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Linden Farm

$7,330,000 Orange, VA 1,083± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Linden Farm encompasses 1,083± acres in the heart of the picturesque Virginia Piedmont. Wide vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains fill the western viewshed, while the gently sloping land east of the farm marks the beginning of Virginia’s coastal plain. For three decades, the farm has harmonized agriculture, wildlife, and the homestead, creating a farm that’s proven yet filled with potential for the next owner.

The primary land uses on the farm are agricultural and recreational, and the fertile Davidson soils on the western portion of the farm form the foundation of the productive pastures supporting the Angus and SimAngus herd. Wildlife and hunting on the farm are outstanding, and the rolling topography, six ponds, and mixture of open pasture, and hardwood forest provide the groundwork for creating additional recreational pursuits.

The farm is thoroughly improved, starting with a beautiful, character-rich owner’s compound centered around a Georgian-style manor house built in 1930. Additional improvements include a manager’s house, tenant cottage, farm buildings, and two poultry houses. Linden’s large acreage, balanced land uses, privacy, and close proximity to Washington D.C., Richmond, and Charlottesville make it a coveted opportunity to create a lasting family retreat.

Just the Facts

  • 1,083± acres
  • Owner’s compound containing 1930 Georgian-style brick house, three-bedroom carriage house, one-bedroom guest house, pool, and pool house
  • Four-bedroom manager’s house, two-bedroom tenant cottage
  • Exceptional deer, waterfowl, and turkey hunting
  • Extensive opportunities for developing additional recreational resources
  • Six ponds (total of 39± acres of open water) host productive largemouth bass habitat
  • Income-producing cattle and poultry operations
  • Cattle barn and working facilities, equipment barn, heated workshop
  • Two turkey houses, litter storage facility
  • 1.3 miles of stream frontage on Mountain Run
  • 12 minutes north of Orange, VA
  • 45 minutes north of Charlottesville, VA
  • 90 minutes south of Washington, D.C.
  • Multiple airports within 25-90 minutes of the farm facilitate domestic, international, and private air travel (Orange County, Culpeper Regional, Charlottesville-Albemarle, Richmond International, Dulles International Airport) 
  • Farm is under conservation easement, although further divisions and additional houses are permitted
  • Contains a 298± acre nutrient bank, additional information available upon request

General Description

The farm has three contiguous components, each of which complements the others and contributes to a well-rounded farm that balances working lands, wildlife, and recreation. 

Linden Tract: The Linden Tract comprises the farm’s western 425± acres and essentially forms the “front” of the farm. It contains the property’s main entrance, which is accessed off Clark’s Mountain Road, a quiet, paved road that is state-maintained. The entrance is marked by an impressive 4.1-acre pond, one of six on the property. Turning into the farm, the driveway travels over the pond’s dam, creating a scenic and unique entry. 

The land on this tract is primarily pasture, although with its gently rolling topography, it is suitable for any number of alternate uses, including crop production, vineyards, equestrian facilities, and upland bird habitat. A focal point on this part of the farm is the 12.3-acre Brooke’s Lake. Simply put, the views throughout the Linden Tract are spectacular, and the viewshed is often described as the finest in the Rapidan River Basin. The rolling pastures, 16± acres of open water, and wide vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains rival the scenery found anywhere in central Virginia.

The manor house on the property is located here and occupies an elevated location with expansive views of the mountains and surrounding pastures. Accompanying the manor house is the guest house, carriage house, pool, and pool house. There is also a four-bedroom manager’s house and two-bedroom tenant cottage. The number of dwellings on this tract (five in total) offer turn-key availability and a multi-generational family retreat. 

Clifton Tract: The Clifton Tract encompasses the core acreage that supports Linden Farm’s agriculture program, including the barns and poultry houses. It measures 139± acres and is comprised of 34± acres of open ground and pasture, 50± acres of mature hardwoods, 43± acres of nutrient bank land (see below for additional information), and 8± acres of farm structures. There is also the 4.4- acre Goose Pond which, as the name implies, has been the location of many productive hunts. The Clifton Tract can be accessed via internal farm roads or using the farm entrance off Clifton Road, which was built to accommodate large equipment and farm deliveries.  

Deerwood Tract: The Deerwood Tract covers the eastern 519± acres and is where most of the farm’s wildlife pursuits are focused. In addition to the outstanding deer hunting (detailed further in the ‘Recreational Considerations’ section), there are three ponds, including a 9.75-acre pond and 2-acre pond, both of which contain shallow water and are ideally suited for waterfowl. The third pond measures just under 7 acres and has a private home site on its northern shore. Deerwood also has convenient access, including entrances off two state-maintained roads, with the potential for a third entrance off a quiet residential lane.

