Diamond G Ranch

Dubois, WY 5,056± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

Arguably the finest mountain ranch retreat in the Rocky Mountain West. Diamond G doesn’t just claim to have it all. It, in fact, does! Privacy – It lies at the end of the road, virtually surrounded by state and federal lands. Access – It is accessible year-round and lies about 17 miles from Dubois and about one hour and 15 minutes from the Jackson Hole Airport. Fishing – It has an estimated 5 miles of the Dunoir River on private land with immediate access to 2.5 more miles on public land that is rarely accessed by the public. The Dunoir is a world-class trout fishery with trout in the 20 plus inch category. Wildlife – Bear, elk, moose, antelope, mountain lion, coyote, wolverine, multiple bird species, and both bighorn sheep and mountain goats are often seen in the adjacent national forest. It is one of the richest, wildest places for wildlife we have ever seen. Scenery – Absolutely breathtaking with a lush riparian corridor flanked by timbered and open mountains rising to over 11,000 feet topped by dramatic rock formations and three major peaks – Ramshorn, Coffin Butte and Pinnacles. Improvements – Comfortable lodge and guest quarters, operating facilities, and staff quarters all in an authentic western vernacular. Containing over 5,000 deeded acres - This is not just a small inholding in the national forest. When you come up the private road and see the ranch laid out before you, it is the real deal. There is virtually nothing else that one would want to own.

Just the Facts

LOCATION: 17 miles west of Dubois and about 90 minutes from Jackson Hole.

ACREAGE: 5,856± total including 800± acres of private and state lease.

ACREAGE BREAKDOWN: Approximately 1,000-acre riparian area with about 500 that could be hayed. Balance in native range.

SCENERY: Dramatic! Ranch controls head of Dunoir River Valley with peaks over 11,000 feet above it.

WILDLIFE: Extensive – wolverine, elk, wolves, grizzlies, mountain lion, moose, antelope, etc.

FISHERY: Seven plus miles of the Dunoir River boasting cutthroat, brown and rainbow trout over 20 inches.

OPERATION: Best suited for summer grazing and production of grass hay for sale. 

PRIVACY: Ranch lies at the end of a private road and controls entire valley surrounded on three sides by national forest with no public access through the ranch.

SUMMARY: Exceptional offering of a totally private and highly scenic ranch with extraordinary wildlife and fishing within 90 minutes of Jackson Hole.

General Description

Diamond G is a classic end-of-the-road ranch which is laid out in all its glory and splendor as one proceeds up the Dunoir Road to the ranch boundary. One is truly overwhelmed when one realizes that the ranch occupies the entire upper end of the Dunoir River Valley with a huge 1,000-acre riparian corridor lined with meadows and the river snaking its way through the center of the valley. The river bottom meadows give way to both timbered and open slopes, which soon become steeper and lead to huge rocky palisades and pinnacles that offer dramatic views from the ranch. It is a setting that one never tires of as the sunlight and clouds offer different perspectives throughout the day and the evening and morning light on the 11,000-foot peaks is indescribable. The primary peaks that crown the valley are Ramshorn, Pinnacles and Coffin Butte. The main ranch headquarters with its houses, guest houses, enormous barn, and outbuildings lie in the middle of the valley. They were all designed and built to look as though they had been there 100 years, but they are modern and useful for the ranch operations in every way. The lodge is tucked into the trees at the northern end of the ranch. 

Broker's Comments

As mentioned earlier, this is an extraordinary offering that would be nearly impossible to duplicate in the greater Yellowstone area. People talk about “one of a kind” for a lot of ranches, but this one truly meets the test. In addition to having all of the relevant critical features such as privacy, access, scenic beauty, wildlife, and a significant fishery, its proximity to Jackson makes it particularly desirable. 

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The Diamond G is located about 17 miles west of Dubois and is accessed from the east-west Highway 26 on an 8.5-mile private road to the ranch boundary.  There is no public access to or through the ranch. 

Jackson Hole is just 82 miles from the property by way of one of the most scenic drives in North America, passing over the mountains and through Grand Teton National Park, offering spectacular vistas of surrounding peaks and amazing wildlife viewing opportunities. Jackson Hole provides visitors high-end boutique shopping, world-class dining, and a convenient airport with commercial flights by multiple major airlines. Its cultural amenities rival major metropolitan areas while maintaining its quintessential laid-back western feel. One also has easy access into Yellowstone Park on this route. The south entrance can be reached in about an hour from the ranch.


The ranch offers its owners complete solitude and respite from a busy world while allowing quick and easy access to modern amenities - and even some of the west’s most polished luxuries.

