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Flying Y Ranch

$19,750,000 Laramie, WY 4,050± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The Flying Y Ranch represents a near-perfect 4,050± deeded acre Wyoming ranch. It lies in a contiguous block of high-quality deeded land with approximately eight miles of the Laramie River passing through. The river meanders through the heart of the ranch creating a rich, fertile alluvial bottom, dense with healthy cottonwoods, willows, and thick stands of grasses. The terrain is gradual and consists mostly of irrigated and sub-irrigated pastures with the river bottom anchoring the ranch. There are 2,000± acres under flood irrigation and 830± acres of sub-irrigated pasture lands. These provide a more than adequate feed base for a cattle operation or a large-scale hay operation.

There are two separate sets of improvements on each side of Brubaker Lane, both along the river. The west set of improvements serves as the headquarters and includes a beautiful three-bedroom owner’s residence as well as a manager’s house, shops, barns, and everything needed to operate the ranch. The improvements on the east side of Brubaker Lane serve primarily as a cattle handling facility. There is a nice calving barn with 25 calving pens, an additional barn with a functional apartment on the second level, multiple loafing barns, and a large corral setup.

With over eight miles of river corridor and over half of the ranch under irrigation, the Flying Y comfortably sustains both livestock and wildlife. Hunting for elk, deer, and antelope is outstanding, and there is excellent fishing for brown and rainbow trout. In summary, the Flying Y Ranch is a completely private, well-balanced, river bottom ranch with extensive recreational amenities.

Just the Facts

  • Location – 13 miles southwest of Laramie, offering commercial air service and two hours from Denver
  • Acreage – 4,050± deeded acres
  • Conservation Easements: None
  • River- Over eight miles of Laramie River
  • Acreage Breakdown – Acreage includes approximately 2,000 under irrigation and 830± sub-irrigated acres
  • Operation – Currently runs approximately 400 cow/calf pairs
  • Improvements – Beautiful owner’s residence, manager’s home, shops, barns, and corrals
  • Water Resources – Over eight miles of Laramie River and water rights for 2,000± acres
  • Wildlife and Recreation – Excellent hunting for elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, and waterfowl. Plus, outstanding trout fishing on over eight miles of the Laramie River.


General Description

The ranch is accessed from Brubaker Lane, a good county-maintained gravel road just a mile drive off Wyoming Highway 230. Heading south and entering the ranch on Brubaker Lane, one can turn left to the cattle handling facility or right to the main headquarters. A likely right turn will take you generally west and up the Laramie River Valley where you will enter the building compound. Just up off the river is the owner’s residence. It is a three-bedroom log home wrapped with a porch to enjoy the surrounding river bottom. Continuing westerly on the private ranch road will take one along the river bottom replete with beautiful oxbows and lined with cottonwoods, willows, and lush grassy bottom ground. To the south, while heading west, is a series of gently sloping irrigated fields that are known for solid hay production. Located further west on the ranch is a single room, rustic fishing cabin that is great for taking a break from fishing or waiting for the elk to appear. The river bottom serves as both the productive heart of the ranch and an exceptional fishing resource. 

Broker's Comments

The Flying Y Ranch is the real deal. It is rare when a recreational ranch, balanced with production, comes to the market. Flying Y is just that, an outstanding fishery, an excellent big game hunting property, and a truly productive ranch. There are plenty of recreational amenities for all to enjoy and enough production to ease the burden of expenses. The improvements allow for a comfortable residence or weekend retreat, all within an easy drive from Denver, Cheyenne, and other front-range locations. A trophy trout fishery, 15 minutes from a vibrant college town, and just a couple of hours from Denver.

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Flying Y Ranch is situated 13 miles southwest of Laramie along Brubaker Lane and just off Wyoming Highway 230. It is just a short drive from the vibrant college town of Laramie, population 32,000, and a full slate of amenities. Laramie offers limited commercial air service, plus a private FBO, and Denver International Airport is just two hours from the ranch. 


The Flying Y Ranch is situated in the river valley, surrounded mainly by three sizeable working ranches. There is some smaller parcel ownership on the north boundary. Most of the smaller parcels are on the northern bench along the highway and almost entirely out of viewshed. The majority of the valley ranches are made up of irrigated alluvial bottoms with water rights coming from the Laramie River. They may have additional grazing lands on the higher ground, north and south of the river. The majority of the area ranch headquarters are in the valley bottom, creating very private settings with close proximity to the production and the river. Approximately ten miles to the west of the ranch is Medicine Bow National Forest. The 2.2 million-acre Medicine Bow/Routt National Forest is comprised of a portion of the Rockies extending nearly 100 miles through northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. The Medicine Bow National Forest sits west of the town of Laramie, is located in Albany and Carbon Counties, and is home to the Snowy Range Ski Area. The highest peak in the Snowy Range is Medicine Bow Peak, reaching 12,013 feet above sea level. This massive expanse of public land is well known for its hunting, fishing, and lengthy trail system for both summer recreation and tremendous snowmobiling. Thirteen miles northeast of Flying Y Ranch is Laramie. Laramie’s population is roughly 30,000 and includes the University of Wyoming with an enrollment of 12,000+. As a major university town, Laramie enjoys a variety of arts, as well as athletic and social amenities that cater to the students, guests, and alumni of the school. Laramie is also the County Seat of Albany County. The Laramie Regional Airport offers limited commercial service and can accommodate large private jets.