Around 1.3 miles of stream frontage on Mountain Run traces the farm’s southern boundary, and 218± acres of the tract have been enrolled in nutrient banking. Overall, the robust wildlife populations on this portion of the farm create a draw for all outdoor enthusiasts, not just hunters. In addition to whitetail deer, you’ll find Eastern wild turkey, bobwhite quail, bald eagles, black bears, and other species – in short, everything you’d expect to see in a thriving Virginia ecosystem. 

Nutrient Bank: Approximately 298 acres of the farm are enrolled in nutrient banking, a statewide Virginia program whereby agriculture acreage is converted to forest. Once converted, the acreage must remain in trees in perpetuity. The acreage enrolled was selected both for its suitability for the program as well as secondary benefits the forested land will bring to the farm, including perpetual privacy along the property boundaries and expanded enhanced wildlife habitat.

The breakdown of nutrient bank land by tract is as follows:

  • Linden Tract ~ 30 acres
  • Clifton Tract ~ 50 acres
  • Deerwood ~ 218 acres

Broker's Comments

Linden Farm fits an ideal property profile – working lands balanced with productive wildlife habitat, excellent recreational potential, mountain views, and classic Virginia architecture. When people think of the Virginia Piedmont, they’re likely picturing Linden Farm. 

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One of the standout features of the farm is its convenient location and overall accessibility. The nearest towns are Orange (12 minutes away, population 4,975) and Culpeper (25 minutes away, population 18,342), which together feature a wide array of amenities. Forty-five minutes south of the farm is Charlottesville, a small, dynamic city that’s home to the University of Virginia. Richmond and Washington, D.C. are also within easy driving distance and can be reached in 90 minutes.

  • Orange: 8 miles ~12 minutes
  • Culpeper: 16 miles ~25 minutes
  • Charlottesville: 36 miles ~50 minutes
  • Richmond: 77 miles ~1 hour 25 minutes
  • Washington DC: 85 miles ~1 hour 30 minutes

Options for air travel are similarly varied and convenient. Charlottesville-Albemarle is the nearest commercial airport featuring multiple daily nonstop flights to hubs throughout the eastern U.S. Richmond International Airport and Dulles International Airport can be reached in 90 minutes or less, and together offer nonstop access to 103 domestic and 52 international destinations. Private air access is also close at hand, including Orange County Airport (3,200 ft runway) and Culpeper Regional Airport (5,000 ft runway), which are 10 minutes and 25 minutes from the farm, respectively.

  • Orange County Airport (OMH): 8 miles ~10 minutes
  • Culpeper Regional Airport (CJR): 16 miles ~25 minutes
  • Charlottesville (CHO): 26 miles ~45 minutes


The Piedmont region of central Virginia features an iconic pastoral landscape set against the dramatic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The rural area’s strong agricultural and sporting roots are balanced with sophisticated and engaging towns and regional cities. Together they create a distinct sense of place with a uniquely Virginian identity. In the middle of it all is Orange County and Linden Farm. The farm is surrounded by mostly large landholdings comprised of working farms and recreational and equestrian properties. The area has a rich history, and the European settlement of Orange County stretches back three hundred years. James Madison’s Montpelier is located minutes from the farm and numerous Civil War battles took place nearby, including one of the war’s turning points, the Battle of the Wilderness.

Forty-five minutes south of Linden Farm is Charlottesville, a lively university town with vibrant music, art, and food & wine scenes. The countryside between the farm and Charlottesville is both scenic and dynamic, filled with traditional working lands, sporting properties, country estates, and vineyards. It’s an area that checks all the boxes often requested by our clients – rural, scenic, engaging, and easily accessible by car and plane.

Ninety minutes away, our nation’s capital provides an excellent counterpoint to the farm’s rural setting. In recent years Washington, D.C. has gained a reputation as being far more than a government town and is widely recognized as a vibrant city, business center, and cultural destination. 


Central Virginia enjoys an agreeable four-season climate. Summers are warm and humid, and average temperatures in July and August are in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. Winter temps are generally in the 40’s, although they frequently dip lower for short periods in January and February. 

Spring and fall showcase Virginia at its best, and the brilliantly green countryside in May and stunning foliage of October are hard to compete with. During these seasons, temperatures consistently reach the 70’s during the daytime and cool off into the 50’s at night. Average annual rainfall is 43 inches and average annual snowfall is 19 inches.  