The main neighbor, of course, is the Shoshone National Forest that maintains a wilderness/roadless use designation. One can depart from the ranch and ride into what is considered the most remote area in the lower 48 states south of Yellowstone Park. This area is wild and beautiful beyond description. It can take one to the south end of Yellowstone Lake or, alternatively, into the Shoshone River drainage to the Upper South Fork of the Shoshone River near Cody. 

The downstream neighbors are well-established operating ranches or guest ranches with a limited number of private retreat inholdings in nearby mountain valleys. As one approaches Dubois on the main highway, one encounters more development along the Wind River corridor that is associated with the town.

Dubois is a close-knit community of under 1,000 residents that maintains the look and feel of a western town at the turn of the last century. The town center offers three gas stations, a main street lined with restaurants, shops, and two espresso cafes. There are ten hotel/motels for visitors to choose from. Churches, an elementary school, and a high school round out community life for residents. The local Dubois Municipal Airport has a 6,700-foot paved runway and jet and avgas fuel. The Dubois area still prides itself on its operating cattle and guest ranches that go back to the turn of the 20th century. 

A scenic 90-minute drive from the property leads to Jackson Hole, an iconic destination for skiing and summer recreation. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers over 4,000 vertical feet of skiing frequently rated the best in North America with an annual snowfall average of over 450 inches of light, dry powder. In summer as well as winter, visitors can explore the splendor of nearby Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Summer and fall fishing on the Snake River is both beautiful and can be exceptionally productive, although the views generally trump the fishing should one have a slow day. First-rate luxury spas, world-class dining, boutique shopping, and a vibrant arts and theater scene await the Diamond G Ranch owner and guests year-round. 


Diamond G residents enjoy the full variety of four seasons, with scenic, snowy winters and sunny summer days. Average annual precipitation varies from over 13 inches at the lower end of the ranch to more in the high country. During the winter months, snow typically accumulates to 3.5 - 4 feet on the level up at the main house and slightly less at the lower end. The average daytime high temperature for the four months June through September is a pleasant 79 degrees, and residents enjoy an average of 279 days of sunshine each year. 

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

We are estimating that the riparian corridor, which is made up of both irrigated and sub-irrigated lands, approaches 1,000 acres. Of this area, there is estimated to be around 500 acres of land that could produce a crop of grass hay under more intensive management. There is additional acreage that could be brought into production by utilizing the ranch’s water rights on the lake that lies inside the Shoshone National Forest. 

Deeded Acres: 5,056±
State Leased Acres: 640±
Private Leased Acres: 160±
Total Leased Acres: 800±
Total Acres: 5,856±

Additional Information


There are no conservation easements on the Diamond G Ranch. However, two conservation organizations in the area consider the ranch to be the most significant unprotected property in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


The ranch improvements were either built or remodeled under the current ownership in the 1990s. The new buildings were designed to look like the original buildings and it is now almost impossible to tell the difference. 

Main Lodge: The previous owners of the ranch were a group of Morton Salt Company executives from the 1950s and 1960s and then the Disney family who sold it to the current owners about 33 years ago. We believe the lodge was built by the Disney family. It appears to have been built to their standards likely over 50 years ago and was remodeled by the current owners when they bought the ranch. The main room includes a huge stone fireplace, multiple seating areas with access to extensive porches on one side, and large kitchen on the other. It is a comfortable home with a large master bedroom and four guest bedrooms with five bathrooms in total. It would be best described as “cozy” and “private” rather than grand and imposing. As previously mentioned, it is tucked away in the trees on the north end of the ranch. Most of the balance of the improvements are in the building complex in the center of the ranch, except for a modest off-grid cabin overlooking a lake near the upper end of the ranch and a staff or guest house further down valley from the headquarters. 

Manager’s House: Also located in the main building compound, this is a comfortable 1,500± square foot three bedroom, two bath log home that was built specifically for the manager. 

Sixmile House: This house is very similar to the ranch manager’s house and was built further south on the ranch where Sixmile Creek flows across the main road on its way to its confluence with the Dunoir River. It contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms and could be used for guests or additional staff. 

Main Guest House: Also in the main building compound, this log building has an enclosed front porch, a comfortable living room/dining room area, a large kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Semi-attached on the back side of this house is the Carriage House where there are two additional bedrooms and one bathroom. 

Additional Guest Cabins: The Wrangler House contains two bedrooms, one bathroom and a kitchen/living room. It will require some repairs on the flooring to be usable. There are two additional log cabins that each contain a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchenette. One is slightly larger and offers a small living room area. These log cabins have not had much use in recent years and will require some work to be fully functional. 

