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Nueces Falls Ranch

$3,478,370 Barksdale, TX 880± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

This stellar live water offering lies about one mile off paved RR 335 (top five motorcycling routes in Texas) on all-weather Hackberry Road, which crosses the ranch on the far southern section. It is blessed with two different, both-sides owned, frontages on the hard-flowing East Nueces River, just below the headwater springs at Camp Eagle. This is some of the most pristine and scenic land in all of the Texas Hill Country, featuring dramatic limestone bluffs, 30+ mile vistas and lush bottoms of oak/pecan dotted with Indian sites. The water is crystal clear and spring-fed, with noisy falls tumbling into fern-lined pools, amidst scenery that borders on the surreal. A nice, but not fancy, compound of log cabins comfortably sleeps 10-12, and outbuildings adequately service the year-round hunting operations for the owner’s staff and clients. As many know, this area is noted for the quantity and quality of axis deer, Rio Grande turkey and aoudad sheep, and a well-known outdoors hunting show shot an episode on the ranch recently. Most of the ranch consists of steep hillsides covered in cedar, Spanish oak, live oak and shrubs, with only about 25% of the acreage being flat or gentle. A scenic spring lies in the center of the ranch in an exquisite setting, flowing over solid rock for 100 yards or so before settling into the gravel.

Just the Facts

  • 880± acres located on Hackberry Road near Vance, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country
  • Rugged, steep oak/cedar country with excellent hunting for exotics
  • Some of the most exotic live water in the Hill Country, fly fishing
  • Clean, functional improvements house 10-12 people
  • Exceptional hunting for axis, whitetail, turkey, aoudad
  • 30+ mile views from accessible ridgelines
  • Some mineral rights to convey
  • Basic supplies 20 minutes away

General Description

The stunning topography of this spectacular area is on full display all over this ranch, with a summit of 2,245’ and a low of about 1,790’ at the river’s exit point. The ranch is composed of about 30% gently rolling to flat valley land with the remainder being ridges, hillsides and hilltops, all with fabulous long distance views of the rugged mountains, and most accessed by improved roads.

Broker's Comments

If you seek gorgeous live water in the most pristine of settings, in one of the most remote areas of the Texas Hill Country, this is a must-see. Ample improvements, knockout topography, and scenery coupled with out of this world wildlife result in a rare, affordable package in today’s scant marketplace. If this speaks to you or your client, we welcome your inquiries and hope to see you in Vance soon!

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This awesome property lies on Hackberry Road in far western Real County, just a short distance east of paved RR 335 near the community of Vance. This is one of the most pristine and remote areas of Texas, where the Nueces River comes out of the ground on fabulous Camp Eagle. There are basic services and a couple of restaurants in Barksdale, about 20 minutes away, and a bit more of the same in Campwood, an additional five minute drive.

Uvalde lies about one hour south, with airport, hospital, extensive supplies and services, restaurants, and grocery stores. Rocksprings lies about 45 minutes west, with airstrip, supplies, services and restaurants. San Antonio, the nation’s seventh largest city, lies about two hours east and has everything else including international airport, medical centers, universities and box stores. Austin, the State Capital, will be about a three hour drive from the site.  


The Edwards Plateau region comprises an area of central Texas commonly known as the Texas Hill Country. It is a land of many springs, stony hills, and steep canyons. The region is home to a whole host of rare plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. Average annual rainfall ranges from 15 to 34 inches. Rainfall is highest in May or June and September. Soils of the Edwards Plateau are usually shallow with a variety of surface textures. They are underlain by limestone. Elevations range from slightly less than 100 feet to over 3,000 feet above sea level. Several river systems dissect the surface, creating a rough and well-drained landscape. The limestone of the Edward's Plateau is honeycombed with thousands of caves. Beneath the eastern edge of the Plateau lies a hidden world of underground lakes known as the Edwards Aquifer. This precious water resource also is home to a number of curious creatures, such as the blind salamander. Today, the Edwards Plateau is characterized by grasslands, juniper/oak woodlands, and plateau live oak or mesquite savannah. Open grasslands and savannahs were more common in pre-settlement times than they are today. Ranching is the primary agricultural industry in the region. For more information, visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department website.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Deeded Acres: 880±

Total Acres: 880±


The ranch is amply improved with three fairly nice log cabins, some of which feature high-end appointments, clustered around a neat, functional headquarters overlooking a gorgeous stretch of river. These dwellings will sleep 12 comfortably. Other structures include a cool cabana with firepit, good implement shed, and other smaller sheds, all in good condition.

There is an excellent main ranch road built to superior standards which allows access to most of the ranch, including the high country. Fencing ranges from fair to poor quality, and overall range condition is good at this time.

Water Resources

Perhaps the greatest asset of Nueces Falls Ranch is its amazing water resources, which includes valuable frontage of both sides of the East Nueces River for about 4,000 feet. This gin-clear water courses through countless noisy falls into deep holes suitable for floating and lap swimming, and is proven to yield stimulating fly fishing for native fish species.

Much of the river frontage lies under a stunning, 200’ high limestone bluff on one side with easy access to the other. Another highly intriguing stretch of river is wide, rock bottom, and includes more impressive falls. Yet another area includes a long, wide lake backed up by a 4’ concrete dam with frontage shaded by giant oak/pecan trees. A scenic, small permanent spring flows from limestone rocks in a central draw, and one shallow, high volume water well serves the ranch.


Property taxes are approximately $2,985 based upon past years.

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