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Riverbend Retreat

$2,900,000 Powell, WY 181± Deeded Acres

Executive Summary

The Riverbend Retreat is located on the Shoshone River just minutes from Powell, Wyoming. The property consists of a 3,043± square foot house nestled on a vast 181± acre tract with nearly three miles of Shoshone River frontage. The three-bedroom, two-bath home is designed to provide comfort, style, and ample space for various uses, making it an ideal retreat or a permanent residence for those seeking a peaceful and nature-filled lifestyle. The grounds are entirely fenced and attractively landscaped. In addition, there is a 40’ X 60’ square foot insulated shop for a workplace or storage. The property’s setting amidst the natural beauty of Wyoming’s landscape ensures both privacy and picturesque views of the river and distant mountains.

Just the Facts

  • 3,043± square foot three-bedroom, two-bath home
  • 181± deeded acres
  • Approximately three miles of the Shoshone River
  • 2,400± square foot insulated shop
  • Minutes to Powell, Wyoming
  • 90 minutes to Billings, Montana
  • Less than 30 minutes to Cody, Wyoming
  • Property is host to waterfowl, deer, and turkey
  • Private fishing on the Shoshone River

General Description

The Riverbend Retreat's greatest asset appears to be the beautiful stretch of river that provides the southern boundary of the property. As you continue down the drive, it becomes obvious that the property is adorned with a spectacular residence and manicured landscaping. The home and large shop are located on the north end of the 183± acre with elevated views to the south. The land provides ample space for hiking, horseback riding, four-wheeling, or simply exploring the Shoshone River bottom.

Broker's Comments

The 3,043± square foot house on 183± acres with Shoshone frontage offers an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a serene and nature-oriented lifestyle. With its luxurious residence, expansive land, and proximity to Powell, Wyoming, this property uniquely blends comfort and outdoor recreation. And scenic beauty. Whether used as a primary residence, vacation home, or private retreat, this property promises an extraordinary living experience in the heart of Wyoming's natural splendor.

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The Riverbend Retreat residence and grounds are situated less than five minutes from Powell, Wyoming, on the banks of the Shoshone River. The property is accessed off North Del Rio Road directly south of Powell. This County Road is all paved, other than the last 800 yards accessing the property. Riverbend Retreat is only 24 miles from Cody, Wyoming, a gateway town to Yellowstone National Park's East Entrance. 


Powell, Wyoming, is a small city just minutes from the property. Its history dates back to the late 19th century when it was founded as a settlement in the Big Horn Basin. Here's an overview of the history of Powell, Wyoming:

  • Early Inhabitants: The area around Powell has a long history of Native American presence, with tribes such as the Shoshone, Crow, and Arapaho inhabiting the region. These tribes relied on the rich resources of the Big Horn Basin for hunting and gathering.
  • Settlement and Founding: The town of Powell was established in 1909 as a planned community. It was named after John Wesley Powell, a renowned explorer of the American West and the first director of the United States Geological Survey. The settlement was designed as an agricultural community and was strategically located near the Shoshone River.
  • Irrigation and Agriculture: One of the main reasons for Powell's founding was the development of irrigation systems to support agriculture in the arid region. The Shoshone River was dammed, creating the Buffalo Bill Dam and the resulting reservoir, which provided water for irrigation. This development played a significant role in the town's growth and the surrounding agricultural industry.
  • Growth and Economy: Powell's population grew steadily over the years as more settlers arrived to take advantage of the fertile land for farming and ranching. Agriculture, particularly sugar beet farming, has been a significant economic driver in the region. Powell is also known for its proximity to recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, and outdoor tourism, which contribute to the local economy.
  • Educational Institutions: Powell is home to Northwest College, a community college established in 1946. The college offers various academic programs and contributes to the cultural and educational development of the area.

Cody, Wyoming, a unique community, is only 30 minutes away and has attracted individuals and businesses from all over the world. Cody is a major access point to Yellowstone Park for both tourists and back-country enthusiasts. Yellowstone Airport is located in Cody and has connections through both Delta and United Airlines. 

Today, Powell, Wyoming, continues to thrive as a small but vibrant community focusing on agriculture, education, and outdoor recreation. Its rich history and beautiful natural surroundings make it an attractive place to live and visit in the Big Horn Basin.


Summer (June to August): Summers in Powell are generally warm and dry. Average daytime temperatures range from the mid-80s Fahrenheit to the low 90s. However, temperatures can occasionally reach the high 90s during heatwaves. Thunderstorms are expected during the summer months, bringing brief periods of rain.

Autumn (September to November): Autumn in Powell is characterized by mild to cool temperatures. September starts relatively warm, with temperatures gradually cooling down as the season progresses. Daytime temperatures range from the 60s Fahrenheit in September to the 40s in November. Nights can be chilly, with temperatures dropping into the 30s.

Winter (December to February): Winters in Powell are cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. Average daytime temperatures range from the 30s Fahrenheit to the 40s. However, temperatures can occasionally drop into the teens or lower during cold snaps. Snowfall is common, with an average annual snowfall of around 30 inches.

Spring (March to May): Spring in Powell is cool to mild, with temperatures gradually warming up. Daytime temperatures range from the 40s Fahrenheit in March to the 60s in May. Nighttime temperatures can still be cold, especially in March and early April. Spring is also the windiest season in Powell.

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Acreage (Deeded & Leased)

Deeded Acres: 181±
Total Leased Acres:
Total Acres: 181±


The home is impeccably improved with custom finishes in a classic and handsome manner. The exterior appeal is striking with the floor-to-ceiling windows coupled with wood, stucco, and copper metal finishes. The home is approximately 3,040± square feet and boasts an expansive deck system and an oversized two-car attached garage. The three-bedroom and two-bath home underwent a massive remodel in 2013 using the highest standards and custom finishes. There is both gas-forced air and in-floor heat throughout the house. Granite, tile, and hardwood are found in the custom kitchen and the living areas. In addition to the living areas and bedrooms, the home includes a laundry room, dining area, and a unique crow nest and deck, providing a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape.

There is also a 40’X60’ steel beam insulated shop with electric garage doors for storage or hobbies.

Water Rights

Any water rights will be transferred at the sale.

Mineral Rights

No mineral rights reserved.


Annual property taxes are estimated at approximately $3,552.31 based upon past years.

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Wildlife Resources

Powell, Wyoming, is located in the western United States and is known for its diverse wildlife. The region's natural landscapes, including forests, grasslands, and mountains, provide habitats for various species. Here are some examples of wildlife that inhabit or are commonly found near Powell, Wyoming:

  • Mammals: Powell is home to a variety of mammals, including elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn antelope, moose, black bears, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks.
  • Birds: The area around Powell attracts numerous bird species, making it popular among birdwatchers. Some common birds in the region include American kestrels, red-tailed hawks, northern flickers, meadowlarks, various species of owls, wild turkeys, and migratory birds such as sandhill cranes and waterfowl.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians: Several reptiles and amphibians can be found in the Powell area, including rattlesnakes, garter snakes, bull snakes, Western fence lizards, painted turtles, and a variety of frogs and toads.
  • Fish: Powell is situated near several rivers and lakes, providing opportunities for fishing. Some fish species found in the region include cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and various types of warm-water fish such as bass and catfish.

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