Big Barn: This is an imposing structure built with the similar log aesthetic that makes it appear to be at least a century old. The lower level is purely functional with shops, storage, etc. The upstairs is an enormous office/board room complex. It features an office and boardroom with enormous windows that take in the views up and down the valley. There is also a kitchenette and bathroom. One is completely taken by surprise that these facilities would be available in what looks like a classic hip roof barn.

Operating Facilities: In the early years of his ownership, the current owner operated one of the top Red Angus herds in the U.S. There is a large calving barn and indoor cattle working facilities along with a full corral system that was built to accommodate this more intensive operation. The ranch is set up to operate at the highest level. 

Water Resources

From the ranch’s beautiful lake in its upper reaches and private access to water rights from a lake inside the national forest to its estimated five miles of the Dunoir River measured on the meander, the Diamond G is an extraordinary fishing and wildlife ranch. The ranch also has private access to two-and-a-half miles of fishing on the state lease, which is only accessible to the public after a long walk through the national forest. To further enhance the fishery, the ranch has installed a sophisticated fish bypass system on both forks of the Dunoir that keeps the fish from entering the irrigation ditch system and becoming trapped. The Dunoir supports significant trout populations with fish over 20 inches not uncommon. The diversity of species is notable in that the ranch supports rainbow and brown trout with the occasional brook trout. Of greater significance are the populations of both species of native cutthroat – the Yellowstone and Snake River sub-species. This makes it a really important wild trout fishery. The meandering course of the river through the ranch meadows is particularly appealing as one can fish for half a day and still only have a short walk back to one’s vehicle. 

The ranch also controls significant water rights out of both forks of the Dunoir River, which come together on the ranch and from side creeks. There are also four wells that service the various buildings on the ranch. 


The real estate taxes are estimated to be $21,000 based upon past years. 

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Wildlife Resources

The Diamond G Ranch is, above all else, an amazing wildlife ranch. From the rare and elusive wolverine to large herds of migratory elk to grizzlies and wolves as well as bighorn sheep, mountain goats, antelope, deer, and moose, one never knows what one might encounter on the ranch or in the adjacent national forest. The ranch has been closed to hunting for years, so it has become something of a haven for wildlife – particularly during the hunting season when herds of elk numbering to over 1,000 can sometimes be seen.

Recreational Considerations

As previously mentioned, Diamond G Ranch is an ideal property for recreation, including hunting, fishing, hiking, and riding.

The ranch is an important part of a wildlife migration corridor, with hundreds of elk calving on the property in the spring and returning in the fall with some being resident throughout the summer months. An abundant population of birds, including grouse, raptors, and songbirds, can be found throughout the ranch. The ranch has not been hunted by the current owners in recent years giving wildlife populations ample time to grow healthy and stable. There would be no problem with receiving landowner tags for most species of interest, including elk.

Excellent fishing opportunities await in the stocked pond and the seven-mile stretch of the Dunoir River that winds through the property. Whether you like fishing dry flies, nymphs, or streamers, you can expect to find solitude and the opportunity to catch brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. 

Cross-country skiing and snowmobiling abound on the ranch and in the adjoining national forest for cross-country skiing.

Off the property, there is an excellent 250-acre gun club in Dubois that offers a long-range outdoor course, outdoor and indoor pistol courses, trap and skeet shooting. 

Other off property recreational pursuits include amazing areas for hiking and pack trips. The wilderness areas above the ranch are amongst the wildest and most extensive in the lower 48 states. There is also easy access within an hour’s drive to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National parks. 

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General Operations

As mentioned earlier, the Diamond G was once the headquarters for one of the top Red Angus herds in the U.S. This was when they owned a farm down the valley near Riverton. In a concession to the sale of that farm, high altitude, and long winters, the ranch has moved to a summer grazing operation. This would involve either running cattle during the grazing season for other ranchers or buying yearlings. It is estimated that the ranch could summer up to 1,000 yearlings and put up hay on the more productive meadows for use or sale. This would optimize the ranch’s resources and provide some income to offset expenses. 

Leases and Permits

Contiguous to the deeded land, there is a State of Wyoming grazing lease on 640± acres. This land is surrounded by the ranch’s deeded land on two sides and borders the Shoshone National Forest on the other boundaries. It is only accessible to the public by foot or horseback from the national forest. 

In addition, the ranch leases the 160± acre inholding and has purchased a Right of First Refusal on this tract should it ever come on the market and be sold. 

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The ranch is being sold fully furnished and equipped with the owner retaining the right to exclude some personal items of art, furniture and personal effects. The current management team has indicated a willingness to stay on as well - dependent, of course, on meeting the new owners. The current manager has been on the ranch for 30 years and comes highly recommended.

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