Because of its elevation Laramie, Wyoming has a relatively cool climate. The average daily summer temperature in Laramie is just over 70 degrees. Average daily winter temperatures are below 40 degrees. Average temperatures drop rapidly as elevation increases. Summer nights are almost invariably cool, even though daytime readings may reach temperatures in the 80s. High temperatures rarely reach 90 degrees on the ranch. In the wintertime, it is characteristic to have rapid and frequent changes between mild and cold spells. Average annual precipitation at the ranch is just over 12 inches. Snow does accumulate at the ranch; however Highway 230 and county road Brubaker Lane are well maintained for year-round access to the Flying Y. 

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

The majority of the ranch is filled with lush fields and dense stands of grass. The sellers’ estimate that there are approximately 2,000 acres under irrigation and 830 sub-irrigated acres. The remaining 1,220± acres are above the ditch systems and quality rangeland.

Deeded Acres: 4,050±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 4,050±


The improvements on the Flying Y are complete and functional, with everything needed to enjoy and use the ranch. While the attractive amenities of the ranch are recreationally based, the Flying Y is a solid cattle ranch with the necessary infrastructure to operate it as such. The improvements are briefly described as follows:

West Compound

Owner’s Home

This is an exquisitely designed 4,220± square foot three-bedroom four-bathroom log home in a beautiful setting slightly separated from the main ranch compound. The home is built up off the river overlooking a distinctive oxbow that puts fishing and river amenities in close proximity. The home was completed in 1994.

Manager’s House

This basic log home is 1,440± square feet and has an open floor plan with three bedrooms on the east end, and a two-car detached garage. It is located at the main compound.


Built in 1991, the shop is 4,800± square feet and has a large, heated portion and an enclosed dry storage on the west end. The east end of the building is equipped with a kitchen area and a nice large office. 

Fishing Cabin

On the western end of the ranch is an older 231± square foot cabin built in the early 1900s. Currently used as a retreat while fishing or as a hunting cabin.


The Flying Y Ranch has an older iconic wood barn that is fitting for the area. The lofted wood barn has, like many built in its generation, a loft above and horse stalls on the bottom level. It is 1,680± square feet and was built in the early 1900s. 

The west compound has multiple loafing barns and older sheds used for storage.

East Compound

The improvements on the east end of the ranch are used primarily for handling cattle. 

Calving Barn

The 4,896± square foot calving barn, built in 1991, is equipped with 25 calving pens with center alley. On the exterior, the east side of the barn is an open-faced lean-to that provides additional shelter for cattle. 

Cattle Processing Barn

This diverse structure is 3,350± square feet and is equipped with additional calving pens and a covered processing alley for working cattle. There is also a second level that has an 850± square foot apartment with deck that overlooks the cattle pens. 

Like the west side of the ranch, the east compound also has additional loafing barns and structures for storage.

Water Resources

Water resources on the Flying Y Ranch are extensive. The ranch controls over eight miles of the Laramie River and has approximately 2,000 acres under irrigation. The irrigation is flood from the Caldwell and Bush/Holliday ditches and the Haley/Hogue ditch on the east side of Brubaker Lane. In addition, there are good wells at both headquarters and a pipeline system for watering livestock. 

Mineral Rights

All the interest in minerals owned by seller will transfer to buyer upon sale of the ranch. 


Based upon past years the real estate taxes are estimated at $11,975.

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Fishery Resources

We have already mentioned the Laramie River fishery, which is home to large brown and rainbow trout. This stretch of the Laramie River is noted for its trophy size fish. In the surrounding area, there are numerous streams within the public lands systems that are highly regarded. The Laramie Mountains also have many high, alpine lakes that are full of lively trout. 

Wildlife Resources

The ranch qualifies for landowner’s tags under Wyoming regulations for elk, deer, and antelope. Big game hunting on the ranch is solid, with good populations of all three species. Moose are often seen on the ranch as well. Because of the lengthy river resource and the many pothole lakes in the area, waterfowl is plentiful on the ranch. The riparian area of the river holds a variety of other river bottom wildlife, including beaver, mink, foxes, and a host of waterbirds and songbirds. In addition, Flying Y Ranch is home to a large population of eagles, both Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles. With the combination of a rich riparian corridor and lots of protection, it is easy to understand why Flying Y Ranch is such an exceptional ranch for wildlife. 

Recreational Considerations

The Flying Y Ranch is blessed with a full array of recreational amenities. In addition to the outstanding fishing and hunting, the ranch serves well for horseback riding, ATV’s and hiking along the river. The Medicine Bow National Forest sits west of the ranch and is home to the Snowy Range Ski Area. This massive expanse of public land is well known for its hunting, fishing, and lengthy trail system for both summer recreation and tremendous snowmobiling.

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General Operations

The sellers of the Flying Y Ranch are currently leasing the ranch out to an area rancher. The current lessee is running 300± pairs and 120± replacement heifers. Lessee also ran approximately 300 yearlings during the summer months. The sellers historically ran 400± Gelbvieh pairs and a purebred seedstock operation. While the ranch has always been utilized as a cattle operation, one could conceivably operate a sizeable haying operation with significant hay sales.

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