, peaking in May or June and September. The landscape is rolling to hilly and elevation ranges from 825 to 2,250 feet above sea level. Soils are predominantly coarse textured sands, produced from weathered granite over thousands of years. Native vegetation consists of oak-hickory or oak-juniper woodlands, mesquite-mixed brush savannah, and grasslands. The woody vegetation may consist of plateau live oak, honey mesquite, post oak, blackjack oak, cedar elm, and some black hickory present depending on aspect and habitat. Flora normally found in the deserts of West Texas, such as catclaw mimosa and soaptree yucca, also occur on dry sites. Ashe juniper and Texas oak are generally absent from the Llano Uplift. Grasses include little bluestem, switchgrass, yellow Indiangrass, and silver bluestem. Dome-like granite hills and outcrops contain unusual plant communities. Although ranching is the major land use, level areas of sandy loam produce wheat, sorghum, and peaches.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Deeded Acres: 168±

Total Acres: 168±

Additional Information

The owner is a Hall and Hall partner and broker.


The site is unimproved, except for electricity run to a cabin pad, interior pasture roads, and exterior fencing. There is also a new 50 GPM water well, well house, and underground water and electricity to two separate sites with firepits. Fencing ranges in condition from new to poor, and there is a new electric gate entrance. An old Mason School Bus rests atop some flat ground near the southern tip, adding some nostalgia.

Water Resources

Simply put, this is some of the most reliable, high volume surface water flow seen by this observer, on such a small parcel of land, in a totally private setting. Leon Creek flows at a minimum of 50-60 GPM during the worst drought to hit the area in decades in 2014. The site is bisected by this spectacular waterway for about 2,800’, with the upper section being the “filter zone” of bunchgrass and willow Baccharis which releases and flows magnificently into the “Blue Hole.”

This feature is simply spectacular, in a totally private setting, with cold water flowing from beneath a submerged limestone shelf. Water is up to seven feet deep and one can dive in from both sides, and wade in gradually from each end. It is an awesome natural swimming pool, chock full of large fish, including bass and carp. Scenic, colorful limestone cliffs rise up along the lower portion of creek frontage, culminating at a spectacular slot waterfall gushing into a deep, long pool beneath lazy live oaks. This setting just reeks of days gone by and Native American presence for centuries.

Another section of creek, known as the “tubs,” features linked bathtub sized holes that are simply delightful to relax in on a hot summer day, with noisy water flowing over and all around you in the most serene and private setting possible.

There is a new 50 GPM water well on site, and average annual rainfall is 29 inches.


Property taxes are approximately $208 based upon past years.

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