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

An approximate breakdown of the acreage and land uses is as follows:

  • Fields and Pastures ~ 318 acres
  • Forest (mixed hardwoods) ~ 410 acres
  • Ponds ~ 38 acres
  • Other (building sites, roads, etc) ~ 20 acres
  • Nutrient Bank ~ 298 acres
  • Total ~ 1,083 acres

Deeded Acres: 1,083±
Total Acres: 1,083±


The centerpiece of the residential improvements is the owner’s compound, which is anchored by a beautiful Georgian-style manor house. The house was built in 1930 and its traditional design is perfectly scaled to merge with the landscape. The house requires renovation but has been stripped down to the studs and readied for construction. It’s a rare opportunity to update and personalize a classic home without the surprises that often accompany historic renovations. Adjacent to the main house is the three-bedroom carriage house and the one-bedroom guest cottage. Both are fully updated and tastefully appointed and allow a new owner to enjoy the farm on day one of ownership. Completing the owner’s compound is a superb pool and pool house with hardscaped outdoor living spaces. 

Housing for farm staff includes the recently updated four-bedroom manager’s house and a two-bedroom tenant cottage known as the gate house. These are both in very good condition and would also be well suited for conversion to additional guest houses. 

The agricultural aspects of Linden are well improved. There are 345± acres of fenced pasture on the Linden Tract, all of which have automatic waterers. Four of the paddocks have access to three covered, concrete feed bunkers. The farm shop area includes a cattle barn and working facilities, a heated workshop, an equipment barn, and a large concrete storage pad. Adjacent to the farm shop are two 50’ X 674’ poultry houses and a separate litter storage facility.


Annual property taxes are approximately $15,540.

Learn about the recreational amenities

Recreational Considerations

Wildlife and hunting are standout aspects of Linden Farm. The deer population has been managed with the same scientific approach as the cattle, with a focus on continually improving genetics, habitat, and the health of the herd. Linden Farm is a rare opportunity to purchase a proven, turnkey hunting property in Virginia with an extremely high-quality resident deer population. With the foundation already in place, the next owner will be in the enviable position of enjoying an Opening Day that benefits from thirty years of wise and disciplined stewardship. 

In addition to deer, the six ponds offer nearly 40 acres of open water, and the waterfowl hunting on the farm can be highly productive, particularly for this part of Virginia. The farm is on the western edge of the Atlantic flyway, and proximity to Lake Anna and Lake Orange provide a steady influx of waterfowl in the winter months. Ducks regularly seen on the farm include wood ducks, mallards, gadwalls, black ducks, and pintails.

Beyond hunting, the ponds provide fishing, kayaking, and all-around family recreation. There are farm roads throughout the property, and significant opportunities exist to create an accompanying trail network for hiking, running, horseback riding, and ATV use. The diversity of the topography and land uses also lend itself well to sporting clays, and a rifle range could easily be installed on the wooded, level acreage of the Deerwood Tract. 

Lastly, while there are currently no horses on the farm, the acreage of the Linden Tract is ideal for equestrian facilities. Central Virginia is horse country, after all, and there are best-in-class resources nearby for developing and maintaining equestrian properties. The farm is on the border of the Keswick Hunt and the Bull Run Hunt, and both have fox hunted on the property in the past. Over the past decades, Linden has been home to hunter/jumpers as well as quarter horses. A highlight of Linden’s history was hosting a large-scale cavalry demonstration featuring over 300 horses engaging in multiple events.

Learn about the general operations

General Operations

Agriculture has played a significant role on the farm over the past thirty years. Cattle continue to be at the center of this, with a focus on bred heifers and cattle genetics. The operation and management are highly regarded, and Linden’s bred heifers are sold up and down the East Coast to a carefully developed group of top buyers. Depending on the year and the size of the cattle herd, a portion of the pasture ground is sometimes used for hay production; however, there are years where the farm has produced enough forage to winter cattle without supplemental hay. 

In addition to cattle, the farm has two poultry houses where domestic hen turkeys are raised for premium fresh turkey markets in the East. The houses produce competitive flocks and generate meaningful net annual income. An added efficiency for the rest of the farm results from the reliable production of fertilizer as a by-product of the turkey operation.

The farm has earned a reputation for being at the forefront of best management practices and is an excellent example of how working lands can be effectively balanced with conservation goals. Linden has been recognized on several occasions for its conservation practices, in particular its successful development of projects on the property to demonstrate how to operate a cattle and poultry operation while generating cleaner waters